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Was Rodney's first cointel pro assignment following Christian Picciolini around to give him "race hate" credentials (staged in 1990s-ish).

Some say it was Rodney who took this picture at a German  Jewish spa  that operated during WW II and later claimed to be a death camp by, some say, Rodney's father,"Strong as Bull Goldman" (If that's a Jewish name, I am not sure, nor do I know if these rumours are true or if that is indeed Rodney's father!)eeeeBlindlight update - this is in Patrick's category to let the reader know that Blindlight is not just a blind follower of the latest hot sauce but spent a good bit of time critiquing before he bought into the item (Patrick Little)

Of course the real question, here, is did Rodney Martin put the final nail in his coffin with this mean spirited analysis of a white racialist who is boldly naming the Jew?

Image result for Rodney Martin - agent provocateur carolyn yeagerWhy did he go above and beyond the call of duty with his scathing remarks and assertions, obviously, in most cases, concocted out of thin air?

Is Rodney the agent so many people claim for him to be (including me)?

Whatever the facts are now, it will be very hard for Rodney to garner trust within this beacon of light led by Patrick Little and supported by Blindlight

Blindlight believes a heartfelt apology is due to Mr. Little, so unfairly attacked by "Hurricane" Rodney Martin


Movement Critic "Protects"His People from "Fraud" Patrick Little  (Face Palm)

Image result for rodney martin-david cole

Picture of three good buddies

Source of this atrocity

Blindlight takes note  that Martin or "Movement Critic" makes over harsh charges based on scanty evidence against Little. Blindlight, too, has been a target of Martin's bloody pen droppings and sympathizes.
While Blindlight admits there are issues to deal with as far as Patrick is concerned, there is nothing to lose by shining a spotlight his way and seeing what he can do.
I have been extremely impressed with his ability to think on his feet and with his impressive knowledge when it comes to the Jewish issue.
Below I plan to comment if Martin is imaging dragons again where there are just a few itty bitty flies buzzing about.


Patrick Little’s support for Nehlen & Cantwell is in DIRECT conflict with his “ANTI-Jew Shtick” 


Patrick Little says he is “Anti-Jew“, Pro-White, AND running for US Senate in California AND WANTS THE VOTES OF Pro-Whites,  and he seeks to “wake people up to the Jews.  Thus far he has engaged in several rather theatrical events whereby he does one-man shows, such as his own counter demonstrations at anti-gun and other hippie, dippy liberal events.

Martin engages in his usual MO where he  sees only negativity in a target he wishes to defame. Look across the room at Alt-Right actors and he'll complain they never get out and protest! Little,  is pro-active , does get out and it's a stunt!
Of course, Rodney, the only public photos of you I have seen are  hanging out at Indian festivals and boxing matches 

Interestingly, unlike so many other “WN” & “AltRight” activists, Mr. Little shows up well dressed and is never accosted, never punched in the face as a result of his “extreme” words, such as the fate of Richard Spencer, at best he has had effeminate beta boys stand next to him counter protesting his counter protest.


Thus far ANTIFA has NOT touched a hair on Mr. Little’s head.

Blindlight - as noted below, Rodney's rush to do evil means that he doesn't know WTF he's talking about but note, the important thing manifested is no matter what Little does, Rodney gives it a negative slant.
I, personally was impressed with Little's professionalism here (as if Little can control what sort of stupid anti-fa troll will come and harrass him. (Oh, no problem, we'll just claim it's staged , interestingly, something Martin will never claim about MSM killing festivals occurring ad-nauseum)

Mr. Little has recently begun to heavily criticize, as “subversive”, many of the same individuals & internet entities that “Movement Critic” has for several years BUT Little’s criticism, unlike “Movement Critic's, is based on these persons and entities lack of support or “noticing” him AND Little sides with the likes of notorious crybaby Chris Cantwell and Paul Nehlen, this is disturbing and will be addressed below. 

Blindlight finds Cantwell Support by Little "problematic" while Blindlight recalls many defamation battles Movement Critic became engaged in that would last years that were but simple vendettas,  very personal in nature and hardly did the general movement any good (unless you call screaming obscenities to distraction "doing some good"). Blindlight seems to recall along with his attacks, Rodney exhibiting the lying habit while engaging in these defaming rituals of his. Indeed, Blindlight no longer interacts with Martin because of his lack of a moral compass.

Raising concerns about Daily Stormer and TRS  needs airing and Blindlight applauds Patrick here but he needs to do more. It is to be determined how all this is supposedly self-serving as the quick to conclude Movement Critic claims it to be.

Initially I felt support and was encouraged by Mr. Little, especially after his excellent “performance” EMPHASIS ON “Performance” in what he (Mr. Little) posted as an interview with “Newsweek” then reposted it as an interview with “Yahoo News”  For all anyone knows it was staged.

Martin, I will assume, has not looked at at all the videos and  can hardly  be clued into  whether this claim is true. Why, he didn't even understand that Little did make two interview videos, since he didn't even understand above that Little actually did interviews with both Newsweek and Yahoo. Rodney's joy at inflicting pain to positive influences in the movement clouds his reasoning skills. Seen it many times! Notice the need to "speculate" Little was doing a performance. Any thing to belittle an opponent, eh Rod, is that getting in your opponent's head? All that lying?

The Two Interviews Little, indeed, did make with Yahoo and Newsweek

However  the “Movement Critic” has the following “Political concerns” regarding Mr. Little’s superficial campaign”….

Mr. Little’s web site is amateurish and his platform is a rambling list of click bait,. which cannot be adopted into Law, its a free site, which means Mr. Little is not even taking himself serious:

Martin, here, plays "the all-seeing eye" as he sinks into the head of his overmatched adversary, Patrick Little and of course gives it all a negative spin. It's that you hate people more talented than you, isn't Rodney. Gotta be it! (Notice his general defamations with no specifics, a sign of Jewish training)

Here is his banner, complete with the AIPAC Logo …

Blindlight - What's your issue with the sign?


1 – Patrick Little’s “campaign lacks any semblance of a serious endeavor, while Little cites a “recent Poll that has him in 2nd position, this Poll’s methodology has NOT been reviewed and some have said it is merely a “click Poll”.  Little has NEVER registered in any authoritative Poll and interestingly Little is NOT using the Poll he is using as a DEMAND for “AltRight” Media attention as a call for donations & grassroots supporters, which is what a real & genuine , i.e. serious candidate would do.

Interesting that a threatened opponent highlighted these facts in this commercial against Little. (Rodney's political success at his local Indian reservation allows him to share his astute wisdom with you all

Poll cited by Little, note he has NEVER registered in any authoritative Poll. 

This is what Rodney does and notice he's attacking our side as usual. Instead of being encouraged and highlighting the great success in a very short time, Rod is all disdain!

2- Patrick Little has made public statements telling people to NOT donate, i.e. help his campaign, his rationale is to do so would be a “self-doxx, but then he goes on to say how important it is to take a stand & “wake up”  Any serious candidacy 1- must rely on support 2- If Little is saying don’t support him, then where is he funding coming from? By his own admission he is now “unemployed”  Patrick Little has rebuffed several CALIFORNIA VOTERS who have made inquiries, i.e. offers to help him YET he complains about NOT receiving MEDIA attention from the “AltRight” & “WN” BIG BOYS, which begs the question, what is his Campaign” In one breath, he says he will NOT win but in another he cites his surge in an ambiguous Poll.

Blindlight - Funny, I was impressed that he said "Don't donate!" Refreshing, actually but again, find one positive thing Rodney has said here then go to his website and see a whole lot more of the same. Disdain for everyone who has rejected the Rodney Martin truth bomb, and then, look at his compelling Alex score - 2 million, that barely  beats newcomer, Little's, figures (Interestingly, Pat's US Alexa score is better than Martin's) Blindlight is  wondering why Martin feels the need to go 100% negative. In fact, i am in awe of Rodny's need to hate people, you never got total acceptance as a white man, did you Rodney

3- Thus far, the entire extent of Little’s campaign has been low budget self videos of him acting as Captain Bligh cruising around San Francisco Bay on a sail boat bloviating and tossing out click bait.


4- Patrick Little openly embraces Paul Nehlen, the candidate who flamed out in Wisconsin, who ran as a Kosher Conservative against Paul Ryan in 2016, then all of a sudden became Uber anti-Semite/AltRight in 2018.  BUT Paul Nehlen has a NON-White wife and his Communications Director is a Homosexual Jew, BUT Patrick Little says he is “Anti-Jew”??  

Here is Patrick Nehlen taking firm stand for Paul Nehlan & Chris Cantwell ..

Rodney has an Indian wife - nuff said (Both Nehlen and Little and Cantwell claim recent enlightenment to the Jewish question. Blindlight has time to give them the benefit of the doubt

Let’s face it, Mr. Little’s support for Nehlen & Cantwell is in conflict with being “Pro-White” 

No Rod, Patrick never had a chance. Your analysis had the outcome predetermined

Give Patrick Little a chance to show us what he can do. Support the closet candidate we have had that out's the Jew for if not now, when, if not you, who. ..and Rodney, go eat some Indian food

Blindlight understands that he has just reinvigorated Rodney's obsessive impulse to lie and defame him probably adding one more year to the already two years still to go. 

What I do for the movement eh, Critic?

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