Richard Spencer, part of the "Whites are Exceptional" Problem

Interestingly, I have never had any plans to write anything about this guy named Richard Spencer. Born in 1978, attending  important dis info training institutions starting with St. Marks high School for boys which is a school tracing ancestral roots back over a century though actually being "born" after WWII:

" Within a decade of Terrill's demise, a cluster of Dallas business leaders tried again to create an elite Dallas institution by merging Texas Country Day (1933–1953) and the Cathedral School (1944–53)."

Clearly a private school for the elites to raise their children in. He continued his education at Virginia, Chicago U., and Duke. From there he got his start in the political world with Pat Buchanon's American Conservative as assistant editor and then gravitated to executive editor of Taki's Magazine. Apparently, there is some sort of mix between pre-WWII conservatism and libertarianism with all these early efforts:

" In 2010, he founded Alternative Right, a webzine that he edited until 2012. Spencer has been published at Right Now!, The American Conservative, American, The Occidental Observer, and other publications."

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Jarod, Jews are white, Taylor- friend of Richard
has a history of working around the Jewish problem, referring to it in vague terms when it is unavoidable. Note that he joined "The American Conservative" at an extremely young age of 22. One can view that in several ways but I tend to view a 22-year-old getting involved in politics seriously like a five-year-old working with an Olympic skater champion to develop his-her skills. 

Whether he was brought up under some kind of MK Ultra programming or just had motivated "Little League" parents, it is unlikely Spencer naturally evolved into his life's work. I am reminded of  Zander Fuerza,  the problematic individual running "Non-Aligned Media" appearing out of the blue at twenty with a regular spot on Deanna Spingola, championing with great applause all the things he despises today as Brandon Martinez.

I am reminded of Andrew Anglin starting as an SJW  in his early twenty's and in the time span of one year, becoming a voice for race-obsessed whites. In Martinez's and Anglin's case, both started as part of the 911 conspiracy movement with each's change for the worse  now calling all that "Conspiratards". Richard Spencer, as far as I can tell, has never fully "bucked" the MSM, masonic political system while, on the other hand, both Anglin and Martinez initially led the way in Hitlerian thinking, or pushing arguments based on truth and not condoning the hiding of the truth (wink and nod).

Richard integrates homos while distracting from the JewSpencer was never one of those. He never talks about the holocaust or 911, much less  that the Bolshevik leaders and financiers were all Jews so I think it is safe to say he is happily working within the establishment. If he is an agent, and that is certainly possible, he seems to have been given the job of cucking any white nationalist or libertarian leaning individuals away from Jewish causes in the conspiracies all around us or, indeed, that there is any conspiracy at all beyond an endangered white man, surrounded by semi-sub-human races undermining them at every turn.

He is not only happy to inflate credit of all things good in this world to the European White Man but is happy to blame all races but the Jews for undermining that greatness. He wants to rearrange the subject matter from discussing true root causes to discussing the symptoms of those true root causes. In other words, he is a fully masonic operative whether deluded or with full knowledge. If deluded, you may call him a "blind agent" if, with full knowledge, we call him "working for intelligence" in the JWO.

Next, I have an introduction to a book he edited in  2012. It quickly shows, in words he approved,  several of his shortcomings:




The experience of European peoples worldwide can be said to be distinctly post-Apartheid, post-colonial, and post-national. The White man lives in a world his race once dominated and in which Black and Brown are now colonizers, in which European heritage is being taken away piece by piece: cultural heroes, literature, popular icons, identity ultimately, everything. The Great Erasure, the first volume of Radix Journal, explores these themes, with particular emphasis on contemporary South Africa.

I have taken the liberty to highlight the texts of concern to anyone trying to promote a Hitlerian rather than a masonic world view advocacy. To quickly restate, engaging in masonic politics requires the participant to ignore root Jewish and aristocratic elite causes of our dire circumstances. Therefore, with the causes never being addressed, the remedies have to fail. What succeeds, however, are the careers of folks like Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, and Mathew Heimbach, who play by the rules. It's akin to having a problem and only being able to offer solutions that exacerbate the problems which is exactly the very nature of the JWO agenda and why I have called it masonic in nature.

Therefore, we can say anyone embracing the masonic political system is rooting for a system that is undermining the people it serves. Since everyone wants to succeed individually, those participating seem to happily overlook this problem. The Hitlerian position, named after the greatest goy of the last many hundreds of years,  refuses to attempt an argument based off of a lying propaganda narrative. Recall, "cunning and make-believe" are central to the operation of the Jew World Order and therefore it is necessary if one wishes to disrobe and annihilate it, to challenge all arguments built on make believe.
After 911, the goy got perilously close to seeing things a little too clearly and thus agents such as Brandon Martinez, VK Clark, Mike Delaney and Andrew Anglin, to name but a few, got marching orders to cloud the conspiracy side and promote the downward race issue side or a symptom rather than the cause.

Spencer was never part of that and like Heimbach has been subtly promoted and enabled by the JWO from the beginning. You will see in this link from the SPLC an advertising of Spencer while pretending to warn it's constituents against him. This is how 1st and 2nd tier dissent always publicly behaves in regard to 3rd tier dissent. All three tiers are coopted entities but their mutual origins are hidden by displays of WWE style refutations against each other. 

A reference to my favorite protocol, protocol 12 is in order, here:


4. Not a single announcement
will reach the public without our control.

Even now
this is already being attained by us
as all news items are received by a few agencies,
in whose offices they are focused
from all parts of the world.

These agencies will then be already entirely ours
and will give publicity
only to what we dictate to them.

5. If already now
we have contrived to possess ourselves
of the minds of the goy communities
to such an extent
the they all come near looking upon the events of the world
through the colored glasses
of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;
8. Literature and journalism
are two of the most important educative forces,
and therefore
our government will become proprietor
of the majority of the journals.

This will neutralize
the injurious influence of the privately-owned press
and will put us in possession
of a tremendous influence upon the public mind ....

If we give permits for ten journals,
we shall ourselves found thirty,
and so on in the same proportion.

This, however,
must in no wise be suspected by the public.

9. In the front rank
will stand organs of an official character.
They will always stand guard over our interests,
and therefore
their influence will be comparatively insignificant.
10. In the second rank will be the semi-official organs,
whose part it will be to attack the tepid and indifferent.
11. In the third rank
we shall set up our own,
to all appearance, off position,
in at least one of its organs,
will present what looks like the very antipodes to us.
Our real opponents at heart
will accept this simulated opposition as their own
and will show us their cards....
16. Trial shots like these,
fired by us in the third rank of our press,
in case of need,
will be energetically refuted by us in our semi-official organs.

In this post 911 age, even folks aware of the authenticity of the protocols and their prior control of the media, have deluded themselves about  what I call the MSM II and they call the "Alternative Media". From all I can tell, their skeletel frame was at the ready, for they  had prior knowledge of 911, and were in on the bottom floor right after that major event happened. From this pillar came "the alternative media". Also, recall, the Jewish problem was also much more in the shade right after 911 as was the nature of the NWO conspiracy. It is likely, much of that information was voluntarily released by the culture destroyers.

Yes, there has been more truth getting out but I claim it is the agents and deludeds such as Spencer, and Anglin and Martinez that are redirecting the flow of knowledge away from the leak in the damn to less threatening areas of concern.


The first highlighted phrase of Spencer's book ad that invites misdirection is "The White man lives in a world his race once dominated"

Sadly, Richard is catering to the ego of the white man, here and the fact so many have been brought up on this propaganda (we must learn to see through our own prior propaganda as well as our enemies in order to find the linkage). What he calls white man domination is simply the relationship garnered by the European peoples as top house nigga to the Jews in the erecting of this JWO problem. When Richard says "dominated", he means colonialized and he means that as a positive. There would be no domination without colonialization and as this article here shows, colonialism is all Jewish and part of their world takeover plan.

If I had to guess when the JWO began,  I would time it with the downfall of the Byzantine Empire and the defeat of the Muslims in Spain. This led to the Jews, who were always treated more harshly by Christians than Muslims, to implement new creative ways to get around the restrictions placed on them. As they succeeded more and more, the linkage to domination became clearer and gave them the incentive with the money power that was already in their hands, to figure out new and devious ways to push the Jewish agenda.

We saw this occur in several areas but the rise of the central bank, the rise of corporatism,  the drive to colonize faraway lands and the need for slave labor once done so, are all Jewish inventions. The age of enlightenment is also Jewish and undermined the power of goy kings and the Roman Catholic church. Being small in number, the Jews took little public credit for any of this because there are always two sides to every coin and with the credit one gathers the blame as well.

As a result, many whites aware of Jewish subversion, celebrate at the same time the removal of the goy kings for liberalistic notions such as  republicanism and democracy. This makes all those that do, blind agents for they think they are fighting while supporting the enemy at the same time. This is why the Jews have been winning, the successful foolery they use to keep the goy deluded...

So with this credit of greatness, Spencer is pushing for the white man, an illusion, for white people don't colonize on their own, don't dominate banking, and don't think up reasons to call their kings illegitimate, comes the blame. There has been no white race domination. Only Jewish domination hidden behind whites. Jewish subversion is always hidden by some goy scapegoat.

Next, we have this line, "Black and Brown are now colonizers.

As whites complain about the colonizing as if  they are the only one being targetted in Europe,  the fail to see that those they claim top be colluding with Jews are being subverted as well and they fail to see that this collusion, subversion game applies to whites. Of course this all means like Anglin said and I have often quoted back in 2013 that the blacks, browns and whites all have a common enemy and they don't want you to know. Unfortunately, the "they" means many of our our own folks as well as the Jews.

This is an obvious implied negative because it is acting against white people rather than for white people. If the white man dominates through colonizing, that is good. No problem the exploiting and enslaving if whites are doing it!  There is a secret implied "chosenous" to this line of belief and one has to wonder if the Jews whispered it in the white man's ear when he was secretly exploiting Europe's manpower for his own ends.

Of course, both of these prior highlighted statements are totally addressed if one gives credit where credit is due, to the Jew! It was the Jew, with white help, that did the colonizing, exploiting and enslaving and today, it is the black and brown races at service to the Jew recolonizing Europe. The assumption of both of these statements, when put together, leads us back into more goyim wars for Jews because, as usual, the statement ignores the Jewish subversion and deals with the later result of that subversion. 

Ignore the Jew and you fight for the Jew, and whilenever defeating the Jew!

The final problematic phrase is this, "with particular emphasis on contemporary South Africa"

 good goy! (the glasses we place upon their noses)South Africa is a problem much like North America is a problem. The white man has found it convenient  to credit the Jewish takeover of these areas for himself. Yes, there are problems for white people in South Africa because it appears that blacks have taken the place back from the colonizers. What is actually happening is the true Jewish colonizers have rearranged their goy servant structure to the detriment of white people.

Now, none of this sort of thing is a problem for Richard Spencer because he does not question  the right for the Jew World Order to exist as I am sure he doesn't question  the right for Israel to exist, either. This, again, is where Hitlerian and Masonic mindsets can't live in the same neighborhood. They are incompatible and sadly, it is easier to be Masonic, with the accompanying rewards than Hitlerian. It is easier to create a new lie than stick with the "distrusted" truth.

If we as a human race or as white, black or brown people are going to end the tyranny that is trying to swallow us whole, we have to tear down the pillars that condone the nature of the predicament. We as white people, can't condone slavery and colonialism in the seizing of South Africa or America while protesting other forms of it. We have to define what makes up the Jew World Order and then tear it apart, piece by piece, bit by bit.

I need three dragons 

That leaves us, as I said in this essay, to the fact that white identity, if it wants to segregate itself from others, has only a right to do so in its original homeland roots of Europe. You can't pick and chose the Jew World Order you wish to keep and the part you don't for in those roots, the seeds remain to renew subversion in new and creative ways.

It's tempting to compromise with a lie and get a new lie!

It's my opinion that Richard Spencer and his ilk are here to take the vitality out of the conspiracy-oriented resistance movement and channel it back to harmlessly follow destructive and distracting narratives that serve our secret rulers. Everything in his pedigree says as much.. IatNH

and a fire to walk through!!

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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