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Jew-wise Missionary

Jew-wise Missionary

Preaching far and wide the good news about the easily solvable problem in our midst

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman found out last week that even Zionist A-list Jews aren’t allowed to take a stand against Israeli policy or politicians without suffering nasty ad-hominem attacks from tinpot chosenites.

The 36-year-old actress is an Israeli citizen, born in Jerusalem and raised in the United States. She has been a vocal advocate for Israel, a devoted Zionist and even wrote a book in defense of Israel during her undergrad studies at Harvard. She has also inserted herself into American politics. In 2012, she was one of three actresses to open the Democratic National Committee convention for former President Barack Obama.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 06:11

Grass Roots Report by Cora Deal

Grass Roots Report by Cora Deal

Image result for lies on Syria
About a month ago Nikki Haley announces to the UNSC that the USA is ready to violate the rules of this very self-same UNSC should a chemical attack happen in Syria


Then the Russians announced that they have evidence that a chemical false flag is being prepared in Syria
Then a chemical attack (supposedly) takes place (in a location surrounded and, basically, controlled by government forces!)


The OPWC sends investigators (in spite of western powers loudly proclaiming that no investigation was needed)


The “AngloJews” then bomb Syria
Next, the UNSC refuses to condemn the violation of its own rules and decisions
Finally, the US Americans speak of a ‘perfect strike’


Do we get any sense this is over?
Let’s look at the differently for a second and ask this: what has the AngloJew attack actually demonstrated?

The western general public is so terminally zombified that false flag attacks can now be announced 4 weeks in advance


The Europeans now live by the motto “my honor is called solidarity” (a sad variation of the SS motto “my honor is loyalty“)
Lead by the USA, western countries have no objections to wars started in violation of their own national laws


The UN Security Council has no objections to wars started in violation of the UN Charter and International Law
The PRC leaders, in their infinite wisdom, act as if they have nothing personal at stake and act like bystanders

The Israelis, in full partnership with the UN Jewish Neocons, are now in total control of the Empire and use it to “clean house” next door.

But the attack was a dismal failure!
– So what? the Empire did not pay any price for executing it.
– But the US Americans did blink! The attacked from Jordanian airspace and from the Red Sea! They avoided the Russians completely! They are afraid of them

The so-called “Christian West” has become a willing parasite for its Jewish host and the only ones with the courage and moral integrity to take it on are Orthodox Christians and Muslims! Sic transit gloria mundi indeed…

The facts of what happened to don’t matter as much as the perception
And the perception is that “we” (the AngloJewish rulers and serfs) “kicked” Assad’s “ass” and that “we” will “do it again” if “we” feel like it.

That is all that matters in the Empire of Illusions which the AngloJew Hegemony has become.

As soon as you understand that, you also will have to agree that Trump was right: it was a “perfect strike” again, not in reality, but in the world of illusions created around it.

The AngloZionist Hegemony demands that the entire planet bows down and worships it. Except for Russia and Iran, everybody meekly goes down on their knees or, at most, meekly looks away. In their own delusional reality, the …

Americans feel empowered to smack down Russia or Iran at anytime. There is nothing Iran can do to stop them, and while Russia can, she can only do that at the risk of the future of our entire planet.

Which is why for now the Jews and Trump have won.

From the interesting article by the Saker with some modifications.


First published October 17, 2017

Miles Mathis

As usual, this is just my opinion, take it or leave it

Yep, you read that right. There is a link between the two events. They didn't come out almost simultaneously by accident.

This is going to be much shorter than my recent Las Vegas comments, but I do have something to say. Be patient, because I will make it worth your while.

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