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Post Charlotte

Post Charlotte

Darkness is descending on the landscape. When will the arrests begin and the fake wars and revolutions start.

images 1When will all the Non-deep state mind controlled goy be rounded up? False flags and intentionally biased reporting that equivocated White Nationalists and ALT-RIGHTERS and anyone who dared be in the same room with one as a destructive force maligned much as Muslims were maligned after the globalist take-down  of the twin towers on 911, were offered aplenty.

Just as everything changed, after that, due to false perpetuation of a new bogus myth, Blindlight says that the floodgates have been opened after Charlottesville for pre-preemptive arrests of white people for the crime of not cheer-leading for globalism or sneezing, for that matter

Ain't no country for white men

Friday, 22 September 2017 03:52

Martinez pic from ZCF days claiming there was a Jewish conspiracy behind 911

Image result for ZioncrimefactoryIn it's place pretty much all neo-con talking points.  He's gone from conspiracy promoter to conspiracy debunker, from Jews did 911 to maybe it was the Saudis.

Gone from his focus is the grandfather conspiracy of the them all that father's all the other ones replaced with the evil Russian and Islam conspiracies so much approved of by the Deep State threatening to do in the west. Why Brandon even wrote an article in support of NATO!

The problem is it's too late. Everybody knows Brandon's a shill for the globalists, or the west or the neo-cons. Everybody will remember all the previous personas he inhabited that they loved or hated. All the journalists will remember the unrelenting attacks on Judaism so while he pretends now it's the Russians or that it's evil Islam trying to take over, we and they all know that he really knows and believes it's the Jews.

Your Jewish handler sure did a crappy job with you, Bran!

Friday, 01 September 2017 01:19


BL - What is going on in the MSM with this across the board approval of linking NAZIs to terror reminds me of Watergate, a petty event the deep state turned into a huge threat to the Constitution as they took out the last Presidential threat to it's perpetuation

Interestingly, I, being as an MSM clone, totally bought into it. read on.............

Avialae S Horton

Avialae S Horton

Miss Horton is a rising start in the proposed "New Right" Community.


Avialae S. Horton ATTENTION: Due to my acknowledgement that other groups separate from ours are utilizing the term "New Right" in a different context, and is subsequently causing confusion, we are renaming my personal philosophy. 
The New Right is now the Revolutionary Renaissance, or the Revolutionary Right.

Monday, 18 September 2017 06:29

A few videos pertaining  to BSB and MOAR and Black Lives MatterCi36fjJUUAA QzD

Sunday, 03 September 2017 17:19


two videos laying out Horton's Revolutionary Renaissance vision

Saturday, 02 September 2017 13:19


I suppose her mission is to help the Richard Spencerites gain full approval.

Blindlight has gone into the inherent problems with Spencer's movement and while I can say her inclusion of Spencer makes sense, that's about as far as she will go. Her interest in confronting the deep state or the real power behind the curtain seems non-existent, whether that is because she's unaware of it, which her rhetoric implies, or she's pretending it's not an issue because she's part of it, is yet to be determined. Either way, her priorities are clearly that of a person who prefers to hold on to the myths that glues the matrix in place.

Friday, 01 September 2017 22:13


Belle exposes her other side

bill casebill case
20 hours ago (edited)
Homosexuality was not "accepted" in ancient greece or rome, just like in the present day homosexuality always existed in the past but it was considered a degenerate behaviour and it was punished, all your gay promoting is western jewish/american crap ,please read a few greek authors , homosexuals were mocked and called euryprôktoi (wide asses), read a few aristophanes quotes about the kinadoi ,they were considered sub-human and didn't have any right to participate in goverment (read Aeschines, Against Timarchus), Alexander the great was not a blonde twink ,he was a strong greek mediterranean guy with dark hair. If you are lesbian i respect your life choice and wish you luck but you are using a historical lie just to make an excuse for your homosexuality and its not a good way to start a political movement ,

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 00:27

Joseph Sigur (comment under the video)

Can't argue with anything you said although speaking generally is much easier than dealing in specifics where the divisions begin occurring. In my opinion, somehow we have been encouraged to behaving in dysfunctionality. I also see that the deep state needs chaos for an excuse to pass globalist restructurings.


Neighborhood loyalties get in the way of globalism so that's why they nod and wink the Hispanics in over here and that's why Europe is changing against the will of it's unwashed masses of white natives. The globalists, only loyal to themselves, care not to answer our concerns but manufacture killing events and interactions between adversaries where bringing your brain is considered baggage.


I have been telling everyone I see, you are the only thing good on the right in years. A girl willing to not quake to the deep state's demands that you repudiate folks for some label of evil that requires no thought but the mention of that label, no thinking beyond that allowed, please.
At Charleston, I have been told that KKK members and BLM came to the events on the same buses. This implies they were hired actors. This accentuates the need to recognize that we are truly hated and can't have a casual trust us attitude about folks of supposed good will who all of a sudden saw the light or appear at events out of nowhere!
They really don't like us and the internal division you so accurately point out, I call compartmentalization of dissent. It's been intentionally created and I'll leave how, why and by whom out for now.
I have listened to about all you got here. A girl in the mainstream willing to talk to the malstream of her persuasion. Who knew? Are there any others and where are they?
Monday, 28 August 2017 00:05

Go to the profile of Avialae Horton“Like all instinctive passions, patriotism drives men to temporary efforts rather than to sustained endeavors. Having saved the state in a time of crisis, it often allows it to languish in peace time. There exists yet another patriotism more rational than that: it is less generous, less passionate perhaps but more creative and lasting; it springs from education, develops with the help of laws, increases with the exercise of rights and in the end blends in a sense with personal interest.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville