She IS Famous and She pays For It By Doing What She Is Told!

 Blindlight - I took the role of a supremacist female Jew in this article. It holds up well!. Oh, the good ole days!

You Don't See Them if They Ain't Workin for Us

Most of the dissent leaders the goyim thinks they have on their side, as they read their favorite articles, works for us, the Jews. You don't get to hear opinion and analysis from someone that will  point all problem sources at us, the causers. We simply don't exist as a cause. Ask Helen Thomas, ask Rick Sanchez. Poor Helen was too old to see the error of her ways but we talked to Rick and he is now a "good goy"!

All this is a rather easy thing to do as we work in the shadows and control the media and as far as the public knows, all we want  is to be left alone to have bar mitzvas, collect a few shekels on rent day, and live in peace in our god promised homeland which we had to foster two world wars, a Russian Revolution and fabricate a genocide that never happened, to get. So, apparently God forgot to tell anyone else he gave it to us, the land of Palestine, and we had to do some remindin!  Our remindin comes with naked photographs displayin genatalia, heart felt pleas for sympathy with a gun in our hand and theatre events with our boys dressed up as anybody but themselves, causing mayhem in some reluctant goy country's name. The Mossad motto is nothing new, it's just a statement confirming what Jews have been doing since we had that poor English King beheaded to help convince his next of kin to let us Jews back into England, "Thru Deception we Wage War!" 

    It really don't matter what we say cause we have trained our targets to only think about things we emphasize day in and day out. Like sucky TV shows, silly media stars, our fake talented singers who made a deal with the devil to get on board. All the greatest supposed dissenters you know about barely mention us as the cause. Oh, they might mention bankers as the cause, which is us of course. They might mention corporations are the cause, which is us of course.They might mention declining morals are the cause, which is us leadin the way on that, but as long as they don't emphasize us, we let them live pretty well. Heck, we even let you say Israel and Zionism is bad as long as you keep Judaism and Jews out of the narrative. We are slowly changing that, however. People like Ron Paul, Jessie Venturra, Abbey Martin, Alex Jones, David Icke. They all know where to stop. Don't talk about the Talmud, don't connect Judaism to the conspiracy and you live well. See, if you think there are random bad Jews causing many problems, that's fine cause everyone has random bad people and that feeds the myth that we are like you, which is usually what we want. Course, when you go nosing around where you got no place, you are a Jew hating, anti semite and your parents probably stirred the Jews into the barrel that formed the soap we jews ended up making after the evil goyim killed us.

        So, this is what you mostly get. NWO truth without the source of the problem mentioned.  Now, many of you think you have found little places that give out unobstructed truth about us Jews but see, you don't really get it. We work with each group the way we find them and subtly instill, a piece here, a piece there to shade the group towards our goal. Veterans Today is a good example. We even get them to promote some of our folks latest books, the latest being Elizabeth Warren. Gordon Duff sells himself as a patriot above the left-right bullshit but on another day he will be selling Obama's health care crap. Now, the other thing about news and news that focusses on goy obsessions is, you don't think we know what your obsessions are? We know everything  about you, what you eat, what time you get up. We know that the jewaware racist elements will happily gobble up our news releases once we hook them with some Jew hate. There's no reason not to give them Jew hate articles cause we have basically neutralized their existence by not only pointing to anti-semitism but  to just hate in general. So, once we hook them with Jew hate and have their attention, then we can reinforce all the white victimization mythology they have their heads full of. Stuff that leads them nowhere, is no threat to us and indeed, creates huge gaps between ethnic groups within the system-our system. The only way a small group like Jews can stay strong, is to delink folks within a country from each other and indeed, make this sound noble and good. You know we always advise goyims to do the exact opposite of what we would do if we wanted to run a successful government op.Until we come into our kingdom we don't want no successful government op.It started out, long ago,  by, first,, getting the goy to hate their king by selling unrealistic human rights ideas to them  and then making the king feel vulnerable so a wall was resurrected between the king and his subjects. Then we moved our tents in with the subjects and pretended we was one of them and started whisperin "Jew nuthins" in their ears. Pretty soon, they got all riled up and all self righteous cause our Jew momma's always make great tastin goy biscuits, you can't hardly refuse seconds on! Once the  prole goy whupped the king for us, we enslaved ever body and moved on to totally conquerin  the West Europeans with gold and bullshit.So, now, we got them all covertly ruled  by us but the end game is ruling in the sunshine, thumbing our nose at the goyim, shooting a few for sport, and living the life of Riley. Till then, we are all persecuted and you all is doin the persecutin! What we do with whites, this ethnic hate awareness, we also do with blacks, brown, and you name it. We have taught the black man that it is the white man that has been the source of his misery. 

Clearly there is some truth to that but of course, the real winner in the slave game, before and since, has always been the Jew. We made money on every aspect of the slave trade, fought against it's ending  and indeed were the force behind it's initial legalization. We tricked the white man into blaming his employment problems on blacks and all kinds of other problems because, basically, that's what we do.We weaken the dominant host and then by  freeing blacks and then causing friction between the two main ethnic groups  we Jews, again, win. So, we got rich off the slave trade leading up to the civil war, was using slaves, ourselves, in the 70% category in Jewish homes, we made the booze to bargain with the slave traders in Africa.We covered ever aspect of it. We jews were and are the great enablers and the slave trade wouldn't have happened in the 1st place had we not been involved. Little is emphasized  in Columbus's discovering of America about his Jew roots and their Indian slave efforts, but that's cause we didn't feel like making that part of history. Think of us jews kinda like your evil cousin who teaches you how to go into your parent's wallet when they aren't looking. Yea, you done bad, but would ya uh done it without us? Probably not!

          Russian jews came over in droves in the 1880's to America and a few years later we  had all this pretend show about fighting evil corporations. Course, Jew money lending enabled the factories where the horrid labor conditions occurred but we forgot to mention that, but we sure as hell made sure to push ourselves out there as a saviour to the little people in the public protests. We sell you a dream. It's a big Jewish dream. We separate as much as possible, the bad we have to do from the good we emphasize so the folks that get the good part don't think a whole lot about the folks that get the bad part...and,by the way, there's many more folks that get the bad part.Those that don't get the Masters Golf Tournament, and the Super Bowl and Michael Jordon to think about, get the body parts strewn all over a city we just blew up cause we needed to test our latest gun somewhere. Oh, we be sure to vilify any one that points it out in a super public way too. We got no time for real dissent so basically we try and treat a real dissenter like the lowest of the low criminals and because we have taught everyone to follow our lead, you soon see all the goy hissin at that poor rule breaker and his career ruined if he ain't run out of dodge or worse. Funny thing, when we was undermining the goy kings, we taught em all the exact opposite, but there ya go!

     What we continue to do will all work out fine as long as the trusting folks continue to go on trusting and the non trusting continue to get distracted with the silly side issues we send out as smoke screens. It ain't hard making real dissent believe our fake dissent that we put out there  is real dissent representing them. For one reason, anyone that believes the fake stuff makes our case for us and applies their own pressure for it in our favour.

This is why, in the end, real dissent has little chance without an organized effort to scrutinize the material we promote thru our fake dissent.Then we have the people that know about us but don't want to go out on a limb in front of folks that don't buy the tellin on us. So the strong Jew outer amongst unaware friends , ends up talking about shadowy elites and alien invasions and satanic rituals, all claimed sources behind a NWO and  all speculative or hear-say. Unfortunately, a real conspiracy is always pretty documentable over time. Someone leaves the fold, a protocol of zion like document is leaked. An upstart goy reads jewish magazines only for Jews and reports what he finds.So much evidence against us, evidence we ain't gonna put out there, not a chance.The likelihood they can shake their goy addictions though and get off their butt rather than complain and  then bypass our "Jew reality News" is quite small.

So, basically, goy, you are gonna have to make your own stars in the dissent movement and sources  uncorrupted and quit giving the benefit of the doubt to folks presented to you as experts, that they ain't coopted cause, like I said at 1st, "You don't see em, if we ain't got em in our hip pocket!" Keep hoping for a good candidate to rise  to the top, keep believing in hope and change, and keep complaining about everything we show you cause in the complainin is the manifestation of the way we continue to dominate everything you think about.

                                I'm a fixin to head out on a goy huntin safari next week, so until I get back make sure you give all your correct information to Facebook and report any unsavory activity that might be interpreted as hate speech. Lol, you never knew that we been telling you what to think all along .That's why it works so well! Till next time!      

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.