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This is a redo of the article by the same name in the other Hitlerian Pyramid Category. Two years old is a long enough time to need some rethinking, don't you think?

TPTB need to take a lie detecter test

The Jew World Order is sold to us as real in the public arena which I refer to as a WWE circus. Those that make the rules and order the actors on what to do and not to do are behind the curtain and out of site.

Ever since Paul figured out a way to get the goyim to undermine it's king and status quo, pagan life within the Roman Empire via the "Christianity psyop", the Jews have done most of their work behind the curtain.

Of course, the most loyal, best actors are also Jews on the WWE stage but when you are dealing with goyim niches that are inherently distrustful of Jewish power, this must be covered up and you behave as the Romans do and then bring them along to your agenda by co-opting the message. Therefore, they change their name, get a nose job, adopt an anonymous cover ID, online, to sell the Jewish agenda through the acting out on the public stage, whatever it takes to get whatever they want, goyim casualties, not a concern.

It's a tall order to accomplish, fighting this shit, since 95% of all news, alternative or mainstream, is "WWE arena oriented" (by the sponsors of the event) and does little to point the true way to the source of the problem or, it actually ignores it. Since the arena is a distraction device and a wealth confiscating machine, and people, even those that have consumed something called a red pill, look to it for advice, guidance, entertainment, and their "reality", understanding "When you are being played" is crucial.

Pointing out exactly what it is, this misdirection, gets people pissed off since they accept enough of it as their own as to self-identify with the deception. If they self-identify with the deception, you become the attacker or even the enemy when you enlighten. They are, unknowingly, serving as allies of TPTB in their ignorance and enlightenment, on the subject,becomes blasphemy.

If you aren't aware that there is a behind the curtain reality governing the, in the arena, spectacle, you will simply assume that the arena is all there is and things happen by chance and of their own volition. You will assume the media reacts honestly to events.

The Writer of this blasphomy isSnap9412

The alternative media controls by pretending to confront the misdirection for their niche audience of semi-aware dissidents and the MSM simply leads the rest around wherever it wants. It is my mission to expose those arenas as misdirection and point the way to the curtain that conceals, my metaphor for the Jew, Vince McMahon.

We will go into the area of what it means when we subvert the JWO as opposed to playing within the system in the hope they'll give us some sort of break for being good, obedient goyim!

Being good obedient goyim also makes you sheep and little concern is paid to the concerns of sheep.There is no hope in their end game for us! Superman is not about to come save us through Donald Trump, another ploy to get us to sit on our hands and do nothing.

This is what they want, us continuing to follow the arena fighting that is the lifeblood of JWO expansion and necessary to their ruling unfettered by the opinions of the ruled. We pay attention to the misdirection, they then do what the  fuck they want everywhere else. Those people aware enough to know better but still doing same ole, same ole out of an age old habit or tricked by some alternative media, black magician's gaze to some new twist heading to nowhere near Sara Palin's house, sadly, might as well be totally ignorant for the constructive efforts they don't make.

Because we are basically fucked till this changes in huge numbers because "Awareness defeats Liars", nothing else will do!

They, the goyim, envision a fairy tale ending to the story that when THE SHIT HITS THE FAN God will be on their side. Of course, all the fairy tales are fed to us by the masters and are the framework in which our visions live. When the shit hits the fan, it will be the guys with the plan getting their message out and guiding the people on what to do and those waiting for God or Superman running around like chickens with their heads cut off will inevitably obey the commands of the mind control machine in charge

This is an article that picks up where my other articles on this subject leave off. It will attempt to spell out clearly when your attention is dedicated to maneuvering within the power structure and therefore not a threat to the existing order and when, if ever, you are seeing past their misdirection to the truth beyond that arena everyone is talking about (WWE).

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What I have come to find out is that there are few people spending a significant amount of time trying to see past the misdirection and of the few that do, hardly any are willing to call a spade a spade when it will upset the apple cart in their particular niche part of their Jew World Order area (MSM II is part of the JWO as is, likely, their co-opted group hangout spot). It may be part of our goyim training to give a comrade the benefit of the doubt ( Jews count on that) or it could be that they are too timid about voicing what they see as problematic behavior.

Maybe they have been conned into misidentifying the essence of the problem. To repeat, whatever you don't understand about the Jew World Order, you can't possibly identify and you will be taken in or fooled because part of the con is keeping you as far away from the essence as possible and to get you to support the JWO that's some part of your heritage that you misconstrue as exclusively yours but, in reality, is not. It's something dealt to you by them a long time ago that is really their programming for you and you have come to believe in (The birth of America? Christianity? Evil Catholicism? Libertarianism? (the list goes on)!

Nevertheless, I am speaking about people that do seem to get it but still do not stand up against the infiltrator problem, a problem that encourages focussing on the arena of fake rather  than on the zone of truth that is behind the curtain and an MO necessary for the Jews to encorporate it (infiltrating agents tasked with misdirecting) to assure their rule (Anti-dote - We UNSURE their rule by uncovering their  ops that are misdirecting).

One, then, has to wonder how sincere the goyim's motives are when analyzing this CHRONIC behavior. I am having to believe there is  a special moment when those folks remaining silent will begin to voice the full extent of the problem and why I keep posting and pointing the way on the issues that people don't want to be told about.

To make it easier for that effort, I seek to point out the folks paid to hide the way for often times those folks have become the role models. All advertised resistance in the JWO corporate media is fake resistance, enabled into the community via the recommendations of other previous enabled con artists all of whom were snuck in by the hidden "Deep State" and that includes MSM I and II and that likely includes who you follow the most unless you have already confronted this problem which would then make it less likely you would be reading this, here, because you would be doing your own preaching instead.

Back in 2012 and still wet behind the ears concerning the Jew World Order, I was easily conned by Gordon Duff and his Veterans Today psyop, David Icke and folks like Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, MK Ultra- "it's the Nazis" promoters (This article totally exposed them). It took about two years to see through Duff, who boils down to a die-hard democrat and ties the NWO issue to the Bush family and Republicans.

Duff would actually have us believe the democrats are the good guys and not part of the WWE circus. If they are the good guys, they are fully onstage and controlled from behind the curtain which makes Duff an agent here to control as well for he is too smart not to know (Sadly, I have had to disassociate with Jack Heart over the Gordon Duff issue).

But let's face it. All the news following the comings and goings and ups and downs of the various countries and world stage actors is misdirection. None of these countries engaged in fighting for or against Israel, or whatever they are doing, are getting rid of the JWO but working within it.

If America wins or loses a war against another country it doesn't matter. The Jew World Order gets closer to its goal as long as we buy the tickets to get into the arena to see the misdirection fight between goyim factions and root for the home team. 

Are you for Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump as the best new alternative candidate?  Which one, again, says the holocaust didn't happen? Which one goes to Israel and doesn't put on a Yamicker? Which one would undo holocaust denial criminalization?

Remember these words as you feel your temperature rising about a "Trump savior" getting elected

No matter who the goy think they voted for, they always voted for us!

They are all part of the Matrix. Everything you easily feed on from habit is part of the matrix programming system (unless you have retuned your habit priorities). One of the most obvious areas to attack in the Jew World Order system is in the exposing of their false flag psyops. 

What are false flag psyops  used for?

This question must be asked in order to affirm or deny the importance of the scrutiny here ( if it's important enough issue to expose for what it is). They are routinely used because it makes an agenda possible to implement much faster than it would be otherwise if waiting for natural circumstances to enable it (natural circumstances would never enable it much of the time). In fact, what I have come to find is that the world is ruled by misdirection or false flagging enemies so the RULED OVER can understand why the next slaughter must begin  and to whom it must begin with (Slaughtering goyim is always good for implementing the Jew World Order and a compliant goyim is a must).

What I am telling you is that the ALBERT PIKE THREE WORLD WAR PLAN is in its final phase and the JWO is targeting Arabs and pushing animosity between Christendom and Islam. Without false flagging Arab terrorists, without setting up the organizations that they want to exist to pretend to fight and if we were to let natural circumstances evolve, there would be no reason to be in the Middle East now, interfering and no wars to fight.

The ruse is that we are fighting terror and protecting democratic Israel and the world. The fact is we are enabling growth in the one world government agenda.

All those hi-jacked planes in the 80's and 90's were foundation laying for the next course of JWO cooption.  Assume they were NWO psyops to quicken their agenda or to prepare the public mind for the, already planned, World Trade Center attacks (911). The ninety-three World Trade Center bombing,  Oklahoma, David Koresh,  Dylan Kliebold, the list goes on. These were not natural occurrances. 

They become obvious now when they weren't then because of the over the top, once a week happenings we see now through the internet false flag exposures such as Orlando, Paris, South Carolina, West Virginia and the beat goes on.... The next natural step then is to go back and relook at events we thought were real and observe with new eyes.

Hindsight helps us look back and see markers of similarities missed at the time because we were more trusting. I think people need to step back and re-remember what their first feelings were when they realized that 911 was an inside-outside job, self-inflicted and accomplishing it was the necessary excuse  the Bush Presidency needed to force our country, to an extent never before done, into Middle Eastern affairs as an oppressor while using the cover of the 911 ,false flag con, to call itself "the seeker of justice" in the doing and calling it a "War on Terror" as the replacement for it's previous unnecessary psyop, the Cold War and all this hiding the fact that WE had become the terror as we scapegoated THEY!!

So many still believe it. These false flags are all related in purpose. They arebeing used to hasten the day when international Jewry can rule over all. False Flags are how they have been doing it for a very long time. Nine-one-one opened the door to making those exposures easily available to anyone with eyes that can see and a good internet connection. This is a temporary opening that won't last long for we can see ongoing efforts being made to POLICE STATE the internet  and end it's "wild west" stage (the freedom of the hippie movement was followed by increasingly paranoid obsessions needing new laws to rectify and we may assume false flagged in as for example the Manson Murders.

But then look around. Our movement which woke up with 911 is putting itself back to sleep again because leaders and information disseminators, in order to get a seat at the Jew table, are reporting not believable stories we are fed from the mainstream press as fact and then covering their asses by picking away at some small portion of it to appear antagonistic. The ruse is going undetected by a significant number of the aware goyim.

When a psyop in the name of the Alternative Media, or MSM II reports bullshit as fact and the readers don't question the antic, you can say all become willing participants and have been reincorporated into the Matrix lie system, damaged previously from 911 awareness.  They were, dangerously, too near the edge of truth that is so deadly to Jews and would surely kill them if not quickly repressed.

When nations act as a ruse for international power and the MSM II doesn't acknowledge the cover-up and pretends the socially accepted illusions are real, be it good and bad countries, race wars, crime levels and when they have lost track of the fact that these horrors, now entrenched, are things deliberately set up and often false flagged to make more extreme, you have become willing participants in your own demise by following them blindly.

Because the goyim don't notice they become blind agents for the Jews while their leaders you may as well call co intel pro or useful idiots for co intel pro.

What makes the landscape harder to correct is the fact that the cults pulling these capers often have come up with their own personal mind control psyops that make the followers "believers" in the disseminator's narrative who, in turn, are supporting lynchpin areas of the JWO narrative and, in that believing, think they are fighting it due to the misdirection of the cult power structure.  Here's the protocol quote I use a lot:

When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion.
Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us.

The language is in 1900 lingo but the same principle is at play. It is not an accident  that the whole WN movement avoids 911 and other false flags and buys totally into the "evil Muslim", Jewish agenda. As stated in the opening,  the alternative media is almost as coopted as the mainstream media. They serve a different audience and thus use a different narrative.

An audience that is allowed little or no contact with the MSM audience so they are approached, in many ways, with a contradictory narrative and more innovative slight of hand, performed to hide what part of the building Vince McMahon is hiding in as they pretend to be looking for him but actually watching a, "staged for TV, WWE event" put on by him instead just like the MSM audience is watching a more standard edition put on in a different WWE arena.

I watched the apprentice one year and Joan Rivers and an unknown, goy girl were the finalists. Trump basically threw the game for Rivers. Not a good sign for being Jew independent

To figure this shit out, each person who loves his space on the planet needs to examine closely what is behind all the various problems being portrayed in the media and observed on the streets. One has to look at the various actors and decide, is there anyone out there that passes the "Hitler test" (concerning the Jew)?

I don't see one so, at this point, we should be exposing all the Jewish cons we see and avoid all the narratives they wish to cultivate in our talking circles through their perpetuation of lying options.

Only by exposing Jewish lies can the JEW ROSE COLORED GLASSES be removed, and an opportunity activated for real resistance created. Quote!:

5. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent the they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses

My website is filled with all the various ways I believe the movement is missing the ball but in the end, it is each and every one of you on your own that must define accurately the Matrix con, Jew web of lies that has caught up so many. People who once had a fire in their eyes for the truth but have been sucked back into its strangling grasp need rekindling!

. What is needed is people that GET IT coming together to then formulate a strategy for resistance and message delivery. The hard part is GETTING IT TOGETHER hand in hand with awareness. Awareness of the con isn't a white only endeavor and that's actually a good thing unless you have given your soul to "THE WHITE RACE RELIGION".

I have seen the Scott Roberts's and John Kaminski's show in their videos and their writings that they get the big picture but what I can't understand is why they continue to humor those that don't and run cover for obvious infiltrators working for the enemy undetected. They are potential first actors to help solve this ruse but I have been waiting quite awhile and it's unclear if the lacking here is intentional, just being timid or some other blind spot that needs confronting.

Bottom line, without a knowledgeable core coming together, starting something real that is not co-opted by Jews ain't gonna happen.

What is the Matrix 

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.