"Game of Thrones" from a Jew-wise Perspective

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Any regular visitor to my site who has been coming for more than a few months is bound to notice my new incorporation of GOT (Game of Thrones) imagery and metaphors into my narrative. First, let me say that the show very well may be a co-intel psyop. It's producers and main writers, David Benioff (born David Friedman- his dad Stephen Friedman was a partner at Goldman Sacks.

How "connected" is Stephen Friedman?
Chairman of New York Federal Reserve Board
Friedman was the Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Board, a body which implements the Wall Street policies of the Federal Reserve, during a period of immense financial market upheaval, from January 2008 until May 7, 2009.[16] When Goldman Sachs was converted to a bank holding company in September 2008 the bank then came under the regulatory authority of the New York Fed, which made Friedman’s position as a member of Goldman Sachs’ board a violation of Federal Reserve policy. At the time of the conversion Friedman requested a waiver from this violation, which was granted about 10 weeks later.[17]
Personal life
Stephen Friedman is married to Barbara Benioff, chairwoman of the board of governors of Hebrew Union College. The couple live on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and have three children: two daughters, Susan and Caroline, and a son, David Benioff. Benioff, who goes by his mother’s maiden name, is a writer, screenwriter and creator of Game of Thrones. David is married to actress Amanda Peet.
***How many goyim males decide to use their mom's last name?***

 DB Weiss, born in Chicago with no parental information beyond the fact they are Jewish are both connected  (very connected) Jews, supposedly had this idea after the scene in the book where Bran gets pushed off the tower and becomes paralyzed from the waist down.

The claim was Benioff was reading the book and came to that scene and went "Whoa! We may have something here, I didn't see that coming at all"! Whether that is true or not or  a fake explanation of a psyop long planned, it's hard to say. I am in the early part of reading through the series which is based on books by GRR Martin. It is unclear the real background on Martin. Wikipedia makes many standard claims about him but the Jew-wise know that an "asset's" real life and history are routinely hidden. What is clear so far from reading the first book, "Game of Thrones" is that it seems to have been written specifically to be turned into a TV show (my opinion).

The scenes are uncomplicated and easily transported from page to film. Not easy, of course, to do well, which the TV show does in spades, but the written book seems to be fitted for a TV transformation (Martin is no Dostoyevsky or Jack London where much internal deliberation, hard to translate to screen, are prominent. GOT just lays out the scene and lets it explain itself. All the TV artist must do is represent what is clearly said and do it well).Big stars, Jew producers on the right and Martin sitting on the throne

Before I go further, let me state Jew op or not, this is a worthy show to see all the way through It has six seasons under its belt, 60 shows, and two more seasons are planned to finish. Interestingly, the series has gone beyond what has been laid out on the written page by Martin and it looks as if the series will conclude before the last two books are finished. It is assumed there is close collaboration between Martin and the two Jews behind the TV  show to insure the book and the series finish in sync.

Just remember, much of the first season is about character establishment .The show has only gotten better as it has progressed with the last show of the 6th season, a worthy offering as best TV show of all time.

One of it's greatest appeals is that you are constantly left guessing about what is really going on. Hints are given and as the show goes along the truth slowly comes out.

In the last show of season six, the bastard son of Ned Stark named Jon Snow (all last names of bastards in the "north" automatically have the surname of Snow to define them as such. Each region has its own particular surname for a bastard). 


Also, as I am Jew-wise and well disciplined as far as avoiding Jewish trickery, I can observe the characters who basically represent Jewish subversion, through metaphor and the characters who might be the typical goy strivers for power within the story.

Read on for I plan to mention the main characters in the show and if I consider them representatives of the Jew methods to power, will name them as such.

Basically, the show follows the lives of "high-born" (born to power, prestige and wealth) and "semi high born" (Bastards of high borns who consorted with the lower sort in their wanderings) in their thrivings and efforts to gain more power and for many that means ruling the 7 kingdoms of Westeros. There are several characters where it has been established that they will be satisfied with nothing less than ruling all the kingdoms and sitting on the "Iron Throne". There is one who does not seem to seek it but may be ordained to attain it, judging by the show so far.

Thus the title, "Game of Thrones" is a  Jewish look at mid- evil society cast in an otherworldly setting. It is perfect for JEWNalysis since we aren't force fed taught lies about our past and any relation to this kingdom and mid-evil gentile thrones are left to the imagination of the viewer while definitely being primed for such analysis by the script writer and by Martin himself (It is claimed that the English "War of the Roses" was a major influence on the tale).
***The War of the Roses occurred right at the end of the Byzantine Empire and the fall of Constantinople in the middle of the Renaissance and the early stages of this latest phase of the JWO implementation. This phase continues as we speak. Another Jewish diaspora that was to wreak havoc on much of Europe was about to occur with the Spanish Inquisition and who knows what sort of trouble these Jews were causing on the sly in England during this battle, this during a period they weren't overtly allowed entry.***

Of those overtly seeking the throne, (to the viewer), we may include Cersei Lannister, "Little Finger" and Denarius Stormborn. Of these three, clearly, two are metaphors for Jews, Cersei and "Little Finger" while Denarius believes it is her destiny and wishes to rule "for the good of mankind and to stop the madness".

Then we have Jon Snow, a bastard of mysterious origins, tied to the Stark family, who seems to have been some sort of fulfillment of prophecy we discover as the tale unravels. He does not overtly seek power but seems to have it handed to him by his impeccable behavior.

Many new twists may well turn up as we go along. Much speculation is made about the cripple, Stark boy, Bran, who has gained the power to see visions of the past and future and possibly effect those circumstances. In the end, this could make him the ultimate villain or savior to the story.

Complicating this "Game of Thrones" picture is the inevitable battle to come with the "White Walkers", zombie-like, satanic creatures that are almost impossible to kill unless you know their Achilles Heel. Whether who ultimately rules the iron throne is decided first or temporary alliances are made to fight the white walkers and then the fight over throne supremacy occurs, only GRR Martin and the Jewish script-writers for the TV show know for sure but it has all the promise of only getting better as the end comes upon us.

Since I have my own youtube channel I couldn't help but notice the amazing amount of material about GOT from amateurs and many out to make a buck. Since the storyline is open to speculation and interpretation, everyone is presenting their views about what they think will happen. Since there are many folks just becoming curious and confused about many things happening, folks that have read and studied the books and the series are going into deep detail about every nook and cranny.

As I am posting many videos to my web-site, I have found that it is necessary to download the youtube video I want to render on my site and re-upload it to my own channel. This is so because few folks are posting content without requiring the viewer to view the material on their youtube page. It's so prevalent, I rarely check to see if it is so for a particular video but just go ahead and download it assuming it is.

There seems to be a formula that most of these video maker, superstar, wannabes go by when presenting content. Just before the end of their presentation or maybe in the beginning they solicit feedback to their comment section, ask you to subscribe to their channel and share, share share. 

Since there is nothing about the material that is going to save the world, I have to assume that their desire to see their content shared is imbibed with the profit motive. I have heard there are ways to make money on youtube with high numbers in these areas of "Likes" and subscriptions but because I have this notion that resisting the JWO requires volunteers to come to the table, I haven't inquired nor seriously thought about seeking monetary compensation myself and am a bit left in the dark by it all.


Now I will go into the two most prominent Jew-like actors in the show which would be "Little Finger" and Cersei Lannister:

Cersei Lannister comes from a Jewish MO family. Her father has a powerful stronghold within the kingdom and lends the  king of the Iron Throne money. His daughter has married  King Robert and her  Lannister relatives are surrounding the King who I would call a goy. The Queen has born Robert three children but unbeknownst to him, her brother sired all three. This means that the line of succession if the ruse is successfully kept a secret, will end up with a pure Lannister line and it also means that the true line of succession should go to King Robert's brother and not a Lannister "pretender".

Anyone who gets wind of this subversion is promptly killed for knowing too much and is the reason Bran got pushed from the tower, for he caught Jamie and Cersei making love by accident. Also, close by relatives of the king are mysteriously killed.

Speaking of Cersei's brother, Jamie, he is known as "the kingslayer" for he killed the prior king, a Targaryen known as "the Mad King", and father to Denarius Stormborn. Assigned to protect the king as his post duty, he stabbed him in the back and one more reason why I have assigned the Lannister family with the title of "Court Jews". He stabs the first king in the back and next thing you know, the new king is surrounded by Lannisters of all kinds including Cersei, the new queen

Yes, we have incest going on here!

Later, when Ned Stark figures out that his son Bran was almost killed by the Lannisters, he threatens Cersei and soon it is bye-bye, the King's Hand who is Ned Stark where he loses his head for treason when at the death of the king and in an effort to expose the fact that King Joffry is an incest produced bastard,  is arrested before proper reinforcements to his cause are in place.

Basically, Ned had that goy problem of being too honest

So, as we can see, the Lannisters use Jewish tactics to maintain their power and up to this point, it has been successful. The power hungry Cersei, in the end, is left with no children and all immediate claimants to power have been purged as we shall see in this academy award winning scene

Now, "Little Finger" may be the most devious Jew-behaving person in the show. He is a master at misdirection and gives few hints as to what he is really up to. His alliances are held only as long as it suits him and he adopts the Jewish "stab the goy in the back" method of operation.

He has revealed he wants the Iron Throne, however. Two videos to demonstrate the mind of "Little Finger"; one with Varys a Euniq and the other with Cersei who see each other as rivals. It's these scenes that exemplify why "Game of Thrones" is truly a worthy recipient of your time


Finally, we have two examples of predestined goyim for greatness, Jon Snow, and Denarius Stormborn. There are many signs in the six seasons that both are anointed, with Snow being a reluctant recipient and Dany, a Targaryen and a woman visioning a quest where nothing can stop her from attaining it all.

To round out this article let me say that in many ways, it is a lot of sprinkled Jewish dis info mixed with a great story line and excellent actors and actresses. The "only white" crowd will be tempted to reject it much like they rejected the latest :Star Wars" movie, for daring to place non-white actors in important roles, to have deformed humans such as the dwarf Tyrian Lannister in premier roles and the portrayal of numerous sex scenes many of which are gay, man on man scenes within the movie. Interestingly, the book ages many of the main characters about five years older than the ages quoted in the book. I assume this is done  to be able to parade the numerous sex scenes each episode is assigned to portray without having a goyim outcry (they just aren't ready yet for kiddie sex!)

All this done to imply the barbarian culture of the middle ages, where women were viewed with little significance while at the same time making women rise to the top, therefore, bound to piss off the Anglin-phile male white supremacists who are still trying to bring back the idea of women as slaves to men in fashion. However, I have decided there are enough story lines in this series that are prime for exploitation by our side, the anti-Jew side, for our cause and these past few weeks I have displayed examples of that all over my home page

 Finally, as in all JWO creations, many talented people participated in this creation clueless as to the impending JWO in our midst and clueless to the propaganda included that goes hand in hand with elite Jews as they effort to maintain a mind controlled goy slave population obedient to their next moves. Their work in ignorance can be appreciated for what it is. Goyim create and Jews manipulate.

So, I give it a ten cause you can dance to it! Torrent is a good way to see the whole series if so inclined!

There's so much I didn't tell you...like Aria's encounter with "The Faceless Men"!

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