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Hi I'm nick1989,

I've been involved in the truth movement for quite a few years now, and I've learned a hell of a lot about what really goes on in this unjust world of ours. I have progressed through many topics of truther knowledge, starting with 9/11, Oklahoma city, and on to newer false flag frauds like the Orlando fake mass shooting to promote the subversive communist "LGBT" movement, and the Boston bombing, which I think was a litmus test in which the reaction of Americans' willingness to allow military or police units to barge into their homes in a state of emergency was tested.

I have also noticed a pattern, wherever these events are, there are Jews involved whether it be examples like Larry Silverstein's obvious involvement in 9/11, or Israel's control of American institutions, government, and foreign policy, there's a Jew rat everywhere you look. This realization led me to start learning about the Jews' culture and why it was that they are always working to subvert and destroy, which becomes very clear when their ideology and the teachings of their so-called religious texts such as The Talmud and Zohar are examined.

As a result of my having learned about them, I have come to the conclusion that the Jew and his nature is the most severe threat to America's survival, and also mankind's freedom and survival. That said, the truth movement (our main defense) is in serious trouble. It has been infiltrated and is undergoing subversion especially since the Jewish question is becoming a topic which is becoming popular, and with that, many issues which involve exposing Jewish wrongdoing and uniting goys against it are being co-opted by agents working for Jewry, its expansion, and our destruction.

It's imperative that we expose those who would do harm to our movement by dividing it, muddying the water, and spreading disinformation. We already have enough to worry about with the Jewish Marxist left; we can't have our movement being infiltrated and being destroyed from within. That's why we must fight to expose all Jews, shabbos goyim, and those just out for money that would deceive and destroy the true resistance, which seems to be a very small population among all the infiltrator filth in our midst. I intend to help spread the truth and help defeat Jewry once and for all.

Written by Nick1989

911I think even if only temporarily, it's a good idea to unite with all other races as well, as it is in both of our interests as goyim, to stick together for increased power while we fight against jewry. I'd personally prefer a split off after that.

What people need to get out of that, that is indispensable, is that this is a two system capitalism vs communism false jewish contrived dichotomy, for they're both jew systems used to control and enslave us.

I'm not saying free enterprise is bad or wrong, rather that there is a sharply contrasting distinction to be made between capitalism and people running their own small businesses to make their living via a small government. We also need the return of a common law legal structure and the end of commercial law governing human beings’ lives which is one of the biggest jewish scams.


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