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Sunday, 03 September 2017 17:19

Avialae's "New Right" Unity Proposals (Videos)


two videos laying out Horton's Revolutionary Renaissance vision

Published in Avialae S Horton


I suppose her mission is to help the Richard Spencerites gain full approval.

Blindlight has gone into the inherent problems with Spencer's movement and while I can say her inclusion of Spencer makes sense, that's about as far as she will go. Her interest in confronting the deep state or the real power behind the curtain seems non-existent, whether that is because she's unaware of it, which her rhetoric implies, or she's pretending it's not an issue because she's part of it, is yet to be determined. Either way, her priorities are clearly that of a person who prefers to hold on to the myths that glues the matrix in place.

Published in Avialae S Horton

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