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join the little revolution flieringHow do you envision spending your upcoming Memorial Day weekend?

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There is certainly nothing wrong with playing a game of golf or enjoying the company of friends and family over Memorial Day weekend, but you can still enjoy your holiday weekend while dedicating at least some portion of your days to making a difference in the lives of your loved ones and your community.

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As Memorial Day weekend rolls-around again, by all means you should take some time to enjoy your weekend but you should also take some time to reflect on the sacrifices of countless brave men and women who have given you the freedom to enjoy this upcoming holiday weekend. Like all of America’s honored veterans who gave their lives so that we may have the good lives we now enjoy, we must also make sacrifices of our own if we intend to keep our cherished way of life.

Freedom is never free, and what you have is what you will fight to keep; and for this reason, dedicating a portion of your Labor Day weekend to raising awareness of the greatest threat to personal liberty and prosperity of our time would be a fitting way to honor our nation’s war veterans. The most pressing current threat to our freedom and prosperity is the bad intentions and harmful plans concocted from a war room of international terrorists masquerading as the nation of Israel.

Yes, speaking-out against Israel is not easy, and we understand this. We know that those who dare to take a stand against the injustices inflicted on the world by Israel and the Zioinist cabals can expect to be attacked in some manner; but keep in mind, the freedom you enjoy now was paid-for by the sacrifices and suffering of those whom we take time to honor each Labor Day weekend.

The Mossad’s motto may be, “By way of deception thou shalt do war,” however, when you find the courage to confront the evil of the Mossad, the divine light within the universe will cloth you in the armor or righteousness and present you with the sharpest sword hammered from the indestructible metal of truth.

So, what should you do to counter the greatest evil of our time?

You can begin working to free America from Zionist control by printing and distributing flyers. You can also help liberate America from the yoke of Zionist control and oppression by having an honest conversation about the evils of Zionist plans with a close friend, a co-worker, a member of your religious organization, or a family member. You can also help by posting your comments and feelings about Israel and Zionism online and spreading the truth about the evils of the Zionists and their terrorist hideout of Israel.

Many Californians may still be asleep concerning the issue of the evils perpetuated by Israel and the Mossad, but the sun is now beginning to rise over California, and the people of our state and the rest of the world are beginning to see the truth. Remember, as California goes, so goes the rest of America; and as America goes, so goes the rest of the world; for this reason, you are now in a real position to make a difference in the affairs of our planet, and you personally can be a part of creating a more just and caring world.

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