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Image result for 19 Muslims are Responsible for 911Anglin of Dailystormer claims 19 Muslims are Responsible for 911

On the 15th anniversary of 911, Andrew Anglin starts off a memorial article to the event  with this quote:

"Well, it’s been 15 years since 19 Moslems, mostly from Saudi Arabia, blew up our towers and George W. Bush declared 'war on terrorism'."

Though,later, he does allow himself some wiggle room, those initial remarks then allows him to talk about the "War on Terror" and quibble about the various courses such as the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and on down the line. The fact is that if you imply or claim Muslims committed 911, you justify the  war on terror. If you flat out claim it was an "inside job or JWO hit (Jew World Order)  all Arab focused war events after the fact become of secondary consequence to the primary fact that we, the United States, was attacked by an internationalist secret society hellbent on enslaving the world  and dis-empowering America.

Once we offer up possibilities that any of the narratives offered by the folks that pulled off the caper are true without verifiable proof, we allow the enemy to control the course of events while we follow along quibbling about specific courses of action committed in the aftermath. Of course Anglin wouldn't be Anglin if he didn't insult practically all of the non-White world in the process and thus assuring they focus more venom on the evil White man than the conniving Jew. He then describes western manipulation in the politics within those countries while stopping short of calling it orchestrated staged events with their utilizing assets in the region and instead calling it funding, already in existence, terrorist groups:

"Through the internet, Western intelligence agencies (BL- why not say Jews here?) created the “Arab Spring,” which was supposedly a series of pro-democracy coups, but turned out to be Islamic extremists overthrowing stable secular governments to replace them with monkey madness (BL -  is that how you refer to non-Abrahamic influenced local leaders that are Muslims, monkeys and why again do you wonder why people think white folks are their enemy?)....This led to an open US policy (Jewish policy)of backing terrorist groups to overthrow stable governments."

Except, Muslims never attack Jews, only goy. Seems like they would be an extremely convenient targetImage result for It was the Jews

He skirts the linkage with USA and Israeli intelligence and then conducts fuzzy logic by calling US supported elements in the region terrorists that we support because Russia gets involved. Then we double back to Anglin's initial misdirection when he claims

"What has not ever been addressed during all of this is Saudi Arabia, where the 15 of the 19 attackers were from, and who it is now admitted planned and funded the operation."  (BL - Have you and Infowars decided to become one, Andrew?)
***Who admitted it, Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson?***

Then Anglin invokes his "Jews don't conspire" myth by saying that  it is reasonable that Israel (not international Jewry, mind you) knew about the Saudi plans and did nothing because isn't it the most normal thing in the world to let one US partner to attack it and not warn America? What is "America's greatest ally" for if not to watch goyim get slaughtered and major buildings come down in the heart of "the land of the free", right?...

I submit to you that it is laughable knowing the history of Jewish subversion to allow the "Saudis did it" claim to stand. When a fellow WN pundit, JdN called Anglin on his, very close to the Official Conspiracy Theory, claim and wondered if someone else was pretending to be him, Anglin hastily wrote a second article telling us what he really meant.

Anglin says, when he claims Saudis did it, he really means Jews? Huh? Now, I can follow that, sort of, though it is not self-evidence with his sketchy logic but is the plan actually by blaming Saudi Arabia, that his readership is misdirected and Jews passified?

But never mind,  we now have the answer. Donald Trump, who Anglin expects is a secret Jew hater, has his daughter marry a Jew to infiltrate them, I suppose, is considering refusal of any folks charged with anti-Semitism to be allowed entry into the US and has given every indication he will continue to scapegoat Arabs in place of Jews while continuing Arab wars for Jews, as our answer!

Donald Trump is the answer to the last 15 years of being Jewed by kikes.


In this article, he continues justifying his deliberately fuzzy logic:
"So, there isn’t really any conceivable difference between “Jews did 911” and “Saudis did 911.” They are allies, they both hate America and they both wanted to start all of these wars in the Middle East to take down their enemies. They have both been caught recently providing support for ISIS. Their interests overlap 100%. 
***Why do Saudis need to have wars with Arabs if they are independent of Jewry domination(?), Anglin does not go into. (the point is, it's impossible to know where  Jews end and the Saudis begin due to Jewish chronic lying and information domination. It is why I claim that no goy on goy issues can be resolved until we unite in an effort to stop the Jewish problem)***
I think the initial idea for the attack had to have been from the Jew agents within the Saudi intelligence services. But I do believe there were Arabs on the planes.
Of course, the American intelligence services were tracking these Arabs, so they had to have known what was coming as well, and would have been told to stand-down by the Jews."
***Then, what difference does it make who Jews use to accomplish their dirty deed? How is going after pawns going to weaken the mastermind who has no shortage of pawns to replace? In fact, with the knowledge that the act was a Jewish idea, why do we not then question as to why of all the potential scapegoats, Muslims were used and then challenge whether they truly are our real enemy? It's clear Jews wish us to believe it's so!***

Interestingly, as Anglin sees no reason to engage in "planes versus no-planes" theories about 911, he does see reason to believe there were 19 Muslim hi-jackers though no real evidence has been presented to support the claim. His backup for that seems to be that American intelligence was tracking them prior to 911 and were "told" to stand down. I submit they were tracked to provide scapegoats for the real perpetrators of the event,  behavior staged for the purposes of providing a believable narrative to huge numbers of distracted people already brainwashed to believe that Arabs hate us...

The fact that 911 was  a false flag means  movements prior and after were all prearranged to garner maximum effect in it's believability and perpetuation....

Interestingly, Anglin goes to "the pyramid of power", in this case, the New York Times , to site the fact that Arabs were dancing in the streets on 911 ( why not just go ask "The Elders of Zion" what happened. I am sure they wouldn't lie). Please note this source avoided the highly publicized fact that Jewish mos-sad agents from Israel were dancing in the streets of New York and taking pictures of the burning twin towers. But, yes, Andrew,  they are a reliable source for truth. I get the logic. It's called Jew logic.

Now, which is worse, inadvertent, ignorant Muslims who hate us  because they are a product of Jewish mind control, dancing in the streets or Jews representing the Mossad, dancing in the streets?  Anglin supports the candidate who targets Muslims not Jews. Therefore we can say Anglin is targeting Muslims not Jews with his 100 % support of Donald Trump

Interestingly, like the Jew, Andrew wants his cake and eat it too.:

So, yes. The Jews did do 911. But only because it would have been impossible for the Arabs to pull-off such an event without Jewish help.
***This means you imply Arabs are primarily responsible?***
If the Saudis had been capable of getting the US government to let them do it, they would have done it on their own. They wanted these wars just as much as Israel, because any stable, secular Arab government is a threat to Saudi Arabia in the same way it is a threat to Israel.
***Major Anglin conjecture here to assume Saudis without Israel instruction or orders would consider other Arab governments  a threat. As far as I can see, these people fight each other because of Jewish influence and  white willingness to create havoc in their regions. The fact that the Saudi kingdom is a creation of the west and therefore of the Jews, further clouds the issue and is unresolvable, like mass immigration into Europe is unresolvable ,  till you remove the Jewish problem from the equation***
I don’t think any details beyond that are important.

Hey Goy, where is the trust? It's the Saudis (psst-Jews, don't tell anyone)Image result for Andrew Anglin, trust me!

See the slight of hand? He says Jews did it but then in the following breath he says Muslims did it and Jews pulled some strings. Again, it helps for Andrew to claim that Jews don't conspire and the protocols are simply good fiction to make this believable. It allows Anglin to continue the fiction that we have two unrelated enemies.

Of course, since Anglin is using much of the official claims for his analysis, with little question, he expects folks not to realize that his problems with folks that argue "planes versus no-planes" is to hide the bigger problem of his insistence on believing much of the official story.

Anglin's casual demeanor when he decries it's no big deal that he says 911 was committed by Saudis because Saudis = Jews is laughable. I know intentional misdirection when I see it. Anglin's subsequent false flag record of accepting  Jewish explanations in order to target Arabs is self-evident and gives the lie to his initial eye-popping first statement on 911, Sunday:

"Well, it’s been 15 years since 19 Moslems, mostly from Saudi Arabia, blew up our towers"

Since waffling for Jews is totally expected behavior in the Jew-wise racialist community and there is some sort of coordination occurring about what fake events to call real,  I don't expect Anglin to pay a price as I see the hub bub play out

"Of course, when I say Saudi's I really mean Jews! Can't you read my mind, goy?" Andrew asks.

No Andrew, I only read minds of compromised assets on Fridays. Bad timing. I will ask, though, if it was really Jews that hatched the egg,  why scapegoat Saudis and intentionally mislead? Oh yea, Jews don't conspire. I forgot..

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