I take Sinead to the "Woodshed" Over Her White Race Delusions!

***BL - I have decided to make this available to public.  At this time, Sept.21, 2016, I see Sinead as hopelessly committed to the "White race Religion" or the "anything is good if it is good for the white race" movement

Originally published on April 25, 2016

Let me make a few things perfectly clear. I really like Sinead as an honest goyim female with a very bold persona who confronts those purposeful liars with no ifs ands or buts, in the movement... For all the Rodney Martin's out there who believe that I caved to the charms of a pretty, indeed beautiful woman, let this PM chat be a lesson to you. I will not cater to useful idiot chatter implying  a somehow unique status to the white race as I won't stand for anyone implying that for any other race with the other obvious example being the Jew race.

Sinead and I have been kumbaya ing a fair amount in chat. I no longer believe she is a secret Jew, so many of the other things I was ranting against her on also have fallen apart. I can hardly demonize someone that literally believes the white race is being genocided and  who is taking measures she believes will stop it. The problem was, before, I didn't think it was sincere. I now do.

 This forced me to take a tougher stance on Rodney Martin and his effort to prolong some sort of discord between Renegade and himself and using my view that Sinead was Jewish to enhance that promotion. Rodney never came through with anything beyond speculation offered as fact and Sinead won that battle for my mind with her personal testimony. However, today, as I was promulgating a complicated world view that was a way to demonstrate the goy problem as pertains to the Jew to Sinead in Twitter PMs, SINEAD got all excited and felt that she had to make a matter of fact statement in support of her race.

Is it time to kill the Muslims yet?That need led me to counter her obsession and her "white race religion" in blunt and profound ways... that Sinead quit responding to. So Rodney, I don't cater to anyone when it comes to attacking the truth, as I see it about the Jew World Order and what we are up AGAINST. The white race is not uniquely good and more advanced than any other race. Nine out ten things folks think of to "prove" that came after the covert Jewish colonization of the white race that started in about 1550.

All these white racialists that write these books that other white racialists point to as claiming their case that all that is good comes from white people clearly had an objective to find that in the writing and the support of their racial separatist narratives. You could say it was important so as to scare their kids away from interacting with other races (so much weirdness to protect the kids, lol).

Sinead did not say anything in here she wouldn't say in public and since she left the conversation unfinished for whatever reason, I'm finishing it here, like I always do. (I warned her on that)....

The Twitter PMs

Me - They want goy vs goy...one really true phrase that I made up is "If you aren't fighting the Jew you fight for the Jew"!...Definitely......always and the Gage's and Anglin's are directing the possible realizers back to the Jew con (race crap)

I had to stop what I was doing to say this for you are one of the few that can fully understand it, it seems at this time.

Once you accept, in intellect, that race war is inevitable, you color all your language around that as if it is fact and you free the Jew from concern for his own safety. It goes without saying we will be fighting all of the races in any beginning stage of a real revolt, all of them, including many whites and this is why we don't need to focus on them but their boss and mind controller. It also goes without saying, if we have success, many will join simply to be with a competitive under dawg or the winning side. They are the useful idiots that make up most of humanity. Let us not cement in the fact that we will fight for the Jew once agin and create an atmosphere that makes him nervous as to his own personal safety. But even going there requires an initial solid group foundation that can not be created with acceptance of the Jewish myths, IMO. We are at a crossroads where your leaders are advocating that acceptance and Anglin has proudly declared "preparing for race wars since 2013" and most, including Duke, happy to follow or help lead.....

that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it back to the land, lol!

My grass will have to wait till this thought is expressed.

Tying it all together, we are all fighting over the deck chairs that the Jews own. The Jew is encouraging each group that if he gets the right combo of deck chairs, everything will work out for them. THis is simply a repeat of the same ole, same ole story going way way back but since the goyim are kept ignorant of the first causes, they still believe that the right deck chairs will solve their problem. However, the boat has a leak in it and it is slowly sinking. It is below the deck, or behind the curtain. The Jew has a few men guarding the leak so the ship can continue sinking but most of his men are herding the goyim around to various deck chairs it is convenient for them to claim the answer can be found in. Our job is to let them know that the important deck chairs are located by the leak. Our job is to make "behind the curtain" part of the arena the goy are aware of. We do that by contending the claims of where the answers can be found (deck chairs) and pointing the way to where the leak is and those guarding it. Of course the enemy will argue that the deck chairs will solve the problem .That has to be debunked so the people can know and possibly by showing them the boat is still sinking even after a deck chair or two is rearranged.....Hope I didn't lose you, I sure lost Carolyn Yeager last year, lol!

***Why Sinead had to "protect her people" here, I got no idea!***

Sinead - I understand where you are coming from. I approach like this:

it's the Whites who has historically defeated the jew and in order to wake them up to the jew we need to show them how they are being genocided at the hands of the jew.

Me - Actually, are you sure, I think you are simply looking at history from a white perspective and assume that because Jews used whites to tyrannize and colonialize other lands that whites are their only enemy? Think about it. Jews have been on a non-stop roll since the "Thirty Years War" and before (1550). Yes they have used whites to create a world empire that they allowed the whites to believe was theirs. Here is a great quote from the international Jew which I will post next...a non stop roll  (the Jews) conquering white territory (600 years) and then using that secret ownership to colonize elsewhere and blame it on whites or credit them, depending your point of view and susceptable mindset...I Know the white ego hates to see it like that but...I ain't gonna lie

The International Jew

How Gentile Germany and Russia look at the entire question may be summarized as follows: Judaism is the most closely organized power on earth, even more than the British Empire. It forms a State whose citizens are unconditionally loyal wherever they may be and whether rich or poor. The name which is given in Germany to this State which circulates among all the states is "All-Judaan." The means of power of the State of All-Judaan are capital and journalism, or money and propaganda. All-Judaan is the only State that exercises world government; all the other States can and may exercise national government only. The principal culture of All-Judaan is journalistic; the technical, scientific, literary performances of the modern Jew are throughout journalistic performances. They are due to the marvelous talent of the Jews for receptivity of others' ideas. Capital and Journalism are joined in the Press to create a political and spiritual medium of Jewish power. The government of this state of All-Judaan is wonderfully organized. Paris was its first seat, but has now been moved to third place. Before the war London was its first, and New York its second capital. It remains to be seen whether New York will now supplant London — the drift is toward America. As All-Judaan is not in a position to have a standing army and navy, other states supply these for it. Its fleet is the British fleet, which guards from hindrance the progress of all-Jewish world economy, or that part of it which depends on the sea. In return, All-Judaan assures Britain an undisturbed political and territorial world rule. All-Judaan has added Palestine to British control. Wherever there was an All-Judaan land force (whatever national uniform it might wear), it worked with the British navy. All-Judaan is willing to entrust the government of various strips of the world to the nationalistic governments; it only asks to control the governments. Judaism is passionately in favor of perpetuating nationalistic divisions for the Gentile world. For themselves, Jews never become assimilated with any nation. They are a separate people, always were and always will be. All-Judaan's only quarrel with any nation occurs when that nation makes it impossible for All-Judaan to control that nation's industrial and financial profits. It can make war, it can make peace; it can command anarchy in stubborn cases, it can restore order. It holds the sinews of world power in its hand and it apportions them among the nations in such ways as will best support All-Judaan's plan. Controlling the world's sources of news, All-Judaan can always prepare the minds of the people for its next move. The greatest exposure yet to be made is the way that news is manufactured and the way in which the mind of whole nations is molded for a purpose. When the powerful Jew is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the world press. The real causes of the persecution (which is the oppression of the people by the financial practices of the Jews) are never given publicity. All-Judaan has its vice-governments in London and New York. Having wreaked its revenge on Germany it will now go forth to conquer other nations. Britain it already has. Russia it is struggling for, but the chances are against it. The United States, with its good-natured tolerance of all races, offers a promising field. The scene of operations changes, but the Jew is the same throughout the centuries.

Sinead - I'm not going to change my opinion on this....I work for my people first and foremost

Me - ok,lol!...I was simply challenging your notion that the Jew's only real enemy is white ppl...haha...

Sinead - I never said that!

Me - the only real threat....better?

Sinead - I'm not saying that either I'm saying that whites have the innovative capabilities to stop this problem very quickly

Me - My statement was not trying to get you to disown your ppl, I accept that commitment you have...if they got a clue, yes! (white people)...I would say look at the world prior to 1300 and tell me that the white race was that far ahead. I do not believe that was the case...

Sinead - Then you should read March of the Titans books...We created everything...Blacks couldn't even invent the wheel..(Though she said that privately in this PM, I do believe she would have no bones about dissing blacks in public with this kind of comment)

Me - Well, there are more than blacks (and you act like technology is the only way to judge value)....Does anyone promote that other than a white man racialist, by the way ? You can see I am implying a self-serving aim here (by the writers)?...The whole idea one has to go back thousands of years to prove a race is better than all others and because that it is so (once he thinks it's proved), it means he is (better) by extension is what?

(Answer -  a weak way to find self worth)

The reason that need exists is a weak way to find self worth , IMO. Especially, when most now (in the white race) are getting pummeled (into submission by everyone else and of course aided by the Jew)....It's just another way to try and be like a Jew and "chosen" and what I always undermined about Renegade (in comments there), the white worship like it was some sort of fucking idol! Like it will do any of you any good besides making you feel better on the way to the slaughter house...

Hey, it's comments like that that got me banned from Renegade, lol. Are you gonna ban me too?....I now believe you are sincere though, which i didn't before (Referring to the fact that I thought she was a subverting Jew with her advocacy before)

Ask yourself why the ops are pushing the supremacy shit like this, it will auto play, by the way Aurenheimer is 1/4th Indian and part Jew ...he calls the Indians a violent horde, obvious agent provocateuring to demonize a whole race...if you buy into that, I won't impressed, lol! Aurenheimer says,"Low IQ castaways?", can you see the intentional hate- rise above that shit.. Feel the fucking Jew with that kind of devisive jibberish!

No wonder why Anglin is deleting threads attacking you while you call him an op- you are still a white race useful idiot (sorry, but you know I use that as a scientific term) and under their spell...

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.