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Nom de Plume

Nom de Plume

Monday, 11 September 2017 05:47

Activism and police harassment in Sarpsborg

Our activists arrived at Sarpsborg town hall at around noon on Sunday with flags and leaflets. We chose the town hall as it’s the site of one of the polling stations in the upcoming general election.

At first we didn’t encounter any problems and had several conversations with passers-by. However, after a while the police inevitably turned up and started acting very aggressively.

They weren’t interested in having any dialogue with us and appeared to be visibly provoked by our presence. Two of the policemen were upset that independent journalists were filming in a public place, and one of them struck the camera out of the hand of one of our members.

Image result for Campaign for Freedom of speech: Don’t ban the Nordic Resistance MovementCampaign for Freedom of speech: Don’t ban the Nordic Resistance Movement

at the request of "Nom dePLume

Don't Ban The Nordic Resistance Movement!

The Finnish Police Board has entered a lawsuit too the district court in Pirkanmaa/Birkaland where they urge the court to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement. The Police Board do not wish to criminalize this political organization on grounds of some criminal activities it's members have perpetrated, but solely because of the fact that the Nordic Resistance Movement's political viewpoints is considered to not be in accord with ”good custom”, which is specified to mean that the organization is in conflict with ”the views of the current time on morality and justice.”

Whom or who decides what today is considered moral and just? According to the lawsuit it is proposed that it is against ”good custom” to have the political goal to leave the European Union, to want to return immigrants to their country of origin and to propose a ban for the media that are hostile to the Nordic people.

Even those who do not sympathize with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s opinions ought to be worried over the actions of the police here. If the politicized Finnish Police Board gets their will through, then they will be able to ban all political opposition on the same phony grounds of being ”against good custom”, even if the court would not deem them criminal in any other way. If the ban is passed in Finland there is also the risk that we will see similar abuse on freedom of speech in other Nordic countries.

Freedom of speech is something that affects us all. If the freedom of speech is removed, what other means is then left for the opposition?


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