My Email Exchange With Celtic Rebel Pertaining to Sinead McCarthy

1st published April 18, 2016-  remade available to the public on 9/21/16

BL - I have remade this available to the public. I no longer consider Sinead a covert Jewess but a hopelessly confused WRRist (1)who can't see the forrest because of her white race, self serving  trees which she is, simultaneously, trying to make a living off  by her exploiting the cause. Since entering the movement in 2012, she has religiously petitioned followers for money for "worthy projects". Does that mean she is not sincere? No, but a lot of times feigned sincerity is necessary to support the psyche of the exploiter or, in other words,  the exploiter cons herself into believing  their actions don't denote exploitation.  Sinead got into a position to know Kyle because she mailed Celtic Rebel nude pictures of herself, at the time, a total stranger. This act, in and of itself, denotes her  naturally exploitive nature. Does that mean  her actions currently do not line up with her behavior, now? I can't answer that for sure but I am very aware that the moralistic tone of the White Race Religion is designed to make the movement dysfunctional and many of the leaders overtly race mix (such as Andrew Anglin)

Now as to whether I have absolute proof Sinead mailed pictures to Celtic Rebel, no I don't. I only have Sinead's inability to answer that question ( I have ascertained that Sinead prefers not to lie if at all possible) Where she did dispute some of Celtic Rebel's claims, she carefully avoided the topic of her nude picture overture. I personally take that as an affirmation that she did indeed prostitute  her looks to gain access to insiders in the truth movement


Name: I am the NextHitler

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Hi, I am doing an exposee on Sinead and verifying a few claims she has made such as whether she dated you, affairs,etc. You may ask Rodney Martin about me if you wish or look over my website. I am anti-Jew and concerned that Sinead is promoting a white loyalty that is phoney (rumour has it she may have a Jewish mom whilw proclaiming white purity). She flat out stated in an interview that her mom is Irish and pure white. It is also asserted by Martin that both Sinead and McCarthy are fake names. If these assertions are true, Sinead is basically exposed and then presumed to be a Jewish infiltrator. Ppl are demanding more than circumstantial proof. I need a first hand witness on this. Can you make a statement as to these things and any other claims she has made? Here is the interview that says much of her bios. The fact that is clear looking at old agent pages of her, her parents were very well off. Well off enough to send her to boarding schools at 50,000 a pop plus give her all kinds of theatre lessons etc.
We do not need liars leading our movement. By the way, I am anti-Jew, not WN\thankyou February 23, 2016 at 12:40 am
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The above comment was left at the Celtic Rebel site ten days ago. In  my desperation to get direct testimony from an actor who had been taking place in the "Sinead McCarthy Play" (or psyop) I had googled "Celtic Rebel" and made my way there. It had been a long road going back months when Sinead caught my eye as a talented lass who was having VK Clark issues.

That caught my eye because other than Carolyn Yeager, VK never has issues with women but only men. Clark lumped the whole Renegade Crew as a bunch of barbarian buffoons and latched on to a temporary friendship with Rodney Martin to conduct her psyop against them.Over the next week or so, I began visiting Renegade and one day I tweeted Sinead about Clark's ranting against her. Rather than appreciate my gesture, I got a response I am starting to expect from those representing the info disseminators in the movement, "Move along, kid, ya bother me!"  as she brushed my gesture off and stated matter of factly, "I'll have no more responses to your queries.".

Fair enough, trouble was the whole episode reminded me an awful lot of my first meeting with VK Clark. On paper, we looked to be comrades but in real life, I was treated as the enemy. Since then I have learned this motto, "When everything adds up to fit but it don't, gotta be an op!" That said, I made allowances I could be wrong and started observing her behavior

Truther Groupie who wanted enablement inside?

Of course I had heard the rumors of a wild girl from New York who romped around with black men from Rodney Martin's website, but Renegade had responded by painting Rodney as a half Indian booze hound so what was one to believe? Is Press TV that stupid to hire a guy regularly so out of control?..So I continued to watch Miss McCarthy (I doubt she is married) and became concerned when I saw her psyoping her followers to be paranoid about the whole human race that wasn't white but still she had some good stuff and at that time I did still hold out hope that maybe 5% of the movement was legit.

Then came Sinead's "Flat Earther" interview and the movement kind of turned on her and I was impressed by the way she handled it till this video. I was to later realize that McCarthy falls into this sort of lashing out mode on a regular basis exemplified here! Soon after this time, I got banned from Renegade Tribune for speaking my mind about anti-Jew taking preference to white race worship. I determined fully at the time that the whole WN movement was a psyop.

I made my transition to the country and, that complete, on the 1st of February I settled back into my truther routine or anti-Jew to be more exact. About the middle  of February, Martin and I started comparing notes and I decided that Sinead was  living a lie  as to her beliefs, her explanations of how she got to Renegade and her childhood. It was all made up with truth sprinkled in. Even the fact that she is Irish has yet to be proven though she's happy to die her hair Irish red for effect.

I think when I saw the Pol video and heard her embellish several lies too gross to ignore, that is when I got the ball rolling. A couple of things caught my ear because I had heard the opposite. She claimed her mom was Irish, white, and I heard she was 100% Jew. Then, too, she claimed to not have had a relationship with Celtic Rebel nor had an affair on Celtic Rebel with Kyle Hunt. Check the above links for the background (I suppose the affair was why she had to outright lie?)

So, because I had only been privy to third hand information, and I knew that it was claimed Celtic Rebel had first hand, I reached out in a private comment to him on his site, which is up above there. Please note, I was a total stranger to Celtic Rebel. Celtic Rebel has been well known in truther circles for many years  and has had many truther groupie chicks come on to him as it will be made clear with his comments. 

After a few days, I assumed he read my request and was not interested in  talking about it, a response I am becoming all too familiar with in the goy community. Don't make waves, Keep your head low  and maybe they won't know you know! However, on the 29th, six days later, I got an email response. Please note, he didn't demand my consent in anyway before releasing this information to an unknown stranger. I mention that because he apparently  got cold feet about what he had done over the next 24 hours as you will see.

Celtic Rebel is highlighted in black!

From: celtic rebel 
Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 1:04 PM
To: I am the Next Hitler
Subject: Re: Contacting the Celtic Rebel
Offhand, I'd say you've devoted way too much headspace to that crazy bitch. Setting things straight, NOT a former girlfriend.She's a crazy groupie; and the reason I stopped having sex with truth groupies. Guess I was lucky the first few times. She uses people, as she has a history of being "used." She came to fuck me while she was living with her boyfriend. She had sent me some nudes, and when I said I wouldnt' buy her ticket, she called her uncle with some bullshit stress story and had him pay for her to fly down and fuck me.  While here, she tried, like hell, to make herself a part of my show with some ludicrous teenage NWO mind control story.. When I refused, pointing out that her parents were right to send her to a teen rehab center considering she was a 14 year old, prostituting herself out for drugs (plus that same show had already been done by another former drug addict turned truth groupie Sherie on another Oracle show) ... she started targeting my guests (ending up with Kyle, among others). Her parents do have some money, but I think they had enough of her drama and sent her off to New York (out of sight, out of mind).She doesn't believe in that racist stuff, and I'm not even sure if Kyle does. She's had sex with a few black dudes. She's an opportunist. Kyle is after the money. She is after the attention. The time we spent together was purely sexual, and we didn't really talk that much after, other than her "randomly" showing up as a new "best friend" or "lover" of almost everyone associated with my show for two years after. Getting rid of her, has been a process, and unforutnately, as seeing from your note, and that of others, it's still not over. Does she really discuss me in the vid? As I said a second ago, I prefer to let that mistake of a period pass, so didn't watch the vid.Look up the 10 traits of a sociopath, and you'll get a pretty good idea of who she is (she fits every one). As to your other questions, though others have suggested I was "honeypotted" ... her and I didn't really get that much into family and such, the brief time we spent together was spent sexually, and for obvious reasons, not "intellectually."Alex (Celtic Rebel) PS: Hope this is not a shocker, but your "movement" has always been full of liars.
Again, please note that no mention was made of this info being privileged and no mention would be made until he saw the article I had written. Then he semi freaked out and said to make it vague and don't use his name. Startled, I expressed my unhappiness with his reluctance and decided to give him a chance to come around. It became clear to me, Celtic Rebel is but one more self centered truther, with a website he is making a living on, capitalizing on the in thing of his youth, the alternative media psyop. He could care less nor does he believe in any greater issue than his own welfare from all I can judge by his responses and have designated him as a hostile witness and so am releasing all the email exchanges we had about Sinead so you can get some true, first hand insights to this lady who calls herself an Aryan, Irish woman with high moral standards but from every nook and cranny, from whence she once came, a very different interpretation comes to mind and must be made known.
I will not be doing much analysis here but just relating  the facts as claimed by Celtic Rebel. Because these "facts" line up quite well with folks like Mike Sledge and other Oracle Broadcasting Associates of the time period I am coming forth with these emails to clear the air about questions swirling around Sinead McCarthy.

Now for the rest of my email exchanges that stemmed from my initial request

From: "Mind Control Slave"  
Date: 02/29/2016 04:40 PM

Is that Sherie whose following after the Jesus guy in australia? Lol!
From: celtic rebel [] 
Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 11:27 PM
To: Mind Control Slave
Subject: RE: Contacting the Celtic Rebel 
Dude, you can't drag me back into this. Please remove my text. Can you just summarize those in your own words and say something like "according to inside sources at Oracle who knew these people personally"? I will allow one though, you can say when asked to comment on her, all I really had to say was:
"· She's a crazy groupie; and the reason I stopped having sex with truth groupies. "As for how she backdoored her way onto my show and a lot of the crazy details of her going about ruining associations.... those actually came up in the open Q&A from the show.... At that point, it's open record and you could write a lot more based on that...
 From:        "Mind Control Slave" > 
Date:        02/29/2016 11:34 PM
Right, well, you may not be aware but we have said all that through Rodney’s sources and it is the vagueness of the charges that give anyone around her to give her a pass.And I will say one other thing. Your attitude is why the Jews are winning and we are losing because Jews would never let a subverter like her, if situations were reversed,  get away with it
If your not willing to stand up for your white people or your goy, for all goy are the nemy of Jews, your info does me no good but thanks anyway. Do you have a link to that show?
From: celtic rebel 
Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 11:48 PM
To: Mind Control Slave
Subject: RE: Contacting the Celtic Rebel
Like I said man, you can use the one "official" quote I gave you. When I post the show, you're free to take whatever want from what was said on air, and there's a lot more seedy details in that.... cause that's open record ... it'll be posted in a day or two...
if you really need something more for now .... you can say I confirmed that stuff about her trying to get on my show, me denying her that op and her seeking riper dumplings....

From: "Mind Control Slave"  
Date: 03/01/2016 12:05 AM

I think I was going to say as a ball park wrap that it was my assessment that Kyle and Sinead are together not for love but for Sinead’s ticket to ride- They wouldn’t be together if Kyle hadn’t goiven her what she wanted.How’s that?
Celtic Rebel
Off the record,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Officially, yes ... I confirm that my denying her a platform probaly led her into seeeking alt options

***Note- I did remove that quote the Celtic Rebel wanted off the record as he stated it

From: "Mind Control Slave" 
Date: 03/01/2016 09:35 AM

My contention is her mom’s jewish and she made up the Irish sob story to make her the perfect WN goy savior. 
Did she run that psyop on you and can you confirm her real name is Heidi, a claim I have already made publicly 
I am the next Hitler 
Waiting for you to come fight the “real” war on terror!

From: "Mind Control Slave" 
Date: 03/01/2016 05:09 PM
You got that radio link. Don’t wait for me to buy a subscription. We come to the table self-sufficient in a real resistance and if all you are after is your own payday, you’re working for them. Anyway, I can use the show for ammo. How bout it?
Celtic Rebel
I'm a week behind an am tyring to post last week's show tonight. My subs are still waiting, so you'll just have to be patient man. As to your othe questions, I don't know anything about other names. Not really in the habit of asking chicks for ID while my dick's in their mouth.....

Oh, did I say this was for mature audiences only? Again I post this not to hurt Celtic Rebel's rep but to help the resistance recognize a fake so we can up the anti. We don't have time to play nice, be politically correct or trust blindly. People that can get real information out there must do so and if you don't that really makes you one of "them" now doesn't it?

I will have more to say on this in the next few days for the claims this Sinead girl claims about herself really doesn't add up and goy, you need to know this shit!

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