My Theory on the Abrahamic Religions-Are They a JWO Controlling Mechanism?

Well yes! Christianity is bullshit!

IatNH-7/3/16- updated 7/4/16

The Jewish religion is bullshit! Islam is bullshit. It is this umbrella that the JWO is encased in. Complaining that the Jews control the media is about like seeing somebody kill someone and screaming about the fact he doesn't make his bed in the morning. The fact a person doesn't make his bed in the morning is a problem but it doesn't compare with the fact he just killed your sister!

So, my claim is God is real and psychopaths or political manipulators realized very quickly that the idea of God is a great control mechanism. They also realized that the idea of a different God than what your opponent professes to believe in can undermine the culture and the order your opponent lives in. Since the idea of God sending us a "special" man to cure all our evils so we don't have to do anything makes no sense and something I saw through at the tender age of 11, I discount any possibility that Christianity is valid as the direct word of God but like most anything else, a mix of "good stuff" to "hook" us and dis info TO RULE US WITH. It's likely that the people who officialized this religion never believed a word of it (notice how that goes on today in so many ways (it's called lying propaganda and is at the service to the rulers for  herding purposes - information believed=truth)

God is valid but like any dis info machine, Christianity takes real God like revelations and mixes it with the political obsessions of the cult leaders pushing the creed to get the followers to behave in such a way as they wish. If this is used as a weapon to undermine,  and you coopt the minds of followers of your enemy, you can take down an empire. Don't you think it kind of odd that as Christianity grew the pagan Roman Empire crumbled and in a very short time? Isn't it odd that the greatest empire of all time quickly soured into a bowl of mush opening into  "The Dark Ages Room"?

When you dis info your "friends", that's for the purpose of control; when you dis info your enemies it's for the purpose of subversion. When seen as a whole, both sides are enemies with different category labels and explains how a self-inflicted psyop like 911 can occur perpetuated by folks supposed to be protecting and serving.

So this is my claim

Christianity was a small, communist, Jewish cult causing problems within the Jewish community at a time when they were warring with the Romans. It was a pacifist doctrine and Paul of Tarsus was one of the Jewish community's sheriffs, so to speak, trying to contain it from spreading within Judaism.

 What specifically was believed about Jesus at the time, who fucking knows. From what I am gathering watching videos and reading articles on Christianity's origins,  there is no historical evidence of consequence concerning a man named Jesus Christ (unless as many religious folks do, you take "the Bible" as fact and a historical narrative). The "Dead Sea Scrolls" (3) written in that same period by Jews and uncovered in the 20th century, mentions him not (believers that want to find something as a hint probably can  is my guess by surveying the various links on the subject).

People are superstitious. Religious revelation is an indescribable thing and often what gets the credit are the symbols hovering around a believer's eyes when he gets some new insights to his awareness. To believe the symbols, then, becomes potential dis info, self-created, by fallible people receiving revelation. Manipulators know this and create environments conducive to "revelations" and make sure it is their propaganda being pushed at those appropriate moments. IT'S A FORM OF MIND CONTROL.

Paul's vision where the bible claims he received revelation is partly true, IMO (assuming he even existed). Paul had an insight that the Romans, who the Jews could never beat in a one on one battle, could be humbled by internal strife given appropriate nudges by the Jews who would pretend to adopt what came to be called Christianity as their religion. Call them the first secret Jews, fake goy if you like. After the effort in 70 AD to wipe out Palestine and Jews (Christianity or it's embryo entity was within Judaism at that time), Paul took the fight to gentile areas and turned it into a movement of the masses and not just Jews


"To modern Christians, who never tire of asking why the Jews did not accept Jesus and his teachings, I can only answer that for a long time none but the Jews did. To be surprised that the whole Jewish people did not turn Ebionim is about as intelligent as to expect all Americans to join the Unitarians or the Baptists or the Christian Scientists." (1)
***Who knows what Jews thought specifically about Jesus who were in this cult.  I find it highly more likely that he was defined as a literal son of God well after the fact of whatever real life he actually led  on this earth or that the distortions came once Pagan gentiles became the targets for the mind control (new religion)***

 Like the SPLC and the NAACP today, like the Bolshevik Proselytizers at the Russian factories before the revolution, the Jews called the shots and the Christians were their loyal proletariat saying no to paganism, no to fighting for Rome and no to Caeser being their god-king. Initially, the sect was all Jewish but slowly became more and more Christian until the only Jews left in it were fake Christians. I am sure that at some point the pagans  no longer connected the Jews performing the advocacy to being Jews (like in Russia before the Czar was taken out).

Finally, things got so bad that The rulers of Rome threw paganism under the bus or blended it with Christianity and stamped it with Roman ownership.

*** Readers take note of the huge effort in the mass media to link Rome behind Christianity and leave the Jews out of it. Whatever Rome did was defensive to stop the hemorrhage.***

 Persecution of Christians didn't work so co-option would be tried. To what extent Rome knew that Jews were in the mix with these Christians at this time, roughly 350 AD, is hard to say, but the reason for adopting Christianity in formerly pagan Rome was to stop the bleeding and hope for recovery. One hundred years after Christianity was adopted, Rome officially fell in the west. The Jews had won (but didn't tell anyone cause it was a secret) and they now had a new well tuned MO. Instead of overtly fighting pagans and gentiles for land and such, they would operate behind the curtain to attain what they wanted. They would adopt the flag of convenience, to fly, appropriate to the land they were in and advocate for goals good for Jewish aims while giving  false reasons to persuade gentiles to help them along the way.

If their allies strayed too far, they changed sides. Sometimes if they didn't stray too far but were losing, they changed sides...Whatever is good for Jews, the nation whose land comprises the whole world (Why do Jews today get insulted and cry anti-Semitism when Israeli motives are questioned but are happy to join in with criticism of the locals (like the US?).

This is what they have been doing ever since but the problem isn't just Christianity. It's Islam and Judaism as well. Remember, I said religion is either a great way to control your followers or a great way to undermine the followers' loyalties who are subjects of your opponents. There ended up being many other additions to the religion psyop over these last twenty centuries but Christianity as a tool to take out Rome was where it all began.

Think about it, You readers of last resort. Do you still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? The only difference between those psyops and the Christianity psyop and why so many people will fight to the death for a fairy tale is the life or death element believing or not believing was assessed into the mix for those being exposed to it.

The Jews took a world that believed in many Gods and tricked-forced them to believe in one God, the Jewish God. In the case of Rome, Christianity worked so well that the Roman pagans adopted it and then started screening the op for Jews who had snuck in. This then gives it a yin-yang effect. Yes, these former pagans have been mind controlled into a Jewish view of the world but no, Jews are not welcome unless they overtly accept all the claims. Jews who believe in non- assimilation aren't interested unless backed to a "you do it or you die" wall and even then, it's not real, their conversion,for they only pretend not to be Jewish.

In watching some of these videos arguing for this or that aspect of Christianity, one thing seems to be a common pre-requisite, an MO that was mind-controlled into Christian followers a long time ago.  THE BIBLE IS THE DIVINELY INSPIRED WORD OF GOD AND IS THEREFORE TRUTH NOT ALLOWED TO BE QUESTIONED AND BY EXTENSION, HISTORICAL FACT (Are Israel or Jews allowed to be questioned and might we make a connection here?).

To accept this view, that the bible can't be questioned, is about as legitimate as accepting every false flag narrative the Jewish media puts forth into the public arena these days and accept it at face value, no questions asked building your arguments from there.

Yes, Adam Lanza turned into superman and slaughtered 20 people at Sandy Hook. Yes, 19 cave people from the desert flew American planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon. Yes, Hitler supported Zionism by enabling Jews to move to Palestine in the '30s while also displaying the need to kill all Jews a few years later and yes, the holocaust is an established fact, like the sun rises in the east and can't be analyzed for authenticity....It's the same Jew World Order folks. 

Never forget! "By Deception we wage war".

the Israeli Mossad motto

All arguments basing Christian questions of authenticity that stop at proof where the bible begins and ends can be thus defined as dis-info spreading in nature for the benefit of Jews, whether unwitting or witting on the part of the designated presenter. Because Christians have been hoodwinked to self-identify is something that needs correcting.

A Jewish holy book is presented to us that is beyond question. Many of our people grew up in areas not touching where these supposed Jewish revelations occurred and we all have adopted these narratives as our facts and our beliefs to stand behind?

The Jews have the opposite of a Catch-22 here. They are on all sides of the accepted political-religious debates having a defining hand in all the narratives and it all started when pagan Rome became Christian. Can't get much more Jew World Order than that!


The messiah claim of a warrior spirit who turned the other cheek was a psyop on Rome, intentionally redirected away from the Jewish community of which whose elders wanted a more vengeful world view, and into the pagan community whom they wished to influence downward the inherited warrior spirit of confrontation and loyalty to the pagan goyim leaders.

I think what I am telling you is that until you start recognizing that Christianity is a Jewish psyop, you're just complaining about the Jews "not making their bed" when the fact is ten of them just went out and stole ten of your children to sacrifice for Purim.

You aren't getting to the heart of the Jewish subversion apparatus. The few who understand this are too scared to touch the CHRISTIANITY MIND FIELD because the gentiles they wish to influence, have totally been hoodwinked and will not react kindly to the challenge. What you get instead is a cold hearted scrutiny of the Islam Jewish psyop and then the referencing mildly of Christianity as a fact.

 Instead, Christians argue over small points within the faith but never challenge the validity of the faith creating "divide and conquer" for the Jews within and without of the gentile social structures. On the inside and on the outside and the Jews behind the curtain, watching, laughing and collecting the money needed for us to act out the orchestrated chaos. They have been removed from the problem by controlling the dialogue and avoiding being referenced as anything but the eternal victim.

Jews encourage this. They encouraged it during the reformation and then they have new ways of discouraging the potential unifying aspects a one minded Christian people could bring. You invent race barriers, other people are not human barriers, ideology barriers, class society barriers. As the protocols say:

5-5. For a time perhaps we might be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the "goyim" of all the world: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up.We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the goyim, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries.

Of course, before you can subvert a Rome or a Babylon with religion or other forms of treachery, one has to control one's own people.The Jewish religion was forged for just such a purpose. Their "chosen", superiority and other claims all had the desired effect of keeping a people voluntarily separated from those, not of their mindset or racial DNA.

Since the Jewish elders didn't particularly want to deal with a flood of heathens, the evangelizing became part of the lower Abrahamic religions formulated for non-Jews, not for Judaism. It became the duty of Christianity to force the Jewish world view on heathens around the world in the name of a "Jew on a stick".

As "Christian Solution" (2) tells it, the Jews have literally gone through four different diasporas in their history (all having devastating consequences for non-Jews). Up until Rome, Jews used a more conventional form of resistance against the heathen. The Roman diaspora, the second to occur,  convinced Paul  to try a new form of warfare. Propaganda to be shot at the enemy to undermine their way of life and ability to rule. As quoted above in the protocols, 20 centuries have Jews been playing havoc with our religion and way of life. Their cancer is so deep in our body politic, they believe it can never be cut out (They very well may be right).

When Jews lost control of Christianity, they enabled a guy named Mohammed to lead a counter-culture to fight the Christians off. For the next 1000 years, they were mostly working within the Islamic structure to get what they wanted but something changed around 1400 and it was apparently Europe's turn to get the Jews it deserved.

What is called the Spanish Inquisition was also a Jewish diaspora and it was to play total havoc with Western Europe!

Jewish colonialism, too, entered full bloom at this time

 So let me rehash what I mean. Pagan Rome, was at its peak of power. In their arrogance, they intervened in the internal politics of a bordering state, Israel, effectively co-opting the state into its sphere of dominance.  Jews, with their one God religion and community tightly controlled by their elders, resisted assimilation with the Roman culture. When they lost major battles with Rome and the second diaspora occurred, that was when, effectively, the Mossad motto was really invented:

Through deception, we wage war

As the Jewish strategy involving Christianity as an undermining tool against its arch-enemy Rome, was far more successful than expected, Rome was forced for its own survival, to take ownership of the Jewish psyop. Now, instead of fighting two enemies, Christians, and Jews,  it thought it could just focus on Jews. However the Jewish taught mimes assimilated into the Roman country made them ripe for enemy attacks from the outside. Rome fell but the Jews didn't really win but for the satisfaction of seeing their enemy annihilate itself. 

The Dark Ages gathered around the pagan-Christians for the next one thousand years (referred to by Jews as the "Golden Age") and Jews dispersed into more fertile ground in the still successful eastern half of the Roman Empire. It was there they created Islam with a "Jewish" messiah called Mohammed to fight off Christian leanings of the locals as well as Persian paganism. The Christian Dark Ages saw much Arab success as they took over Europe and Jerusalem but like with Christianity, Jewish power wavered after the locals fully accepted the new faith and new ways of subversion involving all sorts of chicanery became a natural stepping stone for the Jews to continue their JWO expansion.

Eventually, a diaspora occurred in Spain that initiated the Jewish fake assimilation back into the European culture. With the rise of the printing press and the quick passing around of propaganda that enabled, liberalism and Protestantism to be born while through the power of the purse, Jews got the gentile aristocrats to front for them their world colonialist ambitions, the JWO expanded on mostly Christian land to live, heathen land, to exploit.

Exploitation occurred as the mind controlled Christian Europeans forced Jewish religion and culture on all natives encountered. These Christians had become blind agents for the Jews. Slavery introduced anti-human race mixing (not to be confused with pro-human race mixing or interaction) within colonialist enterprises which would become seeds for revolution and hatred as the liberalist, Jewish notions of "FREEDOM, EQUALITY AND BROTHERHOOD" won over the goy populations much as  Jesus's "claimed" walk on water won them over fifteen hundred years before.

They say the Jews now want to annihilate their own Abrahamic creations to have a one world religion. All I can say is different times, different forms of subversion. "Truth" is whatever is good for Jews!

 To finish, I realize the case I have made is purely speculative. It is a speculation  I have made due to my world view about world religions and my recently acquired knowledge about ongoing eternal Jewish subversion and the likelihood a similar mindset was alive and well in the Jewish psyche at 0 AD.

Realizing the Jews did 911, and own or run all the media is just the barest tip of the iceberg. Without a deeper knowledge and a willingness to share it from our resistance leaders and a continued willingness to deal with, Jewish put forth, superficials like race hatred agendas and divide and conquer narratives that work at dividing us further, our efforts shall remain feeble and easily within Jewish ability to control, not to mention expand their own power by.

In the end, what matters is that NO GENTILE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED WITHOUT SOLVING THE JEWISH PROBLEM FIRST. This is because what looks to be gentile problems are  more likely Jewish subversion issues at its core. Remove the Jewish subversion issues, the gentile problems we face concerning other cultures will stand out like a sore thumb.

This then requires clear vision to see clear Jewish subversion.

(easier said than done.)

Above all,we have to learn to work with other gentiles in this endeavor for not doing so is part of Jewish, divide and conquer strategy, a tall order considering the mind control tricked into our lives by the culture subverters.


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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.