VK Clark- "They see right through me. They might as well stick the fork in cause I'm done!"


Reconnecting with "Connecting the dots on an infiltrator"

A Blindlight article likely wrote in either late 2014 or early to middle 2015

I would say this was my best article on VK Clark when I summed up everything I had on her at that point in time

    All we wanted to do was say hi to Veronica K Clark, tell her to consider releasing a Hitler speech to the community that she had copyrighted and had for sale only about the de-emphasis  of the importance of "race" in relationship to the importance of  "Volk".Then we wanted to tell her  how much we respected her research and that we needed her for  "intellectual backing" of our planned unco-opted resistance. What then happened for the next two weeks was an amazing tale of mistaken identity coupled with charges of "cyber-troll" on her end and "infiltrator" on ours. It has been over a week since I have touched this story but discussing the ramifications with a friend,  I decided maybe it was time to connect some of the dots that make this seeming pillar of the historical revisionist community, renouned for groundbreaking research on race and service in the 3rd Reich, a high probability infiltrator, Jewish op, or actual Jew since no one I am aware of knows her well.

As I have been around this community for three years now , I do not pretend to know the exact history of Veronica K Clark. I do know, as recently as last week, on Deanna Spingola, a person that has had Veronica on for interviews probably 30 times, she was asked if Veronica is her real name with a non- answer response from Veronica. My experience with Veronica tells me if Deanna has to ask Veronica what her name is, the likelihood of anyone really knowing her inside the community is not high for she is an elitist by nature and only answers proletariat like me directly, when it is  unavoidable and very non-threatening. This beginning part is pure speculation and theory. What hard evidence I have will be a bit later.


I believe Zander Fuesar and Veronica K Clark are tied together with Jewish intelligence in some way. Both have protected identities, both are more liberal sort of Jew aware leaning more in the category of "truther" but Jew-wise. Both were given sounding boards thru the Deanna Spingola radio show, each receiving multiple interviews and were almost regulars. Both came out with eye-catching information and both interacted a lot with WNs on purpose when they have little in common with the WN-CI mindset. Zander hooked up with a white supremacist named Mike DeLaney who ran some sort of outlet that loaned out web space. I remember getting  my " Hitler fought the Jew World Order, aha moment" in Zander's Zioncrimefactory website. What was strange was the mostly non-racist posts of Zander coupled with the slur talking commenters that hung out on his site to push white supremacy-victimhood theology and this never made sense to me. Now, looking back, I have, speculatively, determined that both DeLaney and Fuesar were intel agent infiltrators and probably still are. They had this, what can only be described as a, WWE Cage Match moment where as the story goes, Zander was chatting in the chatroom and commented to those present that CI theology was part of the JWO. Apparently this set-off DeLaney who then locked Zander off his site and is the custodian of all Zander's "clothes" (articles) to this day.

              Zander feigned deep disillusionment over this and it was the big news in the community for a couple weeks. Zander said he was giving up on saving the planet from the Jews and disappeared for maybe six months  only to reappear on another website, much smaller in nature, with an agenda to diss the CI-WN movement and also to knock down the Hitler image a bunch of notches. As you will soon see, in her own way, Veronica's MO has been very similar for she is walking back many Jew related assertions of hers made a few years ago. From the few old posts I have seen from Veronica as well as some 4 or 5-year-old radio interviews, Veronica was quite honest about  Jewish power in the beginning.Is this an MO of infiltration? Out the Jews boldly to gain an audience and then walk it back? Maybe! All I can say is that over the last 18 months, I have seen a great walking back of positions and my big coup was a Deanna Spingola interview where I actually saw Veronica's pro-Jew agenda subtly laid out before my eyes, subtle enough to escape detection from a casual listener, but  I was a motivated listener for she had just called a friend an anti-Semite. I basically don't  know goy, Jew aware people that engage in calling other goys anti-Semites, especially when we were guilty of nothing more than bold, blunt, honest talk about Jewish power.That had astounded me and was an immediate "red flag".

   So, my friend Joos-Light made first acquaintance and was shown the door by Veronica. All would have ended there with the most done by us , some casual introspection ofWTF just happened, but Veronica went on her site and called us about 10 names and made up about 5 lies about us. Later we found out that she mistakenly mixed us up with another person who does You-Tube videos about Veronica. Veronica, to this day, has never apologized for this bad behavior and mistake on her part but she got our attention and full focus after that. Joos-Light was forced to make a response to an article on our site since  Veronica, to fully control her own message (and this is typical Jewish MO, to control the message of a problem occurrence) banned our presence from the comment area. 

These shenanigans went on for a week but the big flash bulb moment came with listening to this  interview, here. Basically, what i witnessed (the article talking about this is open in that 1st link I have above)  was a Veronica Clark talking point agenda to lessen Jewish culpability for the problems facing mankind. It was brilliantly done and had she not posted this to her blog and not emailed me the notification that it was there, I would have never been the wiser. Thanks V! Veronica, in this two hour interview, had about five related Jewish points she wanted to broadcast to Deanna's listeners. If you listen close or read our analysis, then listen, you should catch it too. First, she went back to the middle ages and talked about "Chivalric" her main takeaway point on this subject was how badly goyim could behave without the complicity of Jews so you can't blame jews for everything ( as I shall demonstrate, Veronica is trying to undermine the JWO conspiracy agenda theory so she naturally does not note the fact that though goys can misbehave, they never have had a long-term plan to enslave all non- Caucasians though they have been willing or duped actors in service of the Jew in just such a venture). She got all annoyed soon after that for losing track of the point she wanted to make so it was clear, the point was  necessary to complete her talking points mission on the show and indeed she was able to remember it later. In the meantime, though, she moved on to Stalin and, basically, proclaimed he became totally independent of Jews in Russia in the 30s. Never mind Stalin was always surrounded by a  Jewish family and never mind many people claim otherwise.

The best I can figure, this  focus was necessary to weaken an argument many Jew aware goy believe.That WWII was a war all about Jewry controlling the upstart, Hitler, goy ruler and reimposing Jewish domination . Now, if Jews were in control of Russia at the start of WWII then the triad of Jewish controlled England, America and Russia  is hard to refute in an enlightened debate. If however you can convince folks that Stalin was his own man, independent of Jewish programmers, that argument falls of its own weight. There is no doubt that  between 1918 and 1930, jews dominated the Bolshevik movement. So, phase two of Veronica's four-part Jewish white wash agenda enacted, she remembered what was so important and started talking about the spontaneous Bolshevik revolution caused by gentile goy  of their own volition, joining hands to defeat the evil Czar ruler of which Veronica proclaims. 

      This was actually the moment that fully got our attention that we might have a full-blown Hasberat, Sayanim, dis info agent on our hands. Being called goys that engaged in anti-semitic hate speech was an attention getter but nothing like this. I am fully aware of the orchestration that the Jewish Talmudic Elites put into setting up the Czar for removal that includes the 1905 war with Japan as well as the necessary WWI to weaken the Czarist regime so it was available to be toppled. Jews had supported Germany till Russia was sufficiently weakened and then switched over to England  to get Palestine and backstab Germany.In the end, Jews are only loyal to Jews. Veronica claimed the revolution was spontaneous and because Jews are opportunists Jews grabbed control at the last minute. This theory undermines the "Jews are out to conquer the world" theory if you pay attention and most likely why this subtle twist was established by Veronica..

Finally, she has a David Icke like discussion of masonry and neglects to acknowledge that masons serve Jewry and therefore why Masons were always working in support of English aims. Jews took control of England and it became the world financial center in the 1800s because of that. Masonry was run from England and run by Jews. However as far as Veronica was concerned, it was just an unfathomable mystery why Masons were so constructed.

     This show was a shocker but I had a question for Veronica and it is a lynchpin question of mine to determine someone's knowledge or honesty, in Veronica's case, it would be honesty."Were the protocols real, Veronica?" I asked this question four times before I finally cornered her to get an answer and if she had known I was associated with goybiscuits.com, she would have never answered. Her answer was interesting because unasked for Hitler's opinion, she said yes, the protocols were fake and Hitler thought they were fake as well. That had me in a daze for an hour  upon which I realized I could google "Hitler and the Protocols". There I found a youtube vid of 10 minutes where Hitler indeed visits the authenticity of the protocols and affirms them assuredly, here! So, I took this fact back to challenge Veronica but Veronica stuck to her guns and provided links to Albert Speer, a successful former NS German in the JWO (which means he became coopted, folks) and to someone else from the 40s when Germany was defeated and Jewish anti-Hitler propaganda was being turned into indisputable facts such as "the sun rising in the east" is an indisputable fact.

 So I say to myself, "Here I have a deeply, supposed, committed revisionist historian who goes to 1st sources to resolve issues and find truth. How does one determine if Hitler, indeed , wrote this passage about the protocols or some evil goy propagandist placed it in there after the fact?" Why get an original book untouched by Jewish hands known to have been printed when Hitler was alive, of course.There must be tons! Does Veronica do this? Noooo, she gets quotes from other historians to answer the question. I smelled a rat especially with my recent experience of listening to her love the "innocent Jew", on Deanna Spingola, who didn't really want to take over Russia but they just had too much talent not to! I will speculate here.

Hitler on the protocols

If Veronica is selling that the "Jews are just like us but just politically more talented" narrative like she seemed to be on the Deanna show, she just had to find the Protocol of Zion fact or fiction debate in favor of fiction. She can't own up to a Jewish subversion plan to enslave the world and still sell that  the Jews weren't behind the Bolshevik revolution or that it wasn't Jewish run nations against gentile run nations in WWII. It is a natural extension of the MO that Veronica has been assigned,"To walk back Jewish culpability for the NWO,clearly!" With  these realizations in place, her going to other sources for second hand claims about Hitler's including the Protocol analysis in his original "Mein Kampf", when her ability to go to the source as a research historian is a given and the availability of original "Mein Kampf" publications, also, a given, the fact that she prefers to quote others for her backing allows her "plausible deniability", if, heaven forbid,  a trusting goy looked into this issue with scrutiny.

Given the importance placed on this question, "Is the protocols an authentic Jewish document?" , a JWO Lynchpin issue, one that the Jewish media treats in the same category as Holocaust denial and 911 scrutiny,and the willingness to do "lazy" research, here, while using the force of her reputation as an instrument of accuracy thru implication, thus defames Miss Clark, in our view,  as, at best,  one who waffles in fear of the Jew and more devious to contemplate, one who is an infiltrator for the Jew handing out strategic dis-info. Clearly, not refusing to answer this question, and instead doing a  Jewish tap dance about her opinion and trusting that the Goy would be satisfied with her "historical research" while  going to second hand, very possibly, compromised sources, strongly weighs evidence analysis in favor of a Jewish agenda here.

    Finally, about 10 days ago, Veronica releases a blog that has some quotes about Hitler and the holocaust in it. It basically sets as a "given"  for argumentative purposes,that the Holocaust happened but was Hitler wrong to behave the way he did? Well, I had to write a response article as there was no correction to this dated piece that the Holocaust did not happen. (Though Veronica acknowledges that 100,000 Jews died as opposed to 6 million, she will not debunk the fact of the Holocaust.) Big, big problem, especially added on to the other info. Apparently Veronica, who seems to check our website every day for goodies, saw my debunking of this wanting post with no clarifying update and made Deanna Spingola put her on her show to refute me and justify the"innocent as a Jew" error she made. I was given the title  of "official cyber troll" and Deanna, seemingly, Veronica's handler, only had "oohs" and "aahs" for anything Veronica said that night. Is Deanna intel, also, along with Zander and Veronica? Well, she is certainly the one who got them the most publicity and you can't rule it out, especially with her unchallenging way of interviewing them (Puff piece).

    Well, there you have it. Due to goybiscuits.com's belief that infiltrators and dis-info artists are paralyzing real resistance, these sorts of efforts are our first priority. If anyone out there knows of an infiltrator and has some ammo, please contact us. To reiterate, this is a speculative piece and we would love for Veronica to open up herself a bit more and prove us wrong. Veronica, feel free to submit an article to us for consideration.In it please justify your reasoning for withholding Hitler's most important  speech from free availability to the public. I understand the Jews need to control information and I understand that the antidote is to free up information, so EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

 Apparently, Veronica does not believe in resisting the JWO beyond ignoring it and working around it which  we agree with but and a big but, we believe the 60 to 70% of sheep will stay sheep and will, therefore, support The JWO takeover of the world to the extent we can't ignore or work around it. We must resist and it's currently not happening that I can see.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.