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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 03:20

Jorjani and Jews want us to Fight Iran

Jason Jorjani an Iranian American, whose family was close to the shah and power before the Iranian Revolution of 1979 has serious explaining to do on why his desire for all of us to treat the current power structure in Iran is not good for Jews.

A favorite Jewish strawman to create when it targets another power for neutralization is the "nuclear weapons argument like which was used successfully to invade Iraq post 911.

Below I post an article detailing all the times Israel has spoken of emminent problems in this areas, the first, just after the new regime took power. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that what Jorjani wants and what Israel wants  on the surface looks the same but Jorjani claims removing Islamists from power would hurt Israel and make it irrelevant. 

I call that Jewish kool aid Jason and you heard about the Jew that poisoned the well they make that stuff, right?
Published in "Watching" Jorjani

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This makes it easier to  blame Muslims for just about everything. Jorjani whines and moans about an Iran that once was. Is it any different from Europeans longing for Rome that once was? Hardly, all that differs is the intellect behind the case Jorjani is making. Muslims aren't pure evil as he imples and pre-Islamic Iran  did not only exhibit high moral values and purpose.Sounds good but doesn't pass the smell test.

The fact that Muslims were false flagged by Jews for doing 911 thus allowing the psyop to occur called "The War on Terror",  is being blanketed over more and more as it is whispered, "Don't challenge Jewish explanations of events, we will look weird!"

Jorjani ignores the western roots of ISIS and Al-Kaida  to link them with Muslim entites substituting puppet states like "Turkey and the Arab Emirates" for their masters of Jewish extraction. Is he doing that to survive and fight that battle another day?

Thursday, 29 December 2016 07:24

Jorjani's Family was close to the Shah

Jorjani's Family was close to the ShahImage result for the shahBlindlight has stumbled into the evidence that validates his speculation that Jorjani, new enabled rising star in the alt-right,  had family ties back in Iran to the highest levers of power, namely the Shah of Iran who was deposed in  a coup in 1979.

In a comment addresssed to Abu T Audi, Jorjani says vaguely, "Wonderful. My father also knew her(The Persian Empress, Farah Diba Pahlavi)actually my family was fairly close to theirs, but that's a story for another time."

If I may blow my own horn, I had quickly surmised that a New York born kid obsessing on Iranian history and politics and whose family moved from Iran at the same time the Shah was deposed and with an obvious, elitist upbringing able to travel the world  as desired was connected to the former power structure of pre 1979 Iran and this led me to make this claim in my recent video introducing my take on the philosopher, historian, Jason Jorjani.

Play video for quick reference to my statement

Image result for Farah Diba Pahlavi

This then forces us to ask the question, "Is Jason on an enlightened quest to bring about I higher evolved world as his interviews seem to imply, or is he just trying to get back what his family once had in their country of origin. Either way, he has unlimited fund-backing that allows him to globe-trot the world as demonstrated in his photos section on his Facebook page.

Click picture to better read Jorjani's specific comment claiming close family ties



Also, it is my guess that Jorjani understated his family's closeness with the Shah so as not to come off as bragging

Abi-T. Audi, is a diplomat and writer who, like Jorjani, is connected to Arktos and CEO Daniel Friberg. Friberg is connected to closet Zionist Brinkman.



Oh, Jeez, there's a lot to figure out here. Lest people get confused, Jorjani is a great talent but we have to determine whose side he's on, the ruling elites and the Jews or the people of the world


To learn more about Jason and why I am giving him so much attention, please look over these links

Published in "Watching" Jorjani

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