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How do you perform the impossible? ....source - Christian Solutions 

How do you blackmail a United State President to force him to blackmail the entire world?

“in the United States, since there is no political force to counterbalance Zionism, its campaigns are apt to be decisive.”
Henry F. Grady, who has been called “America’s top diplomatic soldier for a critical period of the Cold War,” headed a 1946 commission aimed at coming up with a solution for Palestine. Grady later wrote about the Zionist lobby and its damaging effect on US national interests.

Without any "Checks and Balances" against Jewish interests, the Jewish Lobby cannot lose. 

Any "Checks and Balances" power against Jewish interests, immediately after the faked "Holocaust Era" of WW2, who would make any attempt to push back against Jewish interests were instantly labeled a "Nazi" or a "Gestapo", or an "anti-Semite", never to be heard from again.

With no opposition, Jews were free to bribe desperate people in bombed out cities without homes and threaten with starvation, desperate people who had no food, as they certainly had no power.

"Partition was adopted only after ruthless arm-twisting by the US government and by 26 pro-Zionist US senators who, in telegrams to a number of UN member states, warned that US goodwill in rebuilding their World War II-devastated economies might depend on a favorable vote for partition."

Jews set the stage for the creation of Israel

For the first six hundred years after Christ, Jesus-denying Jews had tried in vain to retake Christian Jerusalem from the Jewish Christians and former Romans of the massive Roman Empire who were now Christians, until that is, the time Jews created Islam, whose Muslims took Jerusalem from the Christians in 639 AD. But the Muslims were a genie unleashed which Jews no longer controlled well. Jews now found they needed to take Jerusalem from the Muslims, but at least the civilized world was now divided between Christians and Muslims. The problem was now only half as great.

During the Crusades, Christians managed to retake their former Christian lands for a short time, and from this, we all can tell who owns the Judeo-MSM every time Christian Crusaders are vilely denounced as evil usurpers for retaking their own former Christian Jerusalem, and yet, every time possible, the Jewish Crusaders of today occupying Jerusalem are religiously praised for squatting on former Christian Jerusalem.

This site has documented the immense preparations Zionists had undertaken since the 1880's to prepare for their coup d'etat in 1948.

  1.   In starting the Crimean War, Zionists influenced the people of France through their leader, Napoleon's grandson, Napoleon III, hater of the Pope; along with the people of England through their leader, Benjamin Disraeli, a Jew at heart and at mind; both to support the Muslims of the dying Ottoman Empire; against the surging Christians of Russia, led by Czar Alexander the Liberator. Objective? To insure that the Muslim world would not fail to keep Constantinople, and by default, insure the the Holy Lands remained out of the hands of Christians. For a total Muslim defeat to hold their greatest prize, Constantinople, would indicate no fight left for the Muslims to hold on to Jerusalem, and Jerusalem would have therefore been Christian again, as it was in 639 AD. The Czar, not Muslims,  absolutely would have had a benevolent Christian rule over Jerusalem had England and France not helped the Muslims in the Crimean War.
  1.  In starting World War I, Zionists hoped to finish the constant, imminent threat to the failing Ottoman Empire... that threat being the Czarist leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christian church... a Czar who desperately wanted  their capital of Constantinople back in possession of Christians. Jewish Zionists decided that the Czar must to be taken out, completely. Jews backed Germany against Russia in WW1, kept America talked into being neutral so Germany could focus on defeating the Czar, until the time arrived when Russian troops rebelled and the Czar fell out of power.  His entire line of succession of course was then wiped out by Jewish Commissars of the new Judeo-Communist country of Russia. After the fall of the Czar, seeing Russia pull out of the war, Britain was scared and alone, so much so, that the Jews were now able to blackmail the British government with the Balfour Declaration. Having no Jewish blood of their own on the table, the Jewish MSM of the day simply stopped talking America into neutrality and now started the drumbeats of war for American blood in Europe, using their immense Judeo-MSM. Jewish reward for their services? England granting Jews Jerusalem and the surrounding territory. Territory containing not a drop of Jewish blood and tears on the land to have earned it.
  1.  To start World War II, the Jews decimated the German economy so horrendously  after WW1, that the Germans were bound to radicalize around a Hitler, which they did. The Jews declared war on Germany just to make a point, and once again Germany was played for the objective of completing the creation of Israel, with worldwide sympathy of Jews, and world help to create Israel after the war. The entire civilized world and colonial world was left destitute as a result of WW2, with the exception of the lone remaining superpower, the United States.
  1.  With the entire world flat on its back; with Jews in victorious control of half of Europe running the Judeo-Commissar-ran Soviet Union; with Jews victorious with highly Jew-friendly Winston Churchill, and Jews victoriously in control of Jew-friendly FDR; with the Jews deliriously victorious with th insanely Jew-friendly Winston Churchill; the Jewish Zionists were finally ready to complete the deal -- To have a coup in Jerusalem which would take the city and grab land for themselves.

Now we come to the defining moment. How was Israel actually born?

Turns out Israel was born by Caesarian Section.

The Jews created the United Nations as a sequel to the obviously failed League of Nations.

Then the Jews blackmailed President Truman to have him blackmail the entire world through country membership in the United Nations.

Jews Blackmail the World

As the lone superpower, President Truman was forced to tell the rest of the world that if they wanted any form of reconstruction help, they had to recognize the Partition of Israel.

In a Nov. 10, 1945, meeting with American diplomats brought in from their posts in the Middle East to urge Truman not to heed Zionist urgings, Truman had bluntly explained his motivation: 
"I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism. I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents."

Guess President Truman did not have to answer to hundreds of millions of American Christian constituents about their self-interests.

          Jewish Thugs commence knee capping 

  1.  Robert Nathan, a Zionist who had worked for the US government and who was particularly active in the Jewish Agency, wrote afterward, “We used any tools at hand,” such as telling certain delegations that the Zionists would use their influence to block economic aid to any countries that did not vote the right way.
  1.  Financier and longtime presidential adviser Bernard Baruch told France it would lose U.S. aid if it voted against partition. 
  1.  Top White House executive assistant David Niles organized pressure on Liberia; 
  1.   Rubber magnate Harvey Firestone pressured Liberia.
  1.  Latin American delegates were told that the Pan-American highway construction project would be more likely if they voted yes. 
  1.  Delegates’ wives received mink coats (the wife of the Cuban delegate returned hers)
  1.  Costa Rica’s President Jose Figueres reportedly received a blank checkbook.
  1.   Haiti was promised economic aid if it would change its original vote opposing partition.
  1.  Longtime Zionist Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, along with ten senators and Truman domestic advisor Clark Clifford, threatened the Philippines (seven bills were pending on the Philippines in Congress).
  1.  Zionist military units had stealthily been preparing for war before the UN vote and had acquired massive weaponry, some of it through a widespread network of illicit gunrunning operations in the US under a number of front groups.
  1.  A Swedish UN mediator, [Folke Bernadotte,] who had previously rescued thousands of Jews from the Nazis was dispatched to negotiate an end to the violence. Israeli assassins from the Zionist group Lehi murdered him and Israel continued what it was to call its “war of independence.”
  1.  Source: The Real Story of How Israel Was Created, by Alison Weir

Germany was starving. France was starving. Britain was starving. What choice did they really have?  If they wanted food, medicine, and heavy machinary from the United States, they had to obey what President Truman was himself forced to obey.

The Jewish blackmail of the entire world worked very well, and Israel was recognized by FDR's United Nations in 1948 AD.

And that was the last time Israel ever acknowledged any declarations of the United Nations, in regards to having any authority over the proud Nation of Israel. 

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying no to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail