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I Scratched Sinead's White Skin to be Confronted by Her  Racialist Demons

Image result for sinead mccarthySinead, are you planning to make these two blacks leave America in subservience to the Jew?

It started off so innocent, my tweet PM with Sinead. The other day I asked her for a history on how she and Kyle adopted their racialist views, seemingly out of nowhere. This general topic has been of interest to me for quite a time because I  have noticed what looks to be an orchestrated deliberate shift of what was once white, Jew-wise truthers into the racialist aquarium. A place where no non-Whites are welcome while they are subjected to continual ridicule and derision. With the help of the co-opted WN leaders, the most extremist racialist views and slurs are tolerated as "normal and healthy".

I would submit "normal and healthy" if you wish to have a small group of like minded thinkers that are hated by everyone else and "good for Jewish power goals" but I guess it all depends on what you mean by normal and healthy.

I predicate the advancement of "normal and healthy" on the removal of Jewish mind control from our brains.

So I suggested Sinead write an article analysis of what has been good racialist views or ideas that actually endeavor and aid the effort in rooting out Jewish power and what have been distracting side issue, racialist views that Jews would, in fact, promote through their WN agents as "fake" good.

I then suggested that she include  Kyle and her own personal transformations hoping that she would shed light on the influences that guided them both to this "White only" perspective where no one but white interests are to be considered valid and worthy of pondering.

Of course, I didn't say all that. I said the minimum hoping that she would figure out the rest. We , then, gravitated to various Jew ops we both were aware of, one Jewlie Mitchell, one Weev. She said she had proof Weev was a Jew and I looked it over and told her I found that evidence eighteen months ago and included it in my first article on Weev claiming that he was likely co-intel pro but lets give him the benefit of the doubt sort of thing. When Weev released his "Evil Indians" video I did some major research on the guy and found that his mother is on record as calling herself part Indian ( I assume that's 50% making Weev 25% as well as claims her grandparents were Jewish).

From this article:

"After dumpster diving for his first computer, he discovered that writing code was just another form of speech to master. “It’s all about manipulating linguistic systems that would achieve things that are dazzling in effect,” he says. While other kids were watching "The Simpsons" and playing football, Weev was hacking ATMs and exploring the nascent Internet. Convinced the education system was failing their gifted boy, the Auernheimers got him into James Madison University at the age of 14. Something's weird!
New Thoughts
A  lot of information about Alyse Aurenheimer, Andrew's mom can be found with a google. She divulged she is part Indian with Jewish blood (no mention of maiden name). It's a little unclear how much but Alyse seems to be a Jewish nameShe seemed to prefer to identify herself as Indian for whatever reason which was unclear as well. Concerning is that beyond a general description of the career choice of the father, no name of any sort could I find. No mention in the Wikipedia page of Andrew. No mention on the Linked-In page of his mom." - source
The comment greened out in the pic above referring to a rabi is interesting, to say the least and they are definitely not poor or you could say "Jack London " poor!!

***I allude to Jack London there because London was sold to the public as coming from poverty. The fact is that his grandfather was the richest man in Ohio and London utilized elitist connections and was promoted as a socialist because of his covert elitist ties that clearly played a huge role  as to why he is well known today and became so famous, then. He was still a great writer but this information  was very disconcerting to learn considering I had labeled London as a hero of mine (big time).

So, I PMed the Weev, "Evil Indians" video to Sinead which wasn't a problem till I made this comment and everything went down hill from that point on and got personally nasty. I opened the floodgates of Sinead's wrath by reinforcing why I believed Weev's video was deliberate Jewish "Divide and conquer".

Since American colonialism is Jewish and we were their hidden niggers and we really only have a right to Europe, as our true homeland, I consider the whole Indian question divide and conquer distraction serving Jewish power....I know that's a hard sell with your peers but......

Unfortunately, I found out that this is part of the white dogmas that Sinead has fully accepted. White lands are white no matter how they are or were taken over. Inferior races simply must accept what Whites are willing to part with on this issue (this whole White stance is deliberate divide and conquer and probably sold by Jewish ops to susceptible whites through co-opted messengers. Sadly, Sinead is all in with the subversion). As with Jews on discussion of the holocaust, this area is part of the White Race Religion, I keep referring to, where no dissent is allowed, embedded  dogmas only, regurgitated. 

After saying this:


I think it's impossible to beat the Jews if we support half of their Jew World Order. .....If Anglin can lead the alt-right after saying the white race went around the world and fucked everybody by claiming he went to Phillipines jungle and saw god while reading Mein Kampf, Weev can be part Jew and Indian while claiming to be white


Unbeknownst to me, all hell was about to break loose! Sinead responded:

We have a right to this land too joe...The soulutreans were here long before the amerindians...And the amerindians weren't these peace loving nature people that we are told

This comment was all fine and good and this is the indoctrinated, parroted comment all WRR (White Race Religionists) make. So I responded thusly comparing the citing of prehistoric, claimed to be, white occupation of a land ten thousand years previously, as  even more outlandish than the Israel claim to Palestine entitlement due to the Roman defeat of 70 AD in Jerusalem and "God's" convenient promise:

right, do you accept the Jews claim to Palestine which is historical and not ancient?

It was at this point, I confess, I wasn't ready for what Sinead threw out next.  I am used to most WRR refusing to consider an alternative view in this area but for some reason I had assumed or, perhaps, wished Sinead was different.

Sinead attacked!

They were killing each other and torturing each other long before White people got here but yes colonialism is Jewish.....Comparing whites to Jews is retarded

Ok, there are several problems here with Sinead's line of attack.First, she brings up an issue that has nothing to do with the subject and hearkens back to the earliest colonial endeavors around 1600, when Jews needed to give white goy rational justifications for enslaving other people. It also is demonstrated today currently when Islamic society is being attacked by various Jew ops masquerading as white ops pertaining to a supposed "backwards culture".

Why on earth does one society that is far from perfect and who is attacked daily by these same folks, spend so much time saying how horrible other societies are internally? Folks, it's the Jewish method of justifying invasion. It's the Jewish method of committing mass slaughter for democracy. It was the Jewish method of justifying slavery and colonialism, all Jewish enterprises, neither needing to occur but for the Jews inventing a reason for it's existence.

So amazingly, the fact that Europeans have been slaughtering each other (mostly for the Jew) for two thousand years isn't worth thinking about but in Sinead's self-righteousness, but mostly  just regurgitating the white racialist, self serving meme of the moment, she just feels the need to comment on the inherent evil nature of Indian society without the white-man present..

Did the Indians tear up the environment or work with the environment? Did the Indians go around the world looking for slaves and goods to loot? What culture has a lock on the good part of good and evil?

Selective altruism much, Sinead?

However, her next comment without explanation was amazing!

To repeat, she said, "Comparing whites to jews is retarded". The linkage of my analogy is self-evident, so to hear her simply dismiss it without corresponding justification for doing so made me wanna call Barbara Spectre and tell her that I found her a new friend! "Barbara, meet Sinead; Sinead, meet Barbara!"

Image result for sinead mccarthyHello SineadIt's Barb! Great job defending our divide and conquer strategy to keep the goyim subjugated and eventually genocided!Let me spell it out for any white racialists that prefer to believe Sinead made any kind of justifiable sense with her comment. Jews have always claimed they are entitled to Palestine because they were thrown out two thousand years ago. Many racialists have shown no sympathy for that argument although as the Jew is being removed from the wise within the structure, more whites are willing to support their claim. Indeed, they should, if they are going to claim that whites were justified in raping and pillaging Indians on American land in service to Jewish elites because someone cites a "fact" that whites were here 10,000 years ago and disappeared, and therefore must have been genocided! Indeed they should.

Both these arguments have no merit when you simply  apply unbiased common sense but this is where the White Race Religion comes in. All "believers" have a duty to promote anything good for whites whether or not it's a morally right or wrong position. In fact, most in this cult are fully on board with the Jewish masonic idea that says if it's good for our race/members, IT IS GOOD!

Unfortunately, there hardly exists anymore if there ever did, the reality of unbiased research and why I don't spend a lot of time worrying about proving  every piece of research I use as 100% authentic. There is always trust  in the source of the information that takes place and that never can be fully validated especially when there are so many deceivers out there, the worst being those that rule us

Another word for that is "BLIND LOYALTY"!Image result for BLIND LOYALTY"!

Folks, confronting the Jew World Order also means confronting the Jew World Order you believe is good for whites (but bad for others) If you can't then our resistance shrivels into a pot of self-serving gobbledygook that simply wants to replace Jewish tyranny with White tyranny. I'm a humanitarian (yes, that must mean I hate whites because I don't define non-Whites as goy)!

But lets continue on. Sinead has just signaled that she is dogmas limited with her responses and intellectual jousting need not apply.

With this concession, she threw all appearances of intellectual capacity to the wind by going on a personal, dogmatic, moralistic attack against my daughter (who is basically 65% white). Before we totally go to her low rent attack on my daughter, whom she has met and only had good things to say about her character, she signals her mud slinging, soon to occur, onslaught with this:

I wish you would stick up for white people like you do for every non white.'s very weird to me how you hate our people so much

This is an argument brought up over and over and  one always used by all WRRists whenever they want to go personal and leave rational.

My reply is it's my responsibility to get our own house in order not allow lower standards of our neighbors to lower our own. It is further my contention that by stooping to our neighbor's levels, we give our neighbors and the problem causer Jews, who have so much influence on our neighbors, an advantage.  The constant claim that many of these same people make is that our white people are more noble and intelligent than our non-White neighbors. So are they claiming if we see our neighbors walking around in tattered clothes, drinking to drunkenness and other vices, we justify our doing so as well ?

A great family, great people stay great by maintaining high standards, not trying to mimic the neighborhood with theirs.. This is where compartmentalization comes in that works so well for the JWO where you apply one standard of behavior when it suits your interest and another standard when it doesn't. The Jews do this all the time talking about forgiveness and non-forgiveness to suit depending if they are allies or not. The goy rarely notice.

My ministry, if one can call it that, is to get the goy to learn to think critically about what's being planted in front of them as truth. It is my belief the racialist movement is one such false op that is designed to fail. It's intellectual obsessions are feel good  (for the targets) but dysfunctional , in reality.

Sadly, Sinead has revealed, forcefully, her inability to take it to the next level. Dogmas that are in her idea of "White interests" are not to be questioned and mud slinging will ensue as soon as you do. By implication she is adopting the Jewish racial standard, "Don't think country, people, think race!"  Can't get more Jewish than that. All you need is your own secret society but then I just realized. You WRRists are part of the masons whether you know it or not and already in the club. You're happy if the Jew lets you pretend he doesn't own you.

Next we have a back and forth about colonialism where she also brings my daughter into the conversation:


Sinead:I guess it's your mixed race daughter that forces you to hate your people....pretty lame

Me: No, I acknowledge that white ppl never would have colonized America but for the instigation of the Jew

Sinead: true...I agree. But we have a claim to this land....we were here before colonialism...The same thing happened in SA

Interestingly, Sinead agrees that colonialism is Jewish but stands behind the right of whites to consider that they own it.   This again meets this tenant of the WRR manifesto that I made up

 Jewish colonialism, where it is deemed good for the white race, is to be supported while any non-white invasions or inconveniences, anywhere there are whites, are to be trumpeted in the most scurrilous terms demonizing the pawn immigrants rather than the Jew man that controls the spicket. Indian genocide is justified due to a claimed white genocide from 5000 years earlier in the Americas

I do not believe, though this was not touched, that Sinead would seed any right of non_Whites to take over any part of Europe. However, it is the same principle but two different standards applied determined by whether the decision or answer is good for the white race or not!

Me: c'mon, I am capable of having an argument not tied to my personal circumstances
Sinead: You'll see when my film comes out
Me: look at the 2000 year history of colonization....and notice it began in Portugal, a Jewish power center in can quote minor exceptions and your knowledge of ten thousand years ago is sketchy to say the least...there is no written history, we were basically cave men so why you identify that as your ppl is a stretch. You can only speculate about that long ago and who these folks exactly were, as if 10,000 years ago is directly relevant to why America exists as a "claimed" white nation and Indians live on reservations, who were robbed, killed and genocided with no remorse from the folks making your's because you want to feel justified for taking the land 9800 years later....we did not need to go to America.....colonialism was a rich man's game who needed grunts....even the pilgrims were Jewish Christians
Sinead: lol we were not cave men
Me: did we have planes and cars?

Sinead: we had advanced civilizations long before we were destroyed by christianity We are not all from Europe

Image result for Alice in Wonderland gifs

This is clearly so speculative linking advanced civilization to the rise and the fall of paganism. Hardly discussions that should take place as relevant to our current predicament. Also, linking the decline of Europe to the Jewish psyop of Christianity is relevant how as far as goy on goy land theft?

Because some people, you like to refer to as a distant relative, walked on land ten thousand years ago, you WRRists are justified for much more recent land thefts located in the same speculated location that is fully documented? Let's ignore the impossibility of determining what forces were to blame at such a far away time with no written history to draw from. Let's just pretend that, like now, in their minds, the White race is the eternal victim who only just wants to get along with people and never be the trouble maker! LMAO ( more Jew drama!)!

Unfortunately and why I never push these arguments when surrounded by WRRists,  they have all been mind controlled into believing this bolsters their self-serving claims, these  distant scanty facts that rely more on imagination than physical proof and an Alice in Wonderland mentality that suspends reality, to claim it makes any sense.

It is simply dogmas, not allowed to be challenged!

Then to give rights to more of the world, if her white folk wish,  she resorts to the argument that we are not all from Europe. Well of course, if you go far back enough but the real question is how long does it take a people to become part of their land? Does that becoming one with their land automatically entitle them to first rights over an invader? Is one hundred and fifty years ago more relevant than two thousand or ten thousand years ago?

Should people now living in fema camps that were the original owners, be entitled a major  say in how their land is returned and more of a say than the usurpers have when thee is a judgement day? This is why I argue white people are entitled to their European heritage as the Indian is entitled to his. With that as an obvious given, I am sure there is room to compromise on all sides if good people try.

Whites call this stance being anti_White, I call it being fair handed. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I suspect and a culture trained to only care about THEIR family will be easy to offend,  as Sinead has been so easily offended today!

Here Sinead , again, reaffirms her belief that whites are basically entitled to "whatever" when she says whites were all over the world and tells me to continue hating whitey in scornful tone. Left unsaid is her implied assertion that no one else was "all over the world" just whitey .

It's called grabbing whatever is good for Jews and substituting the word White for Jew (that makes it a Jew copy and White man, you damn sure can do better)

Sinead: Whites were all over the world at one time...okay joe....have a good day....continue hating whitey
Me: again, why is 10,000 years ago relevant unless you want to argue race?
Sinead: You were saying we don't belong here!...Which is pure bullshit...You can all means

The conversation deteriorated till she threw my daughter once more into the mix as she  invoked her WRRist views on me as some sort of ultimatum:


Sinead: but your daughter doesn't belong anywhere..Where do mixed people belong? Here? hahaha...and we have to leave?...Fuck that shit...I'm done

Again, notice the WRR invoking as if because she and her people (meaning her hate group not her race) believe race is the be all and end all, any white person who doesn't define things the same way is a traitor. Again, can you see the Jewish divide and conquer here? Divide by class, divide by race, divide by politics and leave the Jew alone as you argue. Can you see it? Sinead is a USEFUL IDIOT to the Jew and a card carrying member of the White Race Religion...and I hoped for much more from that girl!

Go hug Andrew Anglin, Sinead! You and he are one which then makes you his useful idiot!

and just so you don't have to wonder whether Sinead can turn into a total bitch, she goes into her "I know everything and you know nothing" alter that has won her so many approval ratings from fellow WN and said this:

Sinead: And you love non whites more than your own think we need to move to Europe?...hahahaha
Me: I am not going there and you are lowering yourself
Sinead: You need to own up to what you've done!!!!!!!
Me: maybe you mind controlled yourself downward to fit in with racists, not sure
Sinead: You've created a person with no mother or identity!!!!!!!
Me: I am not part of your cult, I have never agreed to your claims of racial right or wrong.....nothing to own up are still with the other-side, I hope you find your way out.....Isn't it Jewish to go personal when you run out of ammo? might as well start singing in their choir full time ....the Palestine analogy is right on and I can't believe you tried to say that was lame, lol, that is Jewish

Let me just reiterate what I believe just took place. No matter how far I think Sinead has come in seeing beyond Jewish divide and conquer strategy, she just gets caught up in it as soon as her belief system is challenged.  How dare I have a mixed race child, for example.

The Mad Queen Cersei Lannister:

I am quite aware how dogmas gets Jew hidden in self-righteous movements, a weakness the goy have been exploited with for 2000 years. If Sinead hadn't flown off the handle when her beliefs were challenged and been willing to explore where we could agree she would have found out that I am counter-balancing the notion of White entitlement to America and there is plenty of room to reach a mutually, beneficial agreement.

What I have clearly stated is that whites are only entitled to self-determination, with no other input, on how European land is used in a post JWO world. I have dismissed the idea that Whites can be trusted to be fair to the Indians in whose land they have usurped. I have dismissed the idea that America is a white country. Sinead, by admitting colonialism is Jewish, has admitted America is not a white country as well even though I am sure she will argue this claim.

I am adding 2+2 and getting four. If you are fighting the JWO and you are serving Jews in colonizing property not originally yours, you can't just claim ownership because it is good for whites when it's time to relinquish that property having dismantled the JWO. This is moral base from where I operate from and am  happy to explore  the area in more depth with reasonable folks.

Dogmas supersedes a meeting of minds and says "My way or the highway!"

If we are truly ever going to confront the JWO, we have to grow past irrelevant dogmas  that distract from removing the Jew from power. The strength of the Jewish invented White Race Religion is that it has a logic all it's own and a blind faith to the converted that it is truth that can't be challenged (holocaust?). I am sure there will be further thoughts on this matter...

By the way, Sinead ended this conversation by blocking me and I ask you to judge who behaved belligerently all along. It reminds me of the many Jews that protested my pursuing certain areas of dissent not good for Jews in various Facebook groups and who demanded I be removed and if I wasn't  they removed themselves in a huff. Sinead, I see you have learned "acting Jewish" quite well, can you try next time acting white?

That's all for now!

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