Whites view the "Trail of Tears" as a necessary action for the good of the white raceFrenemy, Aryanism.net-"Western Civilization Must Die Before Zion Can Be Confronted"

While I agree, Western Civilization is the problem, to make it die you must confront Zion. They are inextricably linked!

 I, recently, read a very intriguing piece by the leader of Aryanism.net, one Aryan Sanctuary or AS. I have placed Aryanism.net on my op list for a variety of reasons but that doesn't mean that none of their ideas  are worthy of consideration. With this article,  I came to  more fully understand an adopted position of theirs that, until now, had made  no sense to me.... Even with this new understanding, their subsequent calculation of what it all means and who to target still leaves me perplexed and still concerned that this is one more Jew op putting a different slant on a reason why the Jew subversion needs to wait to be dealt with  till we take out some lower goyim first....

Of course, this strategy is good for Jews because when goyim fight each other, be it  race war, class war, culture war, gender war, it is always good for Jews as long as his part is placed in the background.It seems that Jews have seeded the fact that the 911, false flag event placed their culpability forever into the arena and that genie can't be put back in the bottle. In other words, their power has been exposed by enough people. 911 was too blatant a deed with too weak an explanation to keep their part as "in the shade" as it was before given the prominence and the availability of alternative explanation sources....

What they can do, however, is convince you through their covert representatives masquerading as us, that there are more pressing matters to consider. Plus, no one is better than Zion at making "pressing matters elsewhere" seem very real. So, while AS has some very interesting ideas, I am left wondering if the purpose is nefarious.The heart of AS's claim is that the culprit has been western culture since the enlightenment with it's reeking havoc all over the globe (Most of that havoc occurred through the Jewish invention called colonialism). Whether it be teaching people to behave like Western Europeans for their own good or that "might makes right" or whatever else the cause, once the enlightenment, was taken to heart around 1400,  the rest of the world has been cursed to endure plunder, cruelty, abuse and simply killing for killing's sake in the name of "progress"....Though AS gives "Jewish Chosenous" it's due for a good bit of the problem,  he leaves it unclear enough that he is allowed to basically target white racialists (in the name of Western European evil) as the paramount problem that needs confronting first before Zion or Jewish power and plan can be confronted and it is here where I believe there is misdirection occurring either intentionally or through lack of clear thinking......

JAMWe do know by observing their website the great esteem these folks, especially AS, holds for John Alan Martinson or JAM. I know, through observing and researching, JAM has a bitterness leftover from the time he actually tried to affect the white identitarians and was called "stupid nigger" as his reward. For whatever reason, JAM came back from hiding last fall telling white people they were his enemy and what this sounds like to me is very similar to what Aryanism.net's position is or AS's (because he writes almost all the ideology). In fact, they seem identical, JAM's and AS's. AS is constantly calling Martinson the rightful leader of a resistance movement because he is an expert in psychological warfare. I have to note that it seems his psychological warfare of getting his points across to should be comrades has fallen flat for whatever that is worth. However, there is great respect there,between those two.

It's the JewsInterestingly, the backbone of their thesis is very similar to mine except I emphasize the Jewish problem to the higher extent whereas AS seems to make it a 50-50 split between White culpability and the Jew. Interestingly, AS does call the left out as being part of the problem as well, intellectually. I would compare it to what we have commonly seen folks like Noam Chomsky, a seeming critique of Israel but in actuality a protector , or gatekeeper, controlling the parameters of acceptable discourse when it comes to confronting the Jewish problem. Chomsky, though going into the rabbit hole a good bit when acknowledging the approved media pundits never confronting western power, his engine shuts down at the gates of Zion so the true problems of the financial system and much else can not be totally confronted under his watch....Likewise, the left plays a protector's role of white heritage but to a casual ear, their discourse would sound like disapproval

In similar ways, AS blames the left for using distorted reasoning for upholding the inherent good in western civilization while it attacks the right for their take on their superiority. In the end, both would protect this organism called Western Civilization and have simply different ways of doing the protecting. It is my argument that, yes, over the last 500 years, Western Civilization has been the problem but it's not because of those born into the culture but because of the subverters of the culture that became embedded there and their success in forcing their point of view on the populace to such an extent that today, the populace is not even aware of the subversion.

Indeed, one could acknowledge a certain "colonizing" of Western Civilization if one wanted to truly give the Jew his due and likewise note that The Renaisance, the Reformation, the mentality to colonialize other lands are all the results of his handywork. Did whites help him and perhaps lead the way at times here and there? Of course, but all these changes were willed into existance by Jews and their quest for Zion.

I have named the source many times and so has the Protocols of Zion. It is the Jew that does these things. The white man, left or right from this culture has been duped to do their bidding voluntarily,  other cultures have bowed down to their own exploitation and manipulation through force....The subversion has worked wonderfully as we now see Western Civilization being targeted with a down grade as the rest of the world is targeted with an upgrade. While taking the form of unleashed immigration through pawn foreigners, the inhabitants of the lands most closely associated with the world's exploitation only seem to notice how they are being inconvenienced and abused with total obliviousness to the harm they have caused elsewhere while doing their duty to their secret overlord Jews. AS describes it well:


"So when we listen to the present-day far-right complaining about non-Western political aggression against the West, not only must we remember how miniscule such aggression is when compared side by side against Western aggression over the last 500 years, but also and more importantly we must remember that rightists are not appalled by aggression in itself (or else they would be more appalled by Western aggression) so much as they are incredulous that some non-Westerners do not accept their position as inferiors in the psychopolitical hierarchy established by the West, in other words that these non-Westerners are, to use an expression that only Western civilization could ever have invented, “getting uppity”****. Whatever far-right propaganda claims to say, all it ever really means is that the non-Western world needs to be stopped from getting uppity. This is the unvarnished truth; everything else is sugarcoating. And this tells us all we need to know about what Western civilization has been, is, and will continue to be until the day it is finally destroyed". ....

Racialist whites see everything from a self-serving point of view. They sanctify the Jewish conquering of America and South Africa because they perceive it as good for whites. They, however, don't like it when the natives get restless and think about invading what they thought were their own "safe spaces".

Then this:

"National Socialism encourages non-Western societies neither to Westernize nor to return to their respective non-Western traditions, aware that both routes will eventually lead back to Western domination. For a true alternative, it is Western (and partially Westernized) societies which need to be de-Westernized as the first step, and then all societies together which need to recall and revive their non-traditional pasts as the second step. It was the post-Renaissance rise of Western civilization that flung the world into its present insanity over the last 500 years and gave Jewry almost all the power it today possesses. It is Western civilization that must die before Zionism can be defeated and the world can begin to heal at last."

I have to question here,  if Jewry is behind colonialism, the Industrial Revolution, the finance system of usery and the corporatocracy, how the hell are you going to get Western Civilization to die without confronting the intrinsic Jewish attachment to it?  As the coordinators and the agenda setters, their stake in western civilization is not only psychological but palpable as it is their baby where the white identarians or even the SJW's attachment is through the Jewish illusions believed in order to support it! Without an awareness taking place as to who is the main subverter, any thing fought will be a war for that subverter!

The other problem is as long as  these whites believe Jew lies they will continue to fight for Jew lies. While it is true, many Jews, like low-level masons, their gentile counterparts, are unaware of the agenda  being accomplished by their higher up brethren, they too have been given false reasons to support it through a "loyalty to their chosen tribe" mentality and a brainwashed in belief of their continuing persecution. It's hard, having spent three years down the rabbit hole, understanding how that is believed considering their "privileged" circumstances and their proven ability to never be held accountable for any evil act! Then, too, once you leave these unaware folks, you have a very large number of Jews that are quite aware of the subversion taking place and totally support it, awareness in much higher percentages than the goyim and with that awareness comes a focus on the only thing that matters, tribal power. Aware goyim are susceptible to untold numbers of ways to be misdirected....

Contrarily, those whites that do see through the scheme are still being duped in large numbers to look at lower race issues as first needs to be solved.In the case of Identarian Whites, the Muslim and the nigger problem. In the case of Jew-wise SJWs, identarian whites are the problem. Both are being misdirected away from the source by the source and that source is the Jew.

But what does AS say? "Take out the racist whites, then we can worry about Jews!" Sorry AS, that dog don't hunt. Unfortunately for the White Man of the west who has supported this Jewish agenda to enslave the rest of the world, paying for it with White on White wars for Jews along the way, it is now his turn to be the exploited. Unfortunately, for the western Euro, White Man,  who has been privileged, yet privileged below the Jew, and who has served him unknowingly, the progression of the Jewish plan now means it's time for everyone else to single out the White Man.

Jew leads NSWP as a fake goy-Whitefake goy, real Jew paves the way for holocaust propagandaSadly, for this White Man, he has come to believe in his colonization of the world as a White Man thing of which to be proud. He moans about the plight of Whites in South Africa, in one breath and complains about the mass immigration of foreigners into Europe in another and hasn't a clue to it's contradiction. If the white man does it, that, in and of itself, justifies the behavior. With the credit also comes the blame and the Jew points at him and casts the blame, becoming very Jewish as he points. As a Jew, he will pretend to be white and point out the contradictions as well, playing the SJW warrior or noble white who blames the white.

The white racialist man, like any spoiled child, is seen kicking and screaming while his leftist brother (often a Jew in disguise) says you deserve this. Neither seems to know that it's not the blacks and browns that are the issue but the chameleon Jew who seems to be part of them and everyone else but in the end is only part of himself and who only serves himself.

He has fooled everyone and he continues to fool as AS's side cheers on Muslims and Africans decrying "Refugees are welcome!" while the white racialist is screaming non-stop victimhood, thinking some god of theirs is going to hear their pleas and come in and save the day. ..

By this taking of sides, AS for refugees that are flooding Europe at the Jew's bequest and racialists that are hating those doing the flooding and not the person that opened the damn, they play their cards as if receiving advise from some unseen Jew who is whispering their next play in their ear and urging them on. .

Many of these hidden Jews are the fake resistance being Jewish plants whether goy or Jew, doesn't matter, it is who they serve that is important. It is whose side they are on that matters. Question, if you think you are resisting the subversion but your actions actually serve the Jew, whose side are you really on? Are you are just another duped goy and maybe you ought to think about getting paid for serving the Jew so well,eh?

Michele Fields claimed to be a goy but seems to be a Jewess

David Myatt, basically a leader in the satanic-Nazi Brittish movement from the 90's and is often quoted by AS who  seems to view him as a messiah figure.

“Believing, in their arrogance, that the ways of the “white man”, that the culture of “Europe”, that Western values, were and are superior to each and every other way of life, … these White Hordes have used every means at their disposal – from war, invasion, occupation, economic blackmail, propaganda, lies, deceit, flattery, and bribery to torture and imprisonment – to get their own way.” – David Myatt

Myatt, who has a history of disavowing his past statements, also has disavowed the German side  in WWII in recent years. As a former Nazi, this is really weird and  one wonders if he simply was trying to get the Jews off his back or it was part of some deal.

The white man would not have participated in international colonialism without the Jewish influence. Sure, the white man deserves some blame but Jews should always be mentioned first otherwise you might as well start lobbying for a job with Fox News like Andrew Anglin is...Careless mentioning of whites and not the Jews I have to question.

This also allows the Jew to have it both ways, claim persecution by the white man when it suits (Anti-semitism-holocaust) and  blend in with the white man such as here. The argument for saying just white men would be that Jews are white, so it is accurate. I maintain if Jews are white, then there was no holocaust and there were no Jewish people since the claim is whites tried to kill all Jews.  If you wish to be a race you need to hold that baby 24/7...So was Myatt lazy when he blamed whites or was it intentional. I cover Myatt in some depth in this essay put out a year ago if interested.

Myatt has the MO of an MK Ultra slave with  several project assignments. First, he goes to Britain to push Satanism and British Nazi-ism (he had a satanic alias called Anton Long), then after 911, he joins up with Muslims for the next eight years, comes back disavows all his old papers and becomes some sort of reclusive guru. To re-emphasize, I have dealt with this topic before, this targeting of low-level fruit which boils down to goy on goy infighting for the Jew. Both the Hitlerian right and left are doing it. The left has targeted Western European Civilization in the form of white racialist and the white racialists have targeted everyone not white (and not Jewish)


Until the thinking gets a little more accurate, this scene  is hopeless!

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.