Renegade Gets it Wrong

Kyle and Sinead after an all night hunt for pedophiles while on crack
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Renegade Broadcasting (The Kyle and Cackle Show) dedicates an entire show to trashing EVERYONE who is posted at Grizzom’s (Mami’s).  Kyle’s co-host (Cackle) casually insinuates that Fetch is a pedophile.  Kyle exhibits clueless understanding of Saudi Arabia, then completely misses the border security/immigration debate.

But hey.  Have a salad.

Shortly after Renegade Broadcasting’s round table on January 12, I began receiving emails from listeners.  “WTF is wrong with Kyle?  He is trashing everyone, including Inside the Eye – Live!”?  I thought to myself, “Hell, WTF?”

I have always thought highly of Kyle and was one of his earliest supporters.  I was one of, and perhaps the main lobbyist behind the scenes for Kyle to get his slot at Oracle Broadcasting.  He has guest hosted Inside the Eye – Live!.  We have reciprocated as guests on each other’s shows, and Inside the Eye – Live! has even run specials on Renegade Broadcasting.

Kyle’s efforts on the “White Man March” was a publicity boon that was followed-on by an exceptional, game changing effort on the “Hellstorm” video.  Hell, even I was excited to see his Hellstorm video go viral, and his interview on Inside the Eye – Live! with Hellstorm author Michael “Tom” Goodrich remains the most listened to “guest” segment on Inside the Eye – Live!

Kyle is a talent, and to say otherwise would be unfair.

But time’s change, and Kyle’s propensity to pillory those who have associated with him is revolting and anyone foolish enough to collaborate with Kyle at this stage of his development do so at their own peril.

The promise of Renegade Broadcasting has been reduced to the Kyle and Cackle Show, providing a steady parade of pedophilia and militant veganism.  It would not surprise if the next hit out of Renegade Broadcasting will be a show on gardening.

I can hear it now.

“Listen up all you Vegan Vikings!  It’s the gardening show with Bob Tuscaloosa!  Today we are going to show you how to grow tomatoes in the shape of a Swastika!  Sieg heil!”  Music fades.

Instead of hard hitting topics, Renegade’s audio programming is turning into the Kumbaya Express.

Still, the drama that is Renegade (Kyle), and the abuse that Renegade (Kyle) heaps on pretty much everyone that has ever associated with that franchise, is legion.  Oh, there are a couple former hosts that Kyle doesn’t heap abuse upon, even praises them a bit.  But there is just one glaring problem: both of those individuals are dead.

Renegade turned toxic long ago.

Tone Deaf

The latest drama involving Renegade, which I had again politely avoided, began with Renegade’s (Kyle’s) airing of a show on December 23 titled,

Solar Storm: State-Sponsored Child Trafficking Tragedies from 90s to Present (12-23-18)

It is not that there is anything wrong with airing content as this, but the timing, at the absolute peak of the holiday season, with a follow on show at the turn of the year (New Years) showed a level of tone deafness that stuns.

Now the funny thing here is this: Kyle and I have had an audience overlap since, perhaps, prior to our audio days.  When people are upset with what Kyle does, I often receive emails informing me of the latest shenanigans.

So when Kyle ran a pedophile show on what was basically Christmas eve, emails came in to the effect of, “Hey man.  We know all this.  Does he have to put this shit in our face right before Christmas?  We deal with this doom and gloom crap all year.  Can’t he give it a rest and let us enjoy the holidays and come back to this shit at a later time?”

And regardless of the excuses one might make, the above sentiments hold true.  The audience is like an extended family and like any extended family, there are appropriate times to discuss things and the day before Christmas simply isn’t the time to go about throwing the very evil and sinister world of pedophilia in everyone’s faces.

One of those individuals who felt the show was in extremely poor taste was Zapoper, the audio curator at

After the holiday passed and things got caught up, Zapoper ran a short article entitled About Renegade, which read,

I remember White genocide as if it was yesterday lol. But apparently promoting yoga, veganism and pedophilia seems to be the flavor of the month. Are you going to get back on point or is this what we can hope for in the foreseeable future?

My name is Stéphane Jean and I used to eat meat. (everyone claps)

It was meant to be a joke.  It panned out like a rock, and that takes us to the present drama.

How “Renegade Gets it Wrong”

1) Pedophilia

Regarding the above article that was posted at Mami’s, Kyle responded:

According to Zapoper the way for us to stop the predators from abusing children is to not pay any attention to them. Apparently if you try to drag their actions in to the light of day, these child rapists will just rape more children.

This is some sick shit.

Go back to posting shill after shill, many of whom promote the GOP, which has a long history (along with the Democrats) of raping little children.

On this issue, Kyle isn’t exactly being original, and perhaps even a bit disingenuous.

Before Kyle’s Oracle Broadcasting days, there was a talent who called himself “The Celtic Rebel”.  His show was called “The Rebel Path” and was highly popular at the time.  It centered around a discussion of the gay and pedophile culture of Hollywood.

It aired/streamed on Oracle Broadcasting on Sunday night,after Kyle’s Oracle Broadcasting slot.

In the spring of 2011, I had piloted a series called “Inside the Eye Interview Series”.  Within this pilot was a 3 segment interview with The Celtic Rebel about pedophilia (pederasty).  Although the audio files are lost, a description of these segments in part read,

…the documentary of the Celtic Rebel, “Don’t Go West”, revealed key core codes in the subliminal programing of the pederast priest craft, which we regards as Talmudic in origin and continued expression.

We discussed the idea of a hidden elite utilizing media assets to program individuals for the express purpose of turning individuals into something they would not normally be, and the perpetuation of a “gay agenda” hidden into film and mass media. – link

The term “we” was used because I was the one who had introduced the idea of Jewish and Talmudic influence into the affairs of pedophilia (pederasty).  The Celtic Rebel at this time had not begun to really fuse his work to a more hidden Jewish philosophical underpinning.

It might be added that “Don’t Go West” was one of the early efforts at exposing the Gay/Pedophile agenda in Hollywood.  The video was banned from Youtube sometime around 2008-9.

The point here is this: Kyle is being disingenuous.

Before being fired from Oracle Broadcasting and starting Renegade Broadcasting, Kyle held a slot in the evening before The Celtic Rebel.  The Celtic Rebel was all about the homosexual and pedophile agenda in Hollywood.  Kyle had a short personal association with The Celtic Rebel (what associations with Kyle aren’t largely short in this space?).  The Celtic Rebel’s  entire show was about the gay (and later Jewish) pedophile agenda in Hollywood.

Thus, Kyle has know about this issue for a really long time (as have most of us).  If Kyle was so interested in exposing pedophilia, he could have simply carried on with the torch that was the Celtic Rebel a really long time ago.

But such was not the case.

Kyle’s efforts at exposing “the sickos in the GOP” became feverish AFTER the release of the Podesta emails, a largely Democratic operation.  Once these emails were released, the topic went viral.

Enter Renegade Broadcasting, stage left.

So Kyle is hardly a trail blazer on this subject.  He appears more an opportunist than a maverick.

The real issue is Talmud and its Goyim offshoots within the Crowlian movements.

At the pinnacle of this evil is ritual child sacrifice and devolves into as many varied horrors as you can imagine, and then far more beyond what you cannot.

Kyle (Renegade Broadcasting) is vociferously anti-Trump and is so to the point of wondering what he is missing.  Does he not grasp the reality of the existential battle being waged behind the scenes and FOR Western civilization?

What was his plan (as if anyone would bother nor care)?  A purely Talmud/Hollywood backed Hillary that would have stacked the system even further into the abject darkness?

There are patriots in America.


Our space of operation is largely within the GOP as it is within the GOP that we are able to work and find political cover.  This political cover (through the voice of the people) has been cultivated over nearly 2 decades of work on the web and elsewhere.

On the macro-strategic level, Renegade Gets it Wrong.

The TRUTH of the matter is simple: the release of the Podesta emails was done because the Talmudic elements running within the Democratic Party is nearly absolute, while within the GOP, Nationalists have some political maneuverability.

The release of the Podesta emails was a critical factor in solidifying opinion against Hillary by providing ample fertilizer for the people to focus on a rampant pervasive evil that lies at the core of Jewish Hollywood and its political allies.

The topic went viral, bypassing Jewish media and technology firms capacity to contain the story.

A Clinton victory would have resulted in an absolute victory of this Talmudic child raping/child sacrifice power base.  The pedophiles in the GOP would be able to continue to operate, but the vestiges of any Nationalist elements would have been utterly smashed.

More, on a very real and pragmatic front, all of this “exposing” is now relative.

Trump won the presidency and has, by all indications, declared war on the LGBTQ pedophile agenda embed within Talmudic Hollywood and the mainstream (Jewish) media.

Trump’s Executive Order targeting child trafficking and those engaged in pedophilia is not some “joke” nor is it inconsequential to the fight against pedophilia and the treasonous elements destroying the United States and Western civilization.

With practically no one paying attention, neither the mainstream nor the alt-media, President Trump just issued an Executive Order on December 20, 2017, “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”

Put plainly, President Trump just declared a state of emergency, allowing his administration to freeze the financial accounts of anyone involved with human trafficking, child pornography, trafficking children for pedophilia or human sacrifice. And this includes politicians and state actors – “current or former government officials, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official.” – source

In July of 2018, President Trump signed a law that enables prosecutors and victims who have been sexually trafficked to go after websites that facilitate sex trafficking.  This law effectively chips away at the protections given to web operators under the Communications Decency Act, a law that effectively shields web operators from lawsuits as a result of crimes and harm committed by users who post on Internet sites.

Further, arrests of pedophiles is way up.

Despite critics who claim the unprecedented increase in sex trafficking arrests aren’t due to Trump’s efforts, nothing could be further from the truth. I reported in February that during Trump’s first month in office there were a staggering 1500 plus pedophile arrests made. Since then, there have been well over 3000 arrests. – source

President Trump has openly declared war on the main stream media, a Jewish power base, pedophilia (A Jewish Talmudic core practice that has through history been known to be engaged in child sacrifice), sought to roll back US involvement in wars that support this Jewish power structure, and has sought to better border security, which aids Nationalist elements.

Let it be clear: the installment of Obama as President was viewed as a massive victory for Jewish power and their LGBTQ allies.  We had an openly “secret” gay President and his “transgender husband/wife”, Michelle/Michael, and yet this open secret remains such that EVERYONE pretends that everything is just fine and normal with the Obama/Michael saga of American history.

Under Obama, the “end points” of government were weaponized against Americans, especially majority White America.  Courts were stacked with people  too eager to work against the interests of the American people.

“Bake me a cake or we will destroy you” was (and remains) the defacto mantra of militant LGBTQ activism, and Jewish media can be counted to come down on the side of the LGBTQ activists, within which is the open “pedophile promoting agenda”.

And the LGBTQ agenda, being a largely Jewish agenda, backed by Jewish media and organizational might, remains one of the most tyrannical, vindictive, and irrational political movement in America.

Turning back this larger agenda is imperative.

The LGBTQ online advocacy e-zine, LGBTQ Nation, recognizes that this is, indeed, what is in play

While most of the focus has been on the Supreme Court, Trump has been stocking the rest of the federal courts with ideologues who will be opposing LGBTQ progress decades after he’s has left office.

According to Lambda Legal, at least one-third of Trump’s nominees have extensive anti-LGBTQ track records. Moreover, those courts are the pipeline for future Supreme Court justices. –

When it is all taken into consideration, the PRAGMATIC side of it all, Renegade’s constant berating Trump, under which efforts are now being made to route this scourge and evil, one has to sit back in amazement that someone could profess to be so “pro-White” and yet be so clueless as to the very real options available which would enable any semblance of counter-attack by Nationalists (and White/European) forces.

Renegade clearly gets it wrong and often is simply counter-productive in its attempt to appear “edgy”, “rebellious”, and “hard hitting”.

On Border Security

Listening to Kyle speak about border security is painful.  You could swear he was getting his talking points directly from the Democrats.  Or perhaps he is just a closet Kalergi Plan activist sleeper agent that has finally been woken up.

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Kyle and his cackling sidekick reduces border security initiatives into a desire for people to visit the “Wailing Walmart Wall” (kinda funny) and that the issue is all about some “problem-solution” paradigm to go after the American people?

Oh.  And there is no Jewish open border’s effort underway in America?

Really, Kyle?  Clearly, Renegade Gets It Wrong.

First, this is not about Trump being stopped or blocked by the “deep state”.  It is simpler than that.  “Left wing” and aka, Jewish politicians, are blocking funding of border security issues.

Why?  Well child trafficking, and a steady stream of children who can be exploited by the very same pedophiles without fear of American families poking their noses into that persistent problem of their children going missing is a probable reason.

So Kyle is all about “going after pedophiles” but wants to keep the borders open so child traffickers can continue to run victims into America to be used and abused in whatever way and manner the abusers see fit?

And what nation does not have defensible borders (as needed)?  Now it would be great if we did not have an issue with Mexico, as we have traditionally had with Canada, but back in the day, Canada and America were both European contrived nations.

Mexico has never shared the same cultural identity as America.  Our heritages and history are not the same and there is no reason why Americans should not defend their borders from cultures that are intrinsically opposed to their own.

So how does a “pro-White” anti-White Genocide activist become a voice for open borders and with it, creating the conditions for the destruction of America as a European country?

Border security is the first step to a secure nation.  White Genocide, vis-a-vis the Kalergi Plan, absolutely depends on the idea of open borders and the free flow of people into Western nations.

Securing borders is not just “building walls” and it is Jews and Democrats, and Kyle, who want to reduce a Nationalist issue into an overly simplistic caricature about “a wall”.

Jewish arguments are lame.  Open border advocates are lame.  And as you can hear in the clip above, Kyle’s grasp of the greater underlying idea is lame.

Kyle Stuns with Lack of Geopolitical Sense

Why Kyle felt a need to take a swipe at Inside the Eye – Live! and “The Fetch” truly stuns.  WTF?

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Kyle’s complete ignorance here is truly stunning.  Kyle intimated to the listener that “Saudi Arabia has no age of consent”, which means that you can have sex with underage girls and it is perfectly alright.

Then, his cackling sidekick, who has the brains of a degenerate loose lipped  street whore, basically agrees with Kyle;s assertion that Saudi’s are tolerant of sex with underage girls by insinuating that such a society is “good for him” as she casually spreads innuendo about The Fetch, implying that Fetch is enjoy such a channel of ex and that such a society is “good for him”, implying that Fetch identifies with pedophilia.

The arrogance and stupidity stuns.  Here is a woman who has NEVER met “The Fetch”, never even spoken to the Fetch, yet blurts out that The Fetch is into pedophilia.

Kyle (sorta) rolls it back, but WTF?

Regarding Kyle’s comments about “no age of consent”, he is completely full of crap.  Saudi Arabia, as a legal entity, forbids sex before marriage and recognizes sex only between married partners.

The country is run through two institutions, the monarchy, which is absolute, and Shurrah Councils, which are elected by the people and act as an advisory body to the King.

Saudi Arabia was one of six countries that had, legally, no age of consent for marriage.  The other five being South Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Somalia and Yemen.

Kyle intimates that, with no age of consent, sex with underage girls was part of Saudi Arabia’s social fabric,  if not widely practiced.  Truth is, marriage in Saudi Arabia is often a complex affair between families (tribes) and dowry payments are always required to be paid to the bride.

Saudi’s explain that this is a form of “life insurance” should something happen early in the marriage. Dowry’s can be as “low” as 40,000 SAR (a little over US$10.5K) and grows exponentially depending on tribal influence within the Kingdom.

So “child marriages”, although  there was no law forbidding it, the priority to create a law was not o necessary because the practice simply has never been so widespread that it was an issue in the society.  Even without a law forbidding it, child hood marriages were often blocked by courts.   Still, arranged marriages are not so uncommon, and this practice placed boys and girls at risk.

Consequently, Saudi Arabia has recently passed laws through the Shurah Council that bans child marriages under 15 years of age for both boys and girls, and parents must persuade a special court to permit any wedding with a boy or girl under the age of 18.

So basically, Kyle Hunt hasn’t a clue, but wants to impress his listeners that somehow he is more intelligent and clued in than someone who is perhaps the alternative media’s most knowledgeable source of the inner workings of large parts of the Middle East.

I am not sure what is worse

Cackle’s degenerate mind dragging others into her degenerate sick world, or Kyle’s trying to impress his “wife not wife” and listeners about how smart he is while telling the rest of us he is a clueless dimwit regarding the topic at hand.

No matter.

On this issue, Renegade Gets It Wrong in so many ways you have to wonder why anyone bothers to listen.

Renegade Broadcasting should air a retraction and an apology to The Fetch.  That would be the right (and smart) thing to do.

But hey.  As they say in the intelligence world, “Let him run.  The leash is long and the snap more severe.”

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying no to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail