Did VK Clark Assign Brandon Martinez to Attack "The Ugly Truth"?

Sorry, folks for keeping the dickhead known as Zander Fuerza-Brandon Martinez on the front burner. I do so because he is so clearly demonstrating who his "non-alignment" is catering to. Refer to this article written earlier today for some recent links concerning this compromised Jewish asset...

Having recently watched VK Clark and Rodney Martin doing an endless attacking number on Renegade Tribune, I am drawn to those thoughts as I observe this constant attacking of "The Ugly Truth" op in the anti-WN- Jew-wise movement and have come to believe that Brandon has been assigned, for some reason, the job of dividing this area of dissent. His vicious attack on Kane verse in the article while referring to the admittedly goofy Trevor Labonte as pure scum solidifies something I had started believing within the last month or so.

Why does Brandon only attack certain areas of dissent? Most know that he has a history with the WN movement but we never hear word one about the Anglins and Delaneys and the Roberts but only about the Glenns and company. Just by viewing his articles on his site today he is using people like Mark Webber for sources and defending Gilad Atzmon and VK Clark enters his comment section clapping! Lol!

The relevant article in two pictures, necessary to do since Zander VK Clark'd his site to prohibit copy and paste


Of course, Mark Webber and Rodney Martin and others all supported David Cole, the Mossad infiltrator as does Zander still support him by having a positive interview still up on his site referring to Cole. Remember, Zander recently outed Cole who basically outed himself and I said, Zander, what took you so long!

Is this Zander-Brandon's handler?

By the way, I am not defending the "Ugly Truth". I have outed Glenn and Labonte a long time ago. I find it somewhat hysterical that Labonte, who was partially enabled by Gilad Atzmon and a guy I remember as being a semi-aware facebook user before, is now on a jihad against Atzmon. The problem with Zander is his selective attacks and possibly more important than that,  those he does not attack. He does not attack Deanna Spingola, VK Clark, Mark Weber. Like so many informationalists in positions of influence, he outs operatives more in talking about the need to than actually doing it and  then whom he does pick is highly suspect.

Is it simply to cause turmoil and lack of cohesion? Is it heartfelt? What I find interesting about Labonte  was his willingness to fake his friendship with Atzmon for two years and when he breaks it off, acts like a girly-man PMSing.


Surely,  the Brandon provocateur MO is becoming apparent to all reading me by now?

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