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The National Socialist Revolution;14 Years of Struggle

Adolph Hiter.....a speech

My Comrades; 

We now celebrate, once more, the 9th of November, and as back then, a rally unites us on the eve of this day. For usm the year, 1923, was a high point in the struggle for power in Germany. This struggle and hence, the significance of this day which we are celebrating, can be comprehended when we reflect on the age in which we found ourselves then and who, above all, bring back before our eyes, the historic events leading up to this struggle.

When we entered into the political life of the nation, our names were unknown, the majority of us, I at the top - did not even belong to a party. The situation of our people, the German Reich, seemed to be a desperate one; it began the period of suffering and misery where many of our volk desired not to live, many committed suicide. Those that did or didn't mostly thought life an unworthy toil with no way to make things right.

It was a nice fight because it was a fight no one thought we could win...cept us! The first time I made my presence felt here, many of you, who are he

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