These Boots Are Made For Walking.....Away From Martinez-Fuerza And Anglin

ZCF-Martinez - Anglin

Unless you "get" where they misdirect, what they leave out and what they obsess about,  the fact that they are Judeo-Masonic "players" will pass you by!

Below are two little articles I wrote on Brandon Martinez and Andrew Anglin. Though they may seem to have little in common now,  what they do have in common is a history that doesn't line up with their current advocacy. To me that's a huge red flag, not enough to convict on it's own but when blended with other things.... can be. Anglin has erased much of his history and Brandon just censors anyone that brings it up and pretends ZCF never happened

Andrew Anglin's "conversion" just doesn't wash

Khanverse, a Muslim who goes way back in the movement and has ties to JAM gave me this link of a conversation with Andre in his SJW days. This was 2008. Before that, Anglin, himself, admits to  having articles published through Alex Jones. This radio recording from 2012,  was with black Muslim rappers who were also outing the JWO. Andrew in 2008 was not wet behind the ears and neither was he wet behind the ears when he made the anti-white statements.  We can also assume he was quite aware of revisionist WW II history, at least.

Andrew would have you believe that after that conversation where he said, "White people have gone all around the world and fucked everybody. They should be bred out,

He had an epiphany living in the jungle while reading Mein Kampf and turned on a dime from breeding out the white race to fighting every other race for the white race.. No one around to verify or deny this, that is part of the movement today.

Is it believable that Andrew, already a mainstay in the movement could change core values to such a degree to the point of posting half of his web content in attack mode of mud races?

I also, must comment on the strange recurring theme of leaders living in non-western locations while leading a white racialist movement or, indeed, other truther type movements.  Is it because their behavior is more safe from contradictory scrutiny and they can more easily be anyone they need to be to fill an assignment?

 With these statements, on the radio,  he seems to disregard any underlying conspiracy against mankind (If the white man is fucking everyone, then the elites and Jewish overmasters must be blameless, eh? Psst, don't look now but instead of scapegoating the whiteman, he's scapegoating blacks and browns everytime a Jewish false flag is pulled off and shouted out to us from the MSM).

Please understand, if Anglin made these statements to acquaintances to be aired before a radio audience in 2012, you can rest assured he was repeating them all the time in forums and other places. That is adding two plus two.

Andrew is careful to wipe clean stuff that undermines his current narrative that he may have said in the past and he went around invoking fake copyright claims on this audio and quite successfully, when Scott Roberts was advertising it in 2014. Several sites he was attached to, prior to 2012, are unavailable even in the WAYBACK MACHINE to review about all of this.

So, it's not that he made the statement once to black Muslims on a public radio show that's the problem. It's that he must have made that statement all the time to have even thought of saying it on the air that is the problem and then we are expected to believe he can change with a snap of the finger? I'm not even going to mention his pro-Muslim and black statements he made on "Total Fascism" or any racialists reading this might take a gun and go looking for him and then the Jews would have to find someone else to run Stormer!

Wouldn't want that, now would we.

More on Brandon

Why does Zander Fuerza, ZCF, oops, I mean Brandon Martinez have soo much skin in the game with his anti-Putin stance? This article,  is only available on his site through the comments module. It has been hidden. Never the less,  he made three extremely detailed comments trying to one up every commenter that took a more positive Putin view.  It reminds of listening to Spingola or some other Sandy Hook shill just have to reach for anything they could grab to support the official story and all those poor real victims! Smells fishy and smells Jew friendly:. Here is the article and below are the three comments:


I don’t know how many times I have to correct this, but you’ve like dozens of others repeated the Nuland trope which was an out-of-context quote. She said the US spent 5 billion in Ukraine since 1991, over a 23 year period, not that they spent that amount specifically to create Maidan. See here:
Just another example of lazy reporting from “alt-media” hacks. And the Russians have spent far more than $5 billion to sway Ukraine in its direction, but you don’t condemn Russia for this only the US.
The Yanukovych government was not “anti-Jewish,” so any suggestion that “the Jews run the new Ukraine” as opposed to the old one is more nonsense and tropery. Yanukovych was endorsed by Ukraine’s Jewish Committee chairman Aleksandr Feldman, who was an MP for Yanukovych’s Party of Regions.
Putin did not remove all “Jewish criminal oligarchs”. He simply removed a handful of them, for political reasons. There are 110 billionaires in Russia today and 25% of Russia’s top 200 earners are Jews:
Putin is pro-Israel and recently outlawed Holocaust denial in Russia:
The rest of your rant is just repetitious Kremlin propaganda about Putin as “messiah”.
Some French guy saying Kremlin didn’t kill Litvinenko, so what? Putin has paid a lot of disinformation agents to spin the killing. The evidence against the two Russian suspects Kovtun and Lugovoy is substantial. Putin is protecting them in Russia.
The evidence is overwhelming that Putin’s Chechen puppet Kadyrov ordered the assassination of Nemtsov and his agents carried it out:
Those are only two of dozens of assassinations linked to Putin over the years. A long list of murdered dissidents and journalists is provided in this article:
Funny how whenever the Kremlin is made to look bad you cry “false flag” with the most tenuous of evidence, but when the Russians are caught red handed with agents trying to blow up an apartment in 1999, you feign “skeptic”. Pretty obvious you’re a hack for Russia.

Remember, these are under the article comments and it only gets more detailed and link-a-plenty

You keep coming here first claiming you think that Putin and the West are working together, but then going on to reprint what is essentially the Kremlin’s skewed propaganda narrative and go on lend your support to Putin’s militaristic actions.
Putin is not protecting the Russian ethnic population because there was nothing to protect them from. Their language was not “banned” and it has actually been the Ukrainians and non-Russian ethnics in Crimea and Donbass who have faced persecution from the self-identifying Russians there. In Crimea now Russian is the only language used with Ukrainian and Tatar languages being basically excised from public display. Tatars are being thrown in jail and beat up in the streets. As are Ukrainians in Donbass who don’t support the Russian invaders. Like two priests who were kidnapped and murdered by the separatists simply for providing food to Ukrainian troops in the area:
As for your claims about Nazis… this amounts to some fetishists within the volunteer battalion Azov which, as a volunteer battalion, contains many people with many different views and backgrounds. On top of that, it would not matter even if every single Ukrainian solider was a national socialist because they are fighting within their own internationally recognized borders to remove what are essentially Russian invaders who have seized their land. The separatists, however, are mostly Russian invaders and local sympathizers who serve a foreign power’s agenda. Moreover, there are also neo-Nazis among the Russian separatists like this psycho dog torturer/killer:
You act like this uprising in Donbass is completely organic yet it has been from the start entirely organized and led by Russian nationals (not Ukrainians) and FSB agents like Igor Strelkov.
Go to around 3:10 of this video and you see the two original separatist leaders (Alexander Borodai and Igor Strelkov) admit that they are Russian nationals, Streklov admits his FSB affiliation, and they openly proclaim they are fighting for Russian interests in a “continuous project” that also involved retaking Crimea.
Thousands of “volunteer” and active-duty Russian soldiers are fighting within the ranks of the separatists. Russia itself has provided them with all their military equipment, is actively training and recruiting “volunteer” warriors across Russia (see above video), and is directing the operations of the militias. If not for the Russian involvement, this thing would have been over a long time ago. Therefore, the blood is mostly on Putin’s hand.
The Ukrainians who side with the separatists are those who identify with Russia on ethnic or sometimes religious (orthodox) grounds and have nostalgia for the Soviet Union, and have therefore offered themselves as agents of Kremlin. If they don’t want to be part of Ukraine, then they can go to Russia.
You claim there is no evidence for Putin mobilizing to (partially) retake (or at the very least install puppet regimes) in former Soviet colonies, yet he has sent his military into Crimea and captured it, and he is waging a stealth invasion of eastern Ukraine where his proxies are openly calling for a union with Russia, identifying themselves as “Novorossiya”, a Russian imperial term of the past. Putin has variously decried the collapse of the Soviet Union, doing so again last week. And as the documentary below shows, Putin has been carefully laying the political and ideological groundwork for an invasion of the Baltics whose sovereignty is openly questioned and delegitimized by the Kremlin intelligencia and oligarchy.
And of course you neglect to mention that Yanukovych himself elected to flee the country to Russia, on Putin’s advice nonetheless.


Hey, don’t even start with that ‘not completely organic’ stuff. Dodgy words those. ‘Not completely’ as in ‘rather much completely’.
Actually I should have said it was pretty well completely contrived by the Kremlin. The two original leaders of the Donbass separatists were Russian nationals, one (Streklov) being a former FSB colonel. Yeah, “organic” all right.
See any gangs of militarized thugs roaming around in Russia?
Yes, they’re called the FSB. Not to mention the Russian mafia who run entire regions of Russia like fiefdoms. Like these gangsters who recently carried out a massacre of 12 people:
Those same murderous thugs were in bed with local and federal authorities according to this investigation:

People at ground zero want to get the hell out the Ukraine any way they can and millions have. Voting with their feet indeed.
Actually that is exaggerated propaganda from the Russian side. It is not anywhere near “millions” and the Russian media has had to fake reports to “prove” this exodus, like this clip showing the Polish-Ukraine border:

See also:
Moreover, most of the “Ukrainians” who fled into Russia are ethnic Russians and Russian speakers who sided with the separatists anyway.
The Ukraine economy is in the toilet heading south, its being de-populated and can’t fight worth shit.
It may well be, as are many countries around the world, US and Southern Europe included. But Russia is also in a major slump. Russian oligarchs are openly rebelling against Putin for this reason:

As for pensions. Here Medvedev tells Crimeans the Kremlin has run out of money and can’t pay them:

There never have been any Russian military present. They are not necessary.
But they are “necessary” to make the rebels win and they are indeed there, despite your claims. These links unequivocally prove that Russian military forces have been actively engaged in operations inside Donbass from the beginning, directing the proxy militias. And the Kremlin has been recruiting the “volunteers” from across Russia:
You need to stop relying on Kremlin sources for your information. They are not very inclined to be honest as you can see here:

***Brandon just did ten hours  of research and wrote 3000 more words  to push his anti-Putin agenda with three comment responses including 15 links and five videos (approximately). All this was under a 3000 word article he wrote. See, I don't care about the details because I don't trust Brandon's motives, his past behavior, his need to hide his connection to ZionCrimeFactory and his no need to pay attention attitude about much worse western, bad behavior

Like I said before, this looks to me like a guy promoting an MSM world view disguised as real dissent from the alternative media and again like I said before:

Yes, Brandon is non-aligned media. Non-aligned with the Alternative press but very aligned with the Fabian society. He's attacking all the things and issues  the MSM is attacking, Putin, Russia, Trump, Hitler, etc, etc

Don't trust these fuckers and always ask yourself...

"Whose side are they own?"

and then find the answer looking beyond their efforts to garner your support by telling you what will make you feel better!

It's all that counts!

A final note

It is clear to me that my attention to this guy has gotten others to look into it for in my watched sites he is ranking fourth.  I believe that must be a good thing

PS - I've said this several times elsewhere but it needs repeating for those new to inspecting this shill. Research most of his backup links that he relies on for "evidence" and there is a high percentage of Fabian Society, NWO approved content in the mix. Too much and too trusting to be "non-aligned"!

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Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.