Target the Jew with your bow!

It's the Hunger Games and we need  to Blow a Hole in the Dome!

Katniss Everdine figured out the answer in Hunger Games two. As all the combatants within the "Dome of Death" fought to be the one surviving member, with temporary comrades of convenience partaken with the knowledge that in the end, if you want to survive, they will, also, be your enemy and must be killed to continue breathing, a temporary comrade looked at Katniss, her bow locked on him for the kill and said:

"Remember who the real enemy is!"

That statement jarred her to a deeper contemplation. She looked up at the dome ceiling while noticing lightning in the vicinity, tied some wire to her arrow, aimed upwards and shot a hole in the dome. The emperor, looking on in anticipation of Katniss shooting her comrade, stood paralyzed in disbelief that  the goy had finally realized they didn't have to follow his rules. They could ignore his rules and come straight for him and the rest of that four part movie was exactly what that was about. The emperor knowing he was now the target, and bracing his defenses while looking for an opportunity to attack, and the resistance putting their heads together ,as one, targeting now, what all agreed, was the source of all their problems.

As we have so today, but much worse, this resistance in the movie had a high level infiltrator who would have to be dealt with and once more Katnis had the choice of murdering the deposed king, no longer a threat, as she had agreed or doing a quick switch to take out the new Queen, who was the enemy infiltrator planning to re-establish things as they had always been with deck chairs rearranged, of course, to hide the obvious.

In this movie and on that day, Katniss and the people got their country back. Katniss retired with the satisfaction of knowing she saved her people and their land and started making babies with a fellow combatant of old.

Of course, movies like this are meant to pacify the goyim and have them think some one will come in and save them from ongoing and ever tightening Jewish rule. A kind of "Jesus will do it all for us or waiting for Superman" mentality. It gives the goyim a false hope and allows them to turn the TV back on, feeling safe in this false feeling of "It's OK!".

This in turn allows the Jew to keep tightening the rope ever tighter as he plays his lullabies and puts forth  more fake enemies for us to consider the main threat instead of him. Behind the curtain, a place where no one given any real voice may refer to, is safe and secure for him, then. Folks, I say making behind the curtain equal to poking a hole in the dome, is the only way to start this revolution and it be OUR revolution. Making behind the curtain part of the arena is the answer!

So how do you refer to the Jew? Let me count the ways:

  • You call out his international power that supersedes state autonomy 
  • You expose how the terrorists we are supposed to fear are really arms of the Jew's rule
  • You expose current and previous events misrepresented to the public to serve the JWO, demand that they prove their case on each and every one and never drop the subject till they do. Also, you refuse to accept hearsay from government approved witnesses and seek alternative explanations from clues they weren't able to keep hidden to reach more accurate conclusions until they anti-up the whole truth (don't hold your breath).
  • If and when you engage in watching  the propaganda called "news and entertainment" it is for purposes of debunking it for what they claim and showing it for what it is or isn't, not because you need a "Jew fix"..
  • You refuse to cater to or support any organization that accepts Jewish lies as a starting point from which to enter the discussion unless they challenge those lies, at the starting point, everytime
Those are just a few of the ways to challenge it and know, goyim, that it will mean that you must live in an alternative world for lies are the entry fee for entering the Jew World Order and lies are what we must become aware of!

You, as an aware goy, understand that the Donald Trump revolution is one more Jew con where great actors will play out some sort of fake reversal to the elite power's fortunes but it will be an illusion and having been lulled into relaxing, same ole, same ole will get a new kick in the pants similar to what Ronald Reagan accomplished in 1980. The more of us that don't fall for this con the more it will weaken it's power over the electorate.

Donald Trump says it is necessary to know who the real enemy is. He says it's Arabs! And all WN are rejoicing, why?

The elites know you hate them and they expect those vying for power in their democracy to call them names so as to give off the odor of some sort of grassroots activity that is in name only. These demonizers of the rich and famous are sent in by the rich and famous to do the bidding of the rich and famous while pretending to represent you. Therefore, don't waste your time on this fake dissent!

Can we say illegal immigrants, jobs going overseas, wars for Israel for examples?

Those rising to become the rich and famous are the ones describing the events to you in a way that's good for their careers and good for the entrenched powers. There is no other way to deal with the power structure that refuses to budge but to target it as the problem. I call that an anti-Jew message since they are the keepers of an old established order that would envoke this agenda and have been struggling to do so for a thousand years

This quote from Michael Bradley closely defines the problem, that I, too, see, that stands before us. I call mine being inclusive. Realizing our struggle in our own personal hunger games can either be with each other, the non-semitic people's or it can be with the neanderthals, the chosens.We must leave the arena to challenge the chosen.

The quote:

It is time for the non-Semitic peoples of the world to come together in a multi-racial alliance under one banner in order to severely limit Semitic activities before they put an end to us and everything else on the planet. I offer the following banner, emblem and symbol. However, I will warn everyone that it may well be too late.

see, the black is the enemy and the Jew-they sayI was chatting with a comrade recently about this very fact of who the real enemy was. We both agreed it was the Jewish power structure. We both agreed that we shouldn't blame races such as the Arabs and the Negro but keep targeting the, 1st cause, Jew.

However, nothing is more certain than for a human being to compartmentalize deliberations and mind sets and this person was fixated on the side issue of race purity and using the proliferation of black on white rape and killing crimes as shining examples for the need to be concerned so.

The person claimed tragic knowledge in the area. Again he-she referred to Muslim invaders as an enemy problem but I wonder is he-she playing both sides? Admit the Jew is the problem but just in case we can't go there, target other goy combatants? Do they believe we can't really win and are hedging their bets?

Well, I say if they are, know that the Jew World Order has an agenda it is fullfilling. You, personally, may do better  in that successful implementation of it's plan if you hedge your bets but our people, as a whole, will be genocided for that IS part of the plan.

So you are going to shoot your comrades (non-whites) just in case you can't stop your real enemy in order  to please him if he stays in power? That's a yucker!

Just in case, Katniss doesn't shoot out the dome lets keep killing each other? Is that it?

 Then I read an article from "The Right Stuff" talking about female murder by non-whites. ( It seems the alt-right and the WN movement is there to assure we know that other goyim are the main threat so much so they analyze it with specialized names to make it sound more factual) Example after example reiterated in language to let all readers know of these goyim enemies we need to be concerned with and the only issue focused on to drive home the point.

I had thought I could compromise with my friend about the need for promoting non-interracial interaction but then I read the right stuff article and I knew that this would be the tendency. They would run these claims into the mud because we are claiming that it is a race problem, not an awareness problem and ...



Folks, keep your race purity. To do so, stop reading and believing Jewish propaganda. If you do that all the way and in enough numbers, the next "war party" they throw, will be ignored. Are you being tempted by the black studs all around you? Do you get to know them before you date them? Wouldn't be a bad idea and might cut down your chances of being killed if you got acquainted first.

See, I can't ignore this casual sex thing going on where people sleep with someone the same night they meet them. We all know, as well, blacks do have higher crime rate statistics.

Can an honest person not admit that being drug over here in chains and living as a slave for generations, then being released in an unfriendly world might bring out the worst in many people that went through it? Can we not admit that the Jew has had a racial agenda developed a hundred years ago to create animosity between whites and blacks?

Then  when something bad happens, we blame race instead of  Jew like, bad behavior taught at Jew, brainwashing facilities we all have the ability not to patronize. We blame race because enabled secret saboteurs suggest it to our ears at the outset while the MSM doesn't acknowledge the issue at all and all for the idea of promoting goyim chaos. Does anyone really think Black Lives Matter isn't a Jew op in nature?

Let them tell you to go to the arena, goy and then, by our own pre-planned, alternative reaction determine to walk through the arena, aim an arrow at the dome, explode it and find the fucking Jews causing the mayhem. Do it now while there still is a dome that is vulnerable. Leave the race shit and all the other Jew shit behind and target the Jew. Let his words and his promotions be things you look through so as to target the source. 

It's all coming from the Jew and it's all coming from behind the curtain. The arena is where we kill each other for the Jew. When you don't target the Jew you kill each other for the Jew!

IatNH-Ready for the war against Jewish Terror? I hope so.Never let you guard down. The "enemy" could be in on the "Victory" celebration

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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