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This goes into new territory as Patrick Little hones in  specifics of who and what he stands forGreat Wall of China

Patrick Little Returns with Luke Ford, May 28, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

May 30, 2018 by katana17

[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.

Here, Little is interviewed by Luke Ford, an Australian living in the USA, who “converted” to Judaism in 1993, on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government!

Topics discussed include: {TO BE CONTINUED}



Patrick Little

Returns with Luke Ford

May 28, 2018

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Streamed live on May 28, 2018
From the San Diego Union Tribune May 7, 2018: The California Republican Party, which held its convention in San Diego over the weekend, made clear that it wants nothing to do with a U.S. Senate candidate who publicly espouses anti-Semitic and white supremacist views.
“There’s no room for that kind of hate speech that that man uses,” Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California Republican Party, told the Los Angeles Times, referring to the candidate, Patrick Little.
If the name is not at all familiar, it’s because Little has remained on the fringes until a new SurveyUSA poll showed him getting 18 percent of voters in the U.S. Senate race that’s led by incumbent Dianne Feinstein, D-San Francisco.

The poll essentially made him the top Republican in the race. Little considers himself a serious candidate with a real chance at replacing Feinstein in the U.S. Senate, but his views have been cast as not representative of Republican values. So, who is he, anyway, and why is the Republican Party disavowing him?…





Ford: G’day mate! Luke Ford here. Patrick Little returns. He’s a candidate for the United States Senate from the state of California. He’ll be challenging Dianne Feinstein. And Patrick, tell me a little bit about your platform.

Little: Well, I’d like to address the issue of jewish supremacism, and discrimination and prejudice in today’s America against all people that the jewish supremacists see as challengers to control of the culture making institutions, news media, pretty much the commanding heights of our society.

Ford: And this has not been a lifetime passion of yours, this is something you stumbled on to, relatively recently, about three years ago. Is that correct, when you started becoming jew wise.

Little: No. I woke up a year and a half ago!

Ford: So tell me about your journey, from how did you get woke?

Little: Well, I had to be shamed into admitting that I was holding people to double standards. And if I wanted to be a virtuous man, if I wanted to be morally consistent man, I had to hold all groups to the same standards in terms of morals. And when I finally agreed to look into evidence that may cast jews, especially the ones in power, in a negative light, I overcame my programming.

And it’s like, it was like unplugging a dam, because at that point I was willing to look into all sorts of stuff. And I started to paint a very coherent picture of how Western countries are run. Whereas in the past, I had had a bunch of symptoms I had addressed, without having any consistency in my explanations for how I could explain how these phenomena came into existence. So, understanding the disease, finally getting the microscope that I could look through to actually see the germs and confirm the existence of bacterium, so to say.


It would be the equivalent of our forefathers a few hundred years ago, finally being able to see what was causing these different symptoms, and diseases. The pathogen! It was really eye-opening! And now I think we can develop antibiotics such to the pathogen in such a way that jewish supremacist can stop poisoning the lifeblood of Western societies. Stop causing turmoil and symptoms of this disease all over the world.

Ford: So, prior to this, did you believe that there’s one group ruining the Western world, say the Freemasons, or the blacks, or the Chinese? Or did you have that kind of thinking before?

Little: Nope. The closest explanation I had come come up with, I said okay there’s money coming from somewhere, and I know that the bankers are working with the oil money, and I know about this petrodollar, and so I came up with a bunch of different ideas but I didn’t push any of them as who was behind it.[03:00] So, they were actually, when I drew in the military, I stopped looking into this, because without allowing yourself to look behind the giant door, the JQ door, and only looking in little windows and maybe traps where you could put the coal down into the basement, you can only peek into the overall picture of the house, and just see little rooms that maybe show problems. Whereas, so to say, the thing at the middle of the house, I wouldn’t look into.

So it’s kind of like Tommy Robinson, where he’s very anti-Muslim, very, you know, hostile towards different types of groups, and makes fun of Social Justice Warriors, but really doesn’t understand that he is being incited against other people. And once I figured out who was inciting the different groups against each other, after trying to disprove several books.

First I started with “The Culture of Critique” and I was not able to disprove any of the information there, and also his theories made a lot of sense on the evolutionary strategy. So the evolutionary strategy proposed by Dr. Kevin Donald is theory, just like even gravity is a theory.


No one’s been able to disprove it, given modern experimentation and the scientific method. So if you say the theory of Dr. Kevin MacDonald for jewish group evolutionary strategy is a theory, well so is gravity. [laughing] So I went on and then proceeded, … I went with a historical path, so I talked to a very intelligent, I want to say young man, but he must not smoke cigarettes, he’s a very healthy looking for a 39 year old, Ryan Dawson. And he focuses more on the contemporary stuff, although he also has quite a breadth of knowledge for the historical problems where jewish supremacism has popped up.

And so, I went for the historical approach. And I went back, whether it was around the time of the Magna Carta, and Williams Longshanks, or whether you jumped forward to some of the Pope’s of the medieval ages, or whether you were looking at certain excerpts from Muhammad and different Muslims, they all said the same thing about jews!


And the worst things were said in northern, and Western, and eastern Europe, and sometimes in southern Europe. And I couldn’t believe the anecdotes I read of people’s encounters with jews. And really identified some patterns there.

And so, at first I confirmed that these horrible things I was reading, these events that were driven by jews at the center, or by jews as a whole group. At first I tried to disprove the events, and then I tried to come up with theories on how they work. And I think I’ve got a pretty consistent understanding now of our contemporary world, at the center of which are jewish supremacists that control all of our key institutions.

And, at this point, I think my theories are good enough, to the point where I can predict behavior. And thusly I can predict externalities of government regulation, rulings, and courts, international affairs, and such, based on my understanding of jewish group evolutionary responses, through [?] perceived stimuli.


So you really have to, … if you have assumptions about jews, you have to use them to build a predictive pattern recognition. And so moving forward here, I’m doing well in the polls, because of my ability to understand how to jews will respond to the things I do. So you can read some people that talk about jewish supremacism, and often, when they would speak, they would first include in their initial comments some of the perceived responses they were going to get from jews, or supporters of jews, and deconstruct them before they were able to use the talking point. So, predictive potential is really the key to measuring whether the value of any type of categorization, or theory, that lead you to expect certain outcomes, given certain behaviors.


Ford: So, when did you become an Alt-Right activist? I believe you were at Charlottesville, correct? The big Charlottesville.

LittleWell, I don’t subscribe to any labels. And I understand that Alt-Right means people that are willing to speak about jewish power, and that will address jewish supremacism and the negative externalities on Whites, but that’s not what I do. When you understand the historical role in world slavery that the jews have played, as a people. And I’m not going to do the disclaimer “not all jews”, because if we were talking about Chinese fighting the Japanese, we wouldn’t say some Chinese, or some Japanese, prior to World War Two. If we were talking about the North Vietnamese during during the Vietnam War, we wouldn’t say “well not all Vietnamese” every time after every sentence.

So yeah, I understand how jewish supremacism hurts everyone, and I even have some jewish supporters, because I even admit how jewish supremacism in the long run, or perhaps in the near term, is also going to affect jews. [08:03] Even the ones that don’t participate in the elites that establish discriminatory practices and pathologizations of people who discuss jewish supremacism. Sorry, that’s a “pathologization”. I think that’s the way [to say it].

Ford: Yeah, makes sense to me. But if it’s not alt-right, how about just “White advocacy”? When did you start showing up at events, because I followed the Alt-Right moderately closely, and it was only about six weeks ago that I first heard of you. So, I didn’t realize you were at Charlottesville II, when it became this national news story. So I doubt that was your first White advocacy event.


LittleWell, I have to remind you again here, I’m a civil rights advocate! I advocate for the rights of all men, and all peoples. I’m standing up for the Asian-American community in California, and they’re grateful. They’re sick of the discrimination of against them in the universities.

I’m standing up for the Arabs of Americans that are sick of Hollywood casting Arabs since the 60s as demonically possessed villains from Marvel Comics, or something like that! [laughing] I you remember that movie True Lies, that was the image I had of Arabs, until I met them. I didn’t even know there were Christian Arabs a few years back. Well I knew there were a few, but I didn’t realize how many there were.

And so, I am a White advocate, but I’m also an Asian advocate, and I’m also a black advocate. I’m an advocate for all groups that have historically and contemporarily suffer from jewish supremacism and the externalities of it. We can go into the historical role of jews in the African slave trade and the White slave trade. [10:01] When there’s an oppressor, a group of tyrants, these jewish supremacists, it isn’t that helpful for one segment of the population says, this is what these tyrants are doing, and, by the way, there’s another group I don’t like, because of X reason, my reason.

You know, how is that productive when you’re trying to restore Liberty to a country, and restore the rule of law, and constitutional law, and our Bill of Rights. Those things which are being taken from us, those inalienable rights, as our founding fathers understood.

So I’m a civil rights advocate! And I’m also someone who believes in the original intent of this country’s constitution in terms of the Bill of Rights. And I’m not going to allow myself to be typecasted, to simply alt-right, or White advocate. I wouldn’t be getting the response from these various communities these disparate and desperate communities that are filled [fed] up with this jewish supremacism.


And so I was at Charlottesville protesting the taking down of a monument to a man who was one of the greatest generals, strategist, and tactician, in American history. Who opposed slavery, and prevented things like Sherman’s march from occurring in Virginia, which was actually the origin of the term “final solution”, according to Ryan Dawson. I’ll give credit where it’s due. This man is a buff!

Ford: Okay. So civil rights advocate. When did you become an activist for civil rights? Like what was the first events that you went to? Was it Charlottesville?

Little: Oh, let’s see. No, the first event I went to was an “Act for America” event which based on my understanding of “Act for America”, it is extremely pro-Israeli. So I figured if the name of the organization was Act for America, the rally should be advocating America and America first. So this was about seven months after I’d woken up to the jewish Question. [12:01] This was the week the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty having been sunk.

So I thought, you know, people mentioned this event to me, and so I will go, and I will make a memorial to the USS Liberty and their crew, and in the crew of that ship. And so I built a float on a fold-out wagon. I assembled it at home once, and then without putting the nails and just holding it together with, what are those zip ties, and with that tape.

And I said okay everything fits together, so I took it back apart like a mail-order Sears house 100 years ago. And then at four in the morning I arrived at the parking lot near the event. And I arrived before the security did. It took me about two hours to put the float together. On one side was a picture of the USS Liberty under attack by Israeli fighter bombers, portraying after they had deployed napalm.


Little: Cannon fire rockets against the USS Liberty. I believe that the artwork also portrays the results of the torpedo attack too. And at the top of it I put “Israeli terror”. I called evil by it’s name. I said what it was, it was an Israeli false flag attack designed to frame the Egyptian Arabs.

That was not the first time they’ve done that, by the way, but this was the first time that succeeded in carrying out an attack. But they did not succeed in making a false flag, they just managed to cover it up. And then on the other side I portrayed how Israel is still tied in very much with terrorist groups. Part of it was a placard on the back side of this, also four feet by four feet, commemorating the USS Cole. The bombing that happened in the Middle East there, of one of our US naval vessels. And then people would say:

“Well why do you have that there, when you’re talking about Israeli terror attack?”

And then I would bring up the traditional alliance there has been between Israel and all-Qaeda, and all-Nusra, and ISIS. [14:00]And play people, for example, on my mobile device I had with me the clips of the Israelis in Parliament talking about how much they loved ISIS, and how they needed to support ISIS, so that they could topple the secular government of Bashar all-assad.

And so I arrived there with these supplies and built this around six in the morning I finished constructing it. I was very tired, hadn’t slept, but I powered right through that lack of sleep. And I talked to the security guards that arrived there for Act of America, there were like “Three Percenters”. I’m not sure if they were part of the “Three Percenters” group, but there were patriot types. And they said:

“Well, what you got there young man?”

And so I showed them and I pointed it out. I said look this up. This attack happened, they tried to cover it up, and I said two days ago was the 50th anniversary, or three days ago, I am not sure what day the event was on. It was within a week of the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty false flag terrorist attack. And they said:

“Okay, story checks out!”

And I’m like, yeah I’m a Marine Corps vet. This is a memorial, 50th year anniversary of this terrorist attack, and two thirds of the ship was casualties.


So they said:

“Good to go marine! Go ahead, and you can display that here.”

And, because it was a anti-Sharia in the West event and I was trying to show that radical Islamic groups were being backed by Israel, so to address Islamic terrorism you had to address the Israeli role in it. And I had woken up to the fact that most Muslims are very peaceful people, at this point. Which I didn’t understand that, until I understood the jewish Question.

And they also push the narrative in the news that you Muslims are just violent, terrible, people. Especially FoxNews and conservative news. So, as the people began to arrive I was first in the conservative corner.

There were three corners, well there are four corners at the intersection. Antifa was on one, kind of like classical liberals and anti-war people, were on another. And then another corner there were like the “Act for American” people and the conservatives. So when the people started showing up, the liberal corner was growing bigger first, so I went across the street to them and towed my float around, and I got a lot of support from them.[16:01] And I said, you know, about the USS Liberty? And like, “of course, we do”. I said:

“That’s great! What do you think of Israel?”

It was:

“We hate Israel!”

I said:

“That’s great!”

So I talked with them for a bit. And so then I towed my float across the street, and someone for the SPLC interviewed me when I was at the unoccupied corner of the intersection. But all they did was take pictures of my float and post that [to their]the website. They didn’t actually put pictures of me. I gave them my full name and where I lived. I didn’t care, I was fearless at the time. And so then, after I did that brief interview on that unoccupied corner of the street, I went to the conservative side. And at first people said:

“Whoa! Whoa! I think you’re on the wrong side of the street with that!”

I said:

“No. I’m a Marine Corps veteran, and I believe in the original intent of the founding fathers, and I put America first! I don’t want to send a bunch of foreign aid overseas!”

And they said:

“Well, why do you have this leftist propaganda?”

And I said:

“This isn’t left, or right, this is a terrorist attack that happened. And there are a whole bunch of other terrorist attacks!”


So 15 minutes apiece, I would talk to baby boomer conservatives that came up that were curious. And one, after the other, they said:

“Wow! This really happened! This is amazing!”

And I gave them lists of books to read, including Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique”. I had them look into that the King David hotel bombing in 1947, and the Israeli terrorist attacks that have carried out by jewish supremacists against our NATO allies. Talked about the Lavon Affair. And I got interviewed a few more times by a few different people with cameras. None of them ever posted any of it! No one posted any pictures of me with the float. Just the float itself. Because I guess at that point they didn’t want me getting exposure.

It was around this time I decided that someone was going to have to challenge the jewish supremacist, Dianne Feinstein, who voted for things like the Iraq war, and continuously supports large weapons packages to Israel and Saudi Arabia which helps Israel supply the proxy terrorist groups, to help expand Israel.

And at that point I realized I was able to convince normal people on both the Left and the Right about the terrorist [18:01] state of Israel’s true nature! And there are also pro-White people there. I think some IE [Idenity Evropa] guys. And some guys that read the Daily Stormer came by, and they said:

“Wow! Wow! This is great!”

And I said:

“Do, you know, about the US Liberty?”

They said:

“Are you crazy? Of course, we know!”

And I said:

“What about the Lavon Affair?”

They said:


And some of them didn’t know about the King David hotel bombing, so I told them about that. And I told them, you know, they already know about Israel supporting ISIS, and Saudi Arabia working with Israel to support these radical groups that commit genocide against ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East.

And yeah, at that point I realized that I was going to get involved in politics, whether I was going to help figure out who was going to run against Feinstein, and these other people that vote for the neoconservative wars aggression for Israel. Or, I was going to run myself. In October, a few months later, I announced my candidacy. And at that point, I said:

“Okay, I will run until I find someone better to take my place before the nomination process.”


Nobody, not even someone I would consider not to be my better, stepped up wanting to run. And I said:

“I’ll do it myself!”

And I had gone out Uber and Lyft driving, for some months. When I have spare time I’d be reading books on history, and philosophy, and historical jewish crimes. And I was able to test who was the most receptive to my message of human rights for all, as opposed to privilege for jewish supremacists.

And Asians were very receptive, Arabs were very receptive, the Assyrians there was nothing I couldn’t have already told them, for the most part! They knew all this stuff. And there were Maronites who were receptive, Greek Orthodox, Palestinians, Muslim Palestinians, Muslims who were Sunni and Shia, all around. It seemed the only people that didn’t agree with me were conservative Whites. And, at this point, I said:

“Well, if you love this country, and you believe in the original intent of the founding fathers, that includes foreign policy!”

So I said:

“The most dangerous threat we have in this world right now is the nation of Israel, which illegally possesses nuclear weapons, made from nuclear weapons grade uranium they stole from us. And in the process of stealing it created a Superfund site, that’s poisoning parts of Pennsylvania. Thanks Israel!”


And they’re now threatening the world with their nuclear weapons, which they don’t officially admit that they have! And, at this point, unless I’m able to win over the Republicans, who are the last holdout of brainwashed support for these jewish supremacists, we’re facing some very dire consequences for the world, if these jewish supremacists aren’t stripped of their illegal nuclear weapons program.

So if you vote for me on June 5th in California I will do what I can to have the nuclear facilities of the terrorist nation of Israel, occupied by US troops, hunt down and destroy any nuclear weapons capabilities that the Israelis have. Repossess our stolen nuclear uranium, even if it’s in the form of a warhead. [21:01]And make Israel sign a a treaty stating that they’ll repay all of the aid they’ve ever received from us with interest.

In that package will be reparations for African-Americans who were taken captive by the jewish supremacist controlled slave markets in North, and South, America as ways as well as Arabia in North Africa. And yeah, at that point Israel will be a non-nuclear power, and they will no longer be able to threaten the world with terrorism, or nuclear “Holocaust”.

And I think at that point we can start cleaning the house of foreign agents that are active in this country for lobbies for foreign countries. And at that point we can put America first, and have a healthy foreign policy, and hopefully a whole lot less wars.

Ford: Who was the person who first introduced you to “Culture of Critique” and persuaded you to read it?


Little: It was a group of people that asked me to defend my ideas. And my ideas were some incoherent mess of leftover stuff from what I used to attend pro-Israeli churches in the South, FoxNews, Mark Levin, Michael Savage. So I had a bunch of other people’s ideas, because I really didn’t want to address the jewish Question objectively, because I was afraid of just knee-jerk reaction. Anything anytime I heard anything negative about jews, they just looked away.

And so I finally got shamed into objectively analyzing a book about jewish supremacism by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, their group evolutionary strategy. And it was the book! So there was a group of people on WeSearchr, that said:

“Pat — or whatever my handle was at the time — if you really believe this stuff about Israel, if you really believe they are the democratic canary in the coal mine, our emissary of American democracy to the Middle East, even though I knew democracy was a farce over a republic, then read this book, and come back to us. We’ll have a discussion.”

And so I read the book trying to disprove it. Couldn’t disprove any of it. I’ve said this story like 20 times now. [23:02] And to and behold, I stopped holding jews to a higher double, second standard, treated them objectively. And the result of my understanding of this tyrannical group of people that have caused so much pain and destruction in this world, given their control over the commanding heights of our economy, and subculture making institutions, has led me to what I’m doing now. The only way to advocate for civil rights for all, is to address jewish supremacism! And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Ford: And what were the most important books for you after “Cultural of Critique”, regarding the jewish Question?

Little: So, I would say, Henry Ford’s “The International jew”. That was very eye-opening, because they talked about, extensively, about different measures that the jewish lobbies were taking as early as the 19th century. Let’s see, “Hitler’s Revolution” was particularly interesting, and David Irving’s writings and videos, as well. Ernst Zundel. [24:02] Once you, … I wasn’t fully deprogrammed after “Cultural of Critique”. I still was a fervent believer in this “Holocaust” thing, the way it was portrayed in “Schindler’s List”. And at that point they said:

“Okay Pat, now go watch David Irving and try and disprove his stuff!”

And I realized the only evidence against David Irving, and Ernst Zundel, stuff were jews reciting other jews, who would cite ten times removed, originally just jews who gave testimonials after the Second World War, or forced confessions of German officers and members of the government that had been tortured! So I realized there, the proof is not on these guys to prove that the “Holocaust” happened, the proof is on people to prove that there is evidence that the “Holocaust” occurred.


And when you say “some jews died during World War Two”, that is not what we were taught in school. I was taught that there were a “roller coasters of death” on the way to ovens designed to achieve high G’s to snap jews’ necks before they were dumped into an oven, before their heart stopped beating! I mean, we’re talking about brainwashing and conditioning, and this is the reason why I wasn’t willing to look into the jewish Question. It’s emotional conditioning! And the only way to overcome it is with a strong moral commitment to the truth, and objectivity!

Ford: Where did you learn about roller coasters operating at such high G’s, that snapped jews’ necks?

Little: The same place I learned about pedal-powered brain-bashing machines, and electric swimming pools, and swimming pools full of acid, and gas chambers that gassed hundreds of jews at a time, that can be reloaded up with more jews once every few minutes! Elementary school! It’s elementary my dear Watson! Brainwashing camp where we all fell victim to this crap!


Ford: And you talk about WeSearchr, but I mean, there are quite a few jews there, quite a few Zionists there, so was there like a kulturkampf, that you noticed at WeSearchr, or what did you notice? I mean, surely they were warring camps? Some must have been quite pro-jewish, others more counter-jewish?

Little: So originally, Peter Bello was trying to wake me up to the jewish Question in a more controlled fashion. So, he had also encouraged me to read the “Culture of Critique”. He is the jew himself, he told me he was 100 percent ashkenazi [jew]. And so, he wanted me to look into Israel and see how evil Israel! But when I finally looked into this stuff he said:

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You can’t throw out the baby with the bath water!”

Or something like that.

“You can’t go to war with all jews.”

And I said:

“Well, why do you always have to disqualify things, with “not all jews”, “not all jews”? You never say that about any other group of people that’s doing something in the main, or in the norm.”

So at that point a bunch more Zionist jews were invited onto the server to take the place of the goyim who were waking up.[27:02] And at that point it became “jews versus non-jews” in terms of the argument, whether, or not, jews were subversive outside of the Zionist lobby. And the answer was clearly yes! There were no debates to be had, they would mute people, those people would get fed up and leave.

And I did not know at the time, until a few months ago, when I talked to Paul Nehlen, he was one of those guys! [laughing] So yes, the same people who had tried to do like a controlled awakening with Paul Nehlen, and he also realized this is more than just Zionism, this is jewish supremacism! If we’re not willing to discuss things like Boaz’s role in destroying the biological group identity of ethnic Europeans. They were not willing to discuss Freud’s destruction of White family units, intentionally. They said outside the Zionism stuff the rest of this is really, not real arguments. And there’s no such thing as a controlled awakening.


Once you lift the stigma, the wool from your eyes, in terms of looking objectively at a group, you’re not just going to look at what the people who took the wool off your eyes, or helped take it off, want you to look at. I mean, at that point you’re curious! You’re gonna prod around, because, at this point, it becomes new and exotic! I mean, there wasn’t any major field that I was interested in that I hadn’t looked into, since I was, you know, a young child.

This was like discovering biology, or, you know, some chapter of history for the first time. A very critical one that actually has been the force behind the last few hundred years of history, the course of events that have taken. So yeah, it’s fascinating!

And when you wake up to it’s a, you know, different people achieve different levels of anger and rage. Some people have to be talked out of being reciprocal of some of the treatment we’ve gotten! Because, of course, that would be used to make more jew protecting laws like they had in the Soviet Union, where you have the death penalty for criticizing jews. So, you know, yeah sorry, I’m going into something I would talk about later if we went down that path. No, go ahead.


Ford: Where was Chuck Johnson? Wasn’t he at least the head of WeSearchr, and what was his attitude towards this?

Little: When a lot of us started bringing up the JQ he entered on and said:

“Technically, I’m jewish, because my mother converted.”

We said:

“No! That doesn’t make you jewish! You can’t get citizenship in Israel with that.”

Just like you. Unless they wanted to pull some sort of publicity stunt with you to grant you Israeli citizenship as a convert. In the norm they’re going to reject almost every single person who’s a convert to Judaism, even if they’re orthodox, or Chabad. Well, I don’t think they’d let you in a Chabad temple a regular. [Ford bursts out laughing]

Ford: I’m sorry, so Chuck, did Chuck want to shut it down? Did Chuck encourage your research into the JQ?


Little: I had been a big fan of Chuck, because he, and his group WeSearchr had been spearheading the early analysis of WikiLeaks vault dumps when they came out. He had been spearheading a lot of the research with some of his researchers on there, into some of Trump’s political opponents. And we uncovered some great stuff, and we also had some great big Twitter accounts in there too that would then distribute this information to the public. And so, it was a very effective mechanism.

And I thought, you know, I was thinking I need to meet this man, this great American hero, Chuck. And it turns out if you started asking certain questions about the jews, he would politely ask you not to. But aside from that, he was like an absentee father for the group. He was barely there. It was a face, because of the publicity he had garnered taking down one particular mudslinging news organization that would go up to your window and take pictures of you while you’re in your home against the law.

Forget what it’s called, it’ll come back to me. I can’t remember. Look up the organization that Chuck Johnson helped to take down, around the time when Hulk Hogan was taken on xxx. News organization. I forget what it’s called.

Ford: Oh, Gawker!

Little: Yes! Yes! Yes. So Chuck Johnson had made his name with Gawker.


Ford: Funny, Chuck was in the news a few months ago, for going to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address with the Republican congressman, and the news media was calling Chuck Johnson a “Holocaust” denier! Does that the cord with what, you know, about Chuck Johnson?

Little: From what I can recall, even the jews at WeSearchr admitted that the “Holocaust” was a lie.

Ford: Have you ever visited Dachau, or Auschwitz?

Little: I don’t need to, to know the facts of people who have, that are historians. I would like to! You want to buy me a plane ticket there, I’ll go! I’m not going to go pretend to cry in the shower that’s “labeled never used as a gas chamber”! I’m not gonna give you any crocodile tears, … if I win the Senate, I’m not gonna be like that congressman after Trump elected, that literally got on a plane to Auschwitz and started doing crocodile tears with Vicks Vapour-Rub in his eyes, or something like that!


“Oh my God! This room! Millions of jews were killed with gas!

Ford: Only vey!

Little: Oy vey! You remember that guy, that congressman?[laughing]

Ford: No I don’t, but, that is a pretty, pretty funny anecdote!


Ford: Why were you working as a Uber driver, when, I mean, you’re a really smart guy were you going through a tough time, or were you discombobulated by the red pill, or what?

Little: Oh, the red pill wrecked me!

Ford: Yeah. [laughing]

Little: Even before I fully swallowed it, things stopped making sense, and I doubled down on the pro-Israeli propaganda, and stuff. And it got to a point where there was like, a crescendo, where I’m just like going back [and forth], this is true! It isn’t! It can’t be true! It’s true! I can’t just prove any of it! And at that point it was like, it was like a searing hot rage, that I really, I would never want to be that angry again in my life, ever again! [33:03] I had to actually consciously hold myself back from just going out on the street with a megaphone and yelling about jews! I wanted the world to know! I wanted to get on the mountain top, and tell everyone. And that would not have been the tactical way to do it. So I held myself back, mostly stayed on my boat, and said:

“I need to learn more! Because this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Ford: And did you have any jewish friends, at this point?

Little: No. But I had in the past.

Ford: And upon reflection do you notice anything unusual about them?

Little: I was able to reflect back to my childhood and I called a buddy of mine from the same town and I said, you know, —, because we both read the book at the same time and we started listing off who we knew had been jewish. I only knew of one kid and then he pointed out like four other kids that had [were]jewish.


And I said:

“Oh my god!”

And started remembering the behavior, and stuff. One of the typical things as they weren’t good at losing games, they felt privileged. I recalled one event where one of them had said:

“Okay, I’ll play this video game with you.”

And it was a video game I had taken much pride in, a strategy game. And he was not able to beat me! He challenged me four, or five times, and every time I demolished his ship within a few turns. And he just couldn’t accept it, because he hadn’t done anything wrong! And most of them we identified them as having an overwhelming sense of privilege, and an inability to accept defeat, or any type of adversity. So there were certain behaviors. Spoiled, so to say. And that might come from a socio-economic thing, but we do think it has something to do with the camps and stuff they probably attended as kids.


Ford: Are there any other behavioural giveaways that people could realize that they’re dealing with a jew, even though the guy’s name might be, you know, John Smith?

Little: Yeah. They appear on television! [both laughing]

Ford: And you had friends, you’re going through these radical changes. Were your friends trying to hold you back, were they encouraging you?

Little: Chip! Chip! Chip! Changes! [singing a song] God! Oh no! It was not a pleasant time. Mostly it was just me exercising self-control, and not seeking revenge. So there are going to be a lot of people who wake up, they’re going to be at risk for taking some sort of vengeance.

And let me tell you, if you’re listening to this and you’re waking up and you’re in that red hot searing rage, if you’re a hard charger like I was, do what I did! [36:02] Just hunker down and read more about them and look at how they have used, … when they, in the absence of people attacking them, physically they false-flag themselves, like the young jewish man who was operating on a multi-million shekel budget over in Israel, calling in the false flag bomb threats, United States synagogues and stuff. We saw for three years:

“Oh my god! Another bomb threat against a synagogue! Another one against this one! White supremacist just threatening jews all over the place!”

And it turns out almost every one of these bomb threat hoaxes have been this jew, who was operating with all sorts of savvy gear over in Israel, most definitely as part of some sort of group. And then they tried to, the FBI did what they could to try and extradite him, but then they shut it down and said:


Oh no, he’s just an autistic kid, who was a troll in his room! He was doing it all by himself! And he’s autistic, and he’s mentally retarded! And so we can’t extradite him.”

And so, after some pressure from probably some politicians that receive money from certain people, “people”, “people”, you know, they backed down from trying to extradite him. And ya, so don’t give them an actual hate crime. Just keep on letting them do their own false flag hoaxes, and scream out in pain as they pretend to stab themselves. It’s much funnier that way. And that will remove them from power much quicker than if you actually act on your rage. It will pass. Be intelligent, be learned.

Do what I and some other goyim, like Paul Nehlen are doing, and “naming the jew” very publicly, very loudly. Normalize the conversation, until we wake up all the people from this sleep there in, where they won’t look behind the biggest door in the world. Where they won’t, where they keep their eyes averted from the elephant in the room. [chuckling]


Ford: When did you first encounter Paul Nehlen?

Little: I didn’t know I was encountering him, when I first did. He was a part of the [WeSearchr] team helping to uncover election fraud in Philadelphia. So the first time I remember talking to him is around the time of the election. But I didn’t know it was him until a few months ago.

Ford: And did you, a few months ago was when he tweeted a picture of “Culture of Critique”, and saying that he was reading it. Was that about the time that he came out to you?

Little: He didn’t come out to me! He’s a fervent Christian![chuckling]

Ford: I mean, not in a gay way, but in a jew wise way?

Little: I don’t recall the first time I talked to him, knowing his real name. I think it was March, maybe February?

Ford: And what’s your read on Paul Nehlen?






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