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Image result for female double agentInsight! Lasha Darkmoon is a double agent working for us!

 Regular readers are probably aware that I have been on anonymous, Lasha Darkmoon's case for being a hidden personality within the movement making claims about credentials only "insiders" have apparently been able to verify. The fact that "insiders" are all too often compromised themselves doesn't help with the trust issue. I became aware of the Nina Rosenwald connection when in one article she used "The Gatestone Institute" as a source for multiple article links back-up for an Islamophobic article she wrote recently.

This is claimed to be the picture Lasha uses when she Skypes with fellow goyim insiders. Is that really her?

Image result for fat ugly white womanAs I have thought over the matter, it is with great relief that I can announce that, Lasha is a double agent only pretending to be a "limited hang-out" by the stupid contradictory shit her site posts day in and day out. Once I realized that, it was but a minor leap to also realize that all the commentators on her site are robots who accept that anything posted there is a given not to question!

Yes, question the content within said articles but never question Lasha's right to post trash and dis info! Her "cover" is so good, she even banned me from her site (which didn't work) for bringing attention to her limited hangout status.

As Nina, Lasha totally acts the Jew. For once we goy can say, "It's working!" Great job!

Image result for Nina RosenwaldShe couldn't have her cover blown, you see. She's working for us as a double agent and pretending to be a limited hangout!

The truth finally dawned on me when folks like Andrew Anglin, Mark Glenn and Jim Stone pointed out that Trump uses the same method. Trump pretends to love Jews. His cover is so detailed, that five years ago he had his daughter marry a Jew, a Jewish neo-con, no less! Thanks to Andrew and friends, I now know that Trump, once elected, will trash his Jew loving persona that says he supports Jews 150% and believes all Americans should support Jews 100% to reveal the fact he's been a secret WN all along and owns a myriad of ovens hidden away in "Trump Towers!

How Trump dresses in the privacy of "Trump Towers"!

Image result for trump-hitler

His statements that Arabs were dancing in the streets on 911, that Iran was clearly our enemy, all just lies to placate the Jew till gotten elected. I know John deNugent claims we have a reincarnated George Patton on our hands but I have to ask do we have a JFK on our hands? A guy Jews had to kill because he quit playing ball once elected president.

One of her first assignments was infiltrating Joe Lierbermann's inner circle!

Image result for Nina RosenwaldThis all made me take a second look at Anonymous Darkmoon to come to realize that she has infiltrated the Illuminati, the Fabian Society, what have you in her taking over the body of Nina Rosenwald, the Jew heiress to the Sears and Roebuck fortune and the driving force behind the Gatestone Institute, a hangout for such Jew cheering personalities as Ellie Weisell, till he kicked the can, and John Bolton. As Nina, Lasha is gathering deep dark secrets about what the next plans are of our Jew nemesis.

To do this, she has added to her friend's list a who's who of Jewry (not just Madame Rothschild, the provocateur that came to the Darkmoon site to create havoc and make the Jews believe we were all properly confused)! So know that when Lasha posts pure MSM crap as "worthy" content, she is doing it to misdirect the Jews and not her readers, who seem to all be bots anyway and when the Jews aren't looking, as Nina, she secures vital information that will in the end save the day for all goyim.

Thank you Lasha, or should I say Nina, Wink, wink!

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