Repost of 1st article after realizing the Whole Jew-wise Resistance was Compromised- 2014



This was the summer of 2014. At the time, I was still getting a handle  around all the co-0ption in the movement and because everyone seemed to be ganging up on Friend and those ganging up looking to be agents, I assumed John was hopelessly unaware. I've since determined that Friend, who comes from a connected law-enforcement family and seems to do a lot of traveling with no overt source of income, is working for Big Brother. Notice that this is 18 months ago and my world view is in line with where I am now, just less experienced.  I wasn't saying the opposite of what I am now like a, say, Andrew Anglin.

Unfortunately for John Friend, he, apparently, didn't agree with the WN view enough because about eight months ago he began being heavily targeted as compromised (from the WN point of view) by Carolyn Yeager, Scott Roberts, Mike DeLaney, and Andre Anglin, to name a few. It culminated in a radio interview done by the merry band of buccaneers,DeLaney, and Roberts in which they basically attempted to destroy all of Friend's credibility and, as I recall, it revolved around a 911 issue or guest Friend had on his show dealing with 911 and the guest was Jewish. This photo (below left) is back in the day when John was playing WN suckup and defending them (Delaney, Roberts, Anglin, etc) from an attack by Mark Glenn.

It seems Friend was already on iffy water with the left, then at that time. Notice the comment defense, by Friend, of his four buddies, not enough to stay on their "good buddy" list, later, however!   

{Editor's note- when one realizes you need to apply Jew false flag technology to everyday resistance encounters, one can not help but speculate that this was a total psyop pretend fight between Glenn and the Merry Band of Buccaneers , all watching Glenn make a fool out of the trusting, eager to please everyone, John Friend, watching him stand there with his thumb up his anus, not knowing how to make peace "for the good of the movement" , the Buccaneers, rolling on the floor, laughing in hilarity then calling Glenn to come meet them for cyber cocktails in the curtain room behind the loser's lounge}  

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Friend defends friends!

     Ok, actually, I just googled this episode and it seems that Roberts and DeLaney hosted John Friend in a  highly one-sided,  unfriendly debate over some Jew guy with a no-planes theory.Immediately after the debate Rodney Martin, Andrew Anglin, and Carolyn Yeager, all took additional pokes. I found Rodney's comments particularly enlightening and  I also discovered an underlying narrative of both the right and left sides of the, IMO,totally coopted information outlets of the Jew aware community. They all are condemning false flag ops claimers on events such as Sandy Hook, Boston, and that Islamist, supposed, killing made for TV in Brittain.This ties them to the left leaningAmerican Free Press and to "The Ugly Truth" , all currently looking for any reason they can to make Friend look like a compromised idiot. (Editor's note- regarding the Islamist made for TV killing in England-doofus WN and coopted agents alike have every reason in the world to believe the OCT as it helps, in their opinion, the argument against the invading hordes of Islamist who, by the way, are invading because of Jew wars and Jew laws, not to mention their homes are covered  in white phosphorous, but we are white, we are victims and Muslims are so easy to grab onto unlike the Jew where you need real work to resist but back to the story-oh, post, if you believe the OCT  on that one, there's some swamp land in South Georgia I own-grows any thang- wanna buy it?....also, this debate attack afterward was a scapegoat outing of Friend and much like the fake reason the publisher of AFP gave for releasing him, simply a convenient explanation to justify this massacre, it was pre-arranged for Friend to fail-I ain't no dumb fucking goy!) Could it be they are the compromised assets and Friend just a well-meaning guy, perhaps too nice and too accommodating even to the fact that as these enemies splatter him with tomatoes he is complementing the work they do? Yes folks, even as he tells how he is ending friendships with Rodney Martin, Scott Roberts, Mike DeLaney, and Andre Anglin, he intersperses how much he has learned from them. I will simply give you a googled, all-purpose, link to some of this and you can verify to suit! Here ! Also, below, Rodney exposes his extreme racist side ( and I used to call him the "reasonable racist" in the room),

"Rodney Martin December 2, 2013 at 7:02 pm

This was not a “Debate”. A Jewish False Front was exposed. Anytime someone on Friday says “The Jews did 911, then on Saturday talks Race & Hitler, then on Sunday and other days has Jews on their Show and cites Jews as sources, and says it never happened, it was all fake, no one hurt, blah, blah and also says (based on another Jew named Morris) that Black butchers did NOT murder a White soldier you have to ask just where the core principles are. You simply cannot agree with everyone and an Aryan cannot agree with a Jew on these matters, especially any Jew who attempts to tell us what to believe. Conspiracy Nuts are NOT Racial Nationalists, they, like Libertarians, will align with Non-Whites who agree with their theories, their Conspiracy Theories trump Race. Libertarians want open borders, Conspiracy Nuts want to live in the Twilight Zone. Jews see this and pounce on it as a way to spread disinformation, create confusion and keep us divided. Racial Nationalists have to kick these Conspiracy nuts out, they are a vessel for Jew infiltration. Yes, we did go to the moon, we went on Third Reich rocket technology. Yes, there are nuclear weapons, Yes, 911 happened, there were eye witnesses. 911 was the same type of CIA-Mossad operation as the USS Liberty, the difference, the Liberty stayed afloat and the had to abort that mission. This was all reinforced when one of the participants left the debate early and took to approving personal attacks and the posting of personal information on a fellow Aryan on his blog, which has since been removed after the damage was done." (Editors note- Rodney always brings up personal shit when he's trying to discredit someone, a Jewish MO.they are all doing this in one form or another, also, Rodney apparently, is fine over looking the fact that Andrew  Anglin, who runs the site these comments are made on, is not capable of referring to blacks  and muslims without accompanying derogatory phrases such as Sand niggers, apes and Jiigaboos.What this means of course is a validation by silence of this type of behavior and a reality that this core group has no interest in working with or caring about anyone but the white race. Isn't a major problem we have  now with Jews that they only care about themselves?  Think about it. This then leaves their recruiting possibilities to  white christian zionists, totaling maybe half the white race as max)

 Again, what is important is that they are all attacking "supposed" lunacy conspiracy theories. Of course, the government considers believing the protocols are jewish literature is lunacy, doubting the holocaust lunacy but for some reason,  this group of folks and I will amplify the left side in a minute, are all united in debunking the same conspiracies, they all run in an elite network that interacts a lot and only poses for pictures with the rest of us.Now, interesting that a Sandy Hook op, so much easier to pull off than a 911, would get a unanimous stamp of "believe the government" approval while 911 is open to scrutiny. What I am saying is that these proven conspiracy theorists are trying to tell you what you can and can not look at-think about it.  I am also seeing this going into Alex Jones territory and by that I mean, taking events and immediately predicting conspiracy nutz are gonna doubt  the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) Here's an example, so this is filtering into the semi- controlled alternative mass media as a way to intimidate scrutiny and dissent.

What we have then is that this frontal attack against operation scrutiny is filtering from the 3rd tier ops, Jew  run into our 

( 3rd tier dissent is supposed free dissent of and for the people but actually totally orchestrated by the powers that be). If it hadn't been for what happened to Friend this weekend- getting fired from American Free Press, I woulda missed how bad it has gotten and that none of our celebrity  go tos for information can be relied upon.

Here is John's firing blog notification- True to form, John, the nice guy he is, heaps praises on those pooing on his face. I don't think John is really aware of the coopted universe he is trying to traverse in with his uncoopted suitcase. I sent out a lifeline to him in comments made the last few days, but as a designated "Lowly Prole" I do not think my admonitions were taken seriously. It does seem that John is trying to join the JWO as an uncoopted presence! He just doesn't get it, there are rules to follow, pecking orders to be obeyed, certain things to never do. When"the man" says no debunking Sandy Hook, he means "No Debunking Sandy Hook"!

{Editor's note- I just had to comeback to this article and add a blatant example of JWO shillery and clear proof that Michael Collins Piper, Mark Glenn are all disinfo agents blatantly advocating thru political, total, spin talking points, the rightness of their claims on Sandy Hook.There was a debate, in fact, three were scheduled between this blowhard, idiot, asshole named Michael Collins Piper and John Friend with William Fetzer, the Veterans Today collumnist who specializes in debunking OCTs whether it is the official story of Sandy Hook, 911, or the Kennedy assasination.We are waiting for him to brave the holocaust waters as that is one of the biggest. But to continue, Piper, Glenn, AFP and the whole Ugly Truth site are shilling for  the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory)  and so a debate was scheduled. Piper pulls out of all three debates and they throw in some incompetent in his place. Now in the comment picture, Mark Glenn is doing his best "Dick Cheney"immitation looking like a total screw ball, pretending his guy is winning the debate. Also nearby, I include a typical comment section on the Ugly Truth, everyone in total agreement about Friend and about Sandy Hook. I feel like I am at a republican convention, the lies are so thick they are knife cuttable. Here is the full article referring to this mass killing by Friend and Fetzer. The point is, not that Fetzer is right but that there is every reason to not believe the OCT and the fact that so many important celebrity columnist as well as radio personalities and sites are standing together for the OCT is a dead giveaway of cooption- Throw them in the toilet folks and keep Friend and Fetzer for trying their best! The Piper health problems are highly suspect, in my opinion. The question then becomes "Why are all these people agreeing in solidarity over a highly debatable issue?" The Ans-they are co-opted} We have to work around the coopted shills and we have to make them pay a price and we have to get organized to handle this.When is it get  serious time? To those that say I am too harsh I say, when are you going to stop accepting spy and disinfo infiltration as a fact of life you can do nothing about? As far being nice, why would I worry about hurting the feelings of folks misrepresenting themselves for devious reasons who are undermining the values this country supposedly stands for and why would I spare the feelings ofuncoopted goy that  refuse to see that? (John! I'm talkin to you!}

***let me take a moment to stress the evil that is  disinfo and  it's difference from simply getting it wrong. We are dealing with an organization expert at keeping secrets and mis-directing.Trying to do your best, speculating and finding out later you were off target is a fact of life in this Jew debunking world. Knowing what is a fact but intentionally misleading  turns being wrong into intentional disinfo. Now, take Sandy Hook. The only way people can claim there is nothing to the debunking Sandy Hook story is if they know what happened. It is my understanding that no one in the community claims to know for sure what happened and if they do, it would imply  they have inner contacts to the Jewniverse of power. IMO,  the facts of Sandy Hook lead to speculation naturally due to the lack of real scrutiny of the press which all Sandy Hook truth debunkers acknowledge in other areas so why not there? So my question is why are they believing the Sandy Hook OCT and the bigger question is, why are they intimidating those they influence to believe or act like they believe it as well? It does not pass the smell test. This is an organized 3rd tier op claim clearly if for no other reason, the unanimity of agreement amongst celebrity info givers that are paid probably by Jews or are Jew advertise dependent .Clearly those following this line acting out a barely scraping by existence, all WWE like theatre in my view , are paid ops under the table or useful idiots of the same.That would make them undercover infiltrators and I will let you guess who those are. It's not hard. Probably ops like AFP and Ugly Truth are simply getting their marching orders from jews who run the shop and you fall in line or they let you go. John Friend has not been willing to voluntarily follow strongly advised suggestions, possibly still believing in an America that never was. So, this is  disinfo when such an across the board group of folks all stand together on Sandy Hook. "Nothing here folks, move, along!" When someone says that I do the opposite***

      Before I go further, folks, these intimidation tactics by the "reasonable coopted few" meant to keep us all in line  have an easy work around-"STOP READING THEIR SHIT! STOP WATCHING THEIR SHOWS and STOP FOLLOWING THEIR LEAD!" They work for the Jews  in, at the least, a compromised position so that to be where they are they follow certain guidelines,all good for the rule setters, not good  for us and or, the moral diabolical alternative, they are agents planted to throw out Jew-sugar laced goy biscuits to reel you into subversive to our cause, avenues of unthreatening research and action.Those are traitors and a real resistance must deal with such harshly. We don't have a real resistance but I'm workin on it. Moving on,  Jews believe in divide and conquer, folks. Anyone pushing for a divided non-jew work base,  is either coopted, a useful idiot or brain-washed. You can decide which one by studying the totality of their thoughts on all other things and  if that quality falls in line with  being stupid enough to advocate division and dissension between various non-jews groups, you got your answer. Clearly when a leader, as an MO, refers to other ethnicities in derogatory terms with the knowledge that what he says influences his followers and the so doing is clearly good for Jews, one can mark that person off as an agent.Read the protocols for back up, you will see what they encourage us to do and it's exactly inline with what WN-CIs are being encouraged to do. Race division is pretty easy.The left coopted Jew-aware side has to get a bit more creative in their subversion and that perhaps for another day. Finally, when you realize you are looking at a dis info-er don't read their posts unless you ae going to critique it for what it  is, "Jew pushed crap". Yea, they put some good stuff in but their mission is  to lead you away from the important stuff and it's clear that though they wrap their concerns in terms of "reasonable scrutiny"they are assigned to intimidate away from secrets thacould be vulnerable to exposing.It is they that are assigned to calling you kook for going there..

Here are some quotes now, from the AFP firing of John Friend:

Dear John,

As of August 10 we need to discontinue your weekly columns for American Free Press. [...]

[...] we realize that you interview unsavory characters on your web radio site. Interviewing Fritz Berg so that he can spew forth his hatred of me and everything we ever have worked for is not acceptable. Listeners to your program no doubt constitute readership from AFP. We would appear very strange if we tolerated this. You have a name with AFP and your reckless actions damages us in the view of the people who read AFP and listen to you.Making one mistake with Metzger was hesitantly excused. You had to know of his irrational hatred of all of us here at AFP and especially of me when you spoke with him before you listed him as you (sic) guest on our blog radio.

And now,  Friend being friendly," Some background is necessary for the record. I began writing for AFP in June of last year, so I had been contributing to the newspaper for just over a year. Although I do not like the direction AFP is going, and their ridiculous stance on certain topics (especially the alleged Sandy Hook "shooting" and the Boston "bombing"), I always felt honored to be contributing to the newspaper. I have admired Willis Carto and The Barnes Review particularly for some time now (I still do), so I was ecstatic when I first began writing for the paper. I really didn't know that much about AFP until I began contributing, at which point I purchased a subscription and began reading the weekly paper. I think AFP is a great concept that could easily attract 50,000 or more subscribers. However, given its current direction and leadership, I simply do not see that happening. I see it as an essentially irrelevant and ultimately obsolete enterprise under its present management.

 Of course, that is my opinion, which could very well turn out to be incorrect." and "I've been disillusioned with the paper and the clique of people behind it for a while now. I never understood the irrational, unhinged, and quite vicious behavior of key AFP writers, especially Michael Collins Piper, and Keith Johnson, directed towards those of us questioning the alleged Sandy Hook "shooting" and the Boston "bombing" Psst-they are working for Satan, John, that's the problem! take off your nice guy cap and put on the "They Live" glasses.

      Now, here, we see further left wing jew-aware integration, we shall see what is typically said about John Friend on the "Ugly Truth" site. This article here is pretty typical illustration of "Ugly Truth's" Stance on Sandy Hook types of false flags. They basically said that because Nixon laughed before he gave his resignation speech, any analysis of Robby Parker was of no value. Are no tears of no value? By anyone? It seems to be site policy.

Now why would a media op, that believes in truth, force all it's writers to agree about Sandy Hook? They do so to present the illusion that it's a no brainer, to agree in unanimity,of course. Anyone able to look elsewhere see's it as a no brainer to keep looking. Now comment picture, up and to the right, typical of Friend's references by commenters that, now, go across the left- right jew aware divide and  have seeming unanimity amongst this clique.(Oh, I posted a comment calling em coopted and it wasn't posted, by the way) making them the enemy as well.

So, amidst this weekend notice from Friend about his AFP firing, the next day he has on  my fiancee (kidding), Veronica Clark. All those who have read my articles are aware that I have pretty much outed Miss Clark as, at the least, compromised, but more likely an agent plant because, for one, she's unknown, she hasn't revealed who she is, beyond taking her word for who she is; she acts like a Jew when she is off camera meaning she possesses a Jewish MO in the way she tries to intimidate the prole goy so to speak and then by that I mean she feels very entitled and does not like to interact with ordinary folks, she's an elitest , and easily hurls anti-semitic charges against people she considers trolls which include yours truly. One  time she made a post  littered with pics of my site that "proved" my anti-semitic hate speech leanings, which, as she  triumphantly asserted, is a "hate speech" crime. I have never met  a Jewawaregoythat did that before, though she claims to be 95% goy.

 So....she comes marching onto Friend's broadcast  Sunday  night and you got to get this picture. Veronica is tomato throwing at material in comment sections under all articles these days. She has deliberately made herself looney over the last six months for who knows what stated purpose, pretending to be a jew for kicks, apparently on a radio broadcast (in actuality, Veronica supports  the freedom hate site called the ADL which uses misdirection and anti-semitic hate speech charges to further Jewish aims against   targetted non-Jews-often whites). She has been quoted, amazingly,  saying, that it's not the ADL's fault if no oneholds Jews accountable for Jewish supremacism.

I think it partly is, actually, since they prosecute anyone heavily that brings it up and the sibling Jewish media plays the goy for fools. So, totally discredited revisionist historian, WN baiter, Jew white washer, Veronikha Clark comes in as a supposed friend in need of a good night, like Friend as well, after his firing, both being ostracized (Friend and Clark), but, that's a ruse.Veronica is acting according to JWO op plan. Friend is all alone.Veronica comes, Friend is wobbly against the ropes about to fall over if you accept my boxing analogy and Veronica, by her presence, blows wind in John's face and he's out for the count on the floor, Veronica's finish off the uncoopted goy op successfully accomplished..... I didn't realize this at 1st, the damage doneby her appearance.

The interview, which I mostly listened to was uneventful but the one thing that stood out was that Veronica has developed the habit of never blaming Jews for anything and simply agreeing when her goy targets did blame them and moving the subject along away from Jew territory.This is a change from the old Veronica that would bluntly state jews have to be removed from power. She doesn't exist anymore, the old Veronica. It's all about  whites taking half the blame, that yes jews are a bad influence but you whites  don't have to take the bait. So John's on the floor, the comment section on Mami's Shit is open and next day, I take a look and am somewhat astounded by the unanimity of the negative comments, mostly from a racial perspective in regards to Clark and negative as well towards John. Well, yours truly,  had to buttress the comments with some real life Veronica stories and then promote  his new theory of near total co-option by the right-left para dime, Jewaware landscape. .

I threw John a lifeline that day when I left my address and said," call me and know who your real resistance friends are!", but I don't think John's ready  to listen but ah beez a-sittin with my light on just in case. 


This article was republished in 2016, originally appearing on the now defunct "Goy Biscuits" Website - Blindlight - It was originally written in the fall-2014 (my best guess)

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Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

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