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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

... from here.....While there is plenty of room for all, the Jew wants to make you all huddled together with "taught" enemies being told to get along while he also makes sure news stories are run daily to give you the exact opposite point of view. At the same time corporatism is forcing the huddle by driving the independent folks of the land off where they grew up and into part of that "huddle" Using the trick of debt based life-styles and manufactured depressions, he forces people off their land or to sell out their family businesses to make it that much easier  to manufacture people misery while providing any and everything your wandering eye could ever want  to temporarily divert you from what is being taken away and the Jew never wants you to contemplate returning to.

 The one goy who totally got that game, Adolph Hitler, is now the most demonized figure in the history of the world because he came close to taking the JWO out of it's 400 year climb in a very short period. The white man clamoring for their lands, today, being stolen by foreigners should have seen his chance to rise with Adolph's but, sadly, believed the Jew once again...and the Jew breathed a huge sigh of relief and created the holocaust in Adolph's memory as a token to the inherent evilness of the white man's mind.

Most  whites don't know it but the real loser of WWII was the white race and the Jew took home all the marbles as he had also done in WWI and when Napoleon tried to unite Europe. So where I differ with Sinead is that focusing on anything not specifically brought home to the Jew is focusing for the the Jew and doing his bidding.  This, to me, is so glaring, it makes me target those advocating it as either ops or useful idiots, mind controlled by ops and the Jew World Order.....

Friday, 14 October 2016 13:06

 David Duke, Number 1 "Controlled Opposition" for the Jews

Most popular article over the last four months

crisis actor Dylan Kliebold (Jew) one of the original crisis actors from Columbine and still alive and well (apparently)Image result for Jewish puppdog, David DukeWhen one listens to the dis info video put out by respected WN, David Duke, we have these alarming quotes counting on fictional narratives sold to the public by the Jewish media, including 911, that need to be believed by his followers if his advocacy is to be effective. He, therefore, challenges the MSM explanations as to what occurred, not at all:

"This was a terrorist act committed by a violent Muslim extremist Right before the horrific carnage in Orland, Omar called 911 and pledged himself to ISIS."

(It's a pretty well-kept secret that Duke is, in fact, a compromised "limited hangout" serving the Jews. I could not find one picture that acknowledged this fact with a quick google search)

Notice, total ignoring about the vast amounts of alternative media evidence questioning the whole fake event while leading the segment with the fake crying of a chronic game show wanna-be , crisis actress balling over her missing son.

 Invoking ISIS as a truly radical Muslim organization continues the misdirection for we all know ISIS is as real as AL Qaida was and whatever is occurring through that name being blasted in the media, too, is an intelligence op against the citizens of the world to pin evil agendas on a Muslim world for the benefit of a chosen people and their elite suckups.

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