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Items filtered by date: May 2017

Image result for Stalin-Hitler

Just because someone praises someone, does not mean they are of the same ideology or agrees with them 100%. Stalin is very misunderstood. He was a leader who caught Russia up with the west.  Stalin was fighting the Global elite, he just saw it as organizations and not a Jewish conspiracy.  The best part about Stalin is he gave Jews a taste of their own medicine, at least after ww2.

Sorry guys, What happened after WW II was all part of the NWO agenda to have a fake confrontation between two centers of power forcing everyone else to pick a side. Note, those two powers never fought each other but squabbled over 3rd world property with a fake missile crisis to make us all believe it was real.

Patton screeched as Jews behind the curtain made him stand down as Russia solidified it's control of much of Europe (exactly what Hitler was trying to prevent, by the way).

Published in Another View
Wednesday, 24 May 2017 13:17

Evalion is the face of the Revolution!

This looks to be coordinated propaganda, folks straight from Vince McMahon's office

Folks, Evalion simply reads the lines her latest boyfriend puts in front of her; the question is why is Spencer going to Evalion for his talking points!

Published in Know thy Enemy

By Wei Ling Chua
Global Research, May 17, 2017

When we search the internet for ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’, there are hundreds of thousands of hyperlinks to books, news, articles, and videos that describe the event as a “Massacre”; and even the reputable Encyclopaedia Britannica also cites the Western media as sources to describe the 1989 incident as a “Massacre”. 

This is despite the fact that, in 1998, Washington Post journalist Jay Mathews confessed in the Columbia Journalism Review that “no one died at Tiananmen Square” and that “it is hard to find a journalist who has not contributed to the misimpression”.

Published in Another View
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 04:45

Picciolini speaks for the NWO

Click pic for video!

I post the Showtime video, again, which also promotes "the pickle man" (Christian Picciolini) But guess who else these videos promote? IN both, we see Nathan Damigo's smiling mug as the "nice" face of hate". We only see Grace, Crusader Girl once but knowing how the MSM makes poster children out of these staged events, I have to believe she may become a public figure testifying and demonizing white racialists. We shall see bro, we shall see

Question, will Nathan turn later on his racialist friends? Interestingly, Nathan and Matt Hale, Creativity leader, live and lived at home with pro-active moms. Nathan's mom is a huge Israel supporter. 

Remember, you heard it here first

Published in Blindlight

By: Kyle Hunt of The Renegade Tribune

While the Alt Right clowns were proclaiming Trump as their God Emperor during the elections, I was warning that he would be the most pro-Zionist president in US history, which is saying quite a lot. Although he loudly proclaimed his love for the jewish people and the jewish state during the elections, which his mesmerized supporters ignored, he has really shown his true colors since being inaugurated.

Published in Know thy Enemy
Christian Picciolini doing a Nazi salute outside the gates of Dachau, a former concentration camp in Nazi Germany, in 1992(BL - Obviously controlled opposition back then being set up for his cruscade today)

As a 14-year-old in 1980s Chicago, Christian Picciolini was ripe for recruitment into a hate group: He was bullied, didn’t have a lot of friends and felt “abandoned” by his Italian immigrant parents who worked long hours.

One day, when he was standing in an alley smoking a joint, a car pulled up, and a man with a shaved head came out, pulled the joint out of his mouth and said:

Published in Know thy Enemy
Sunday, 21 May 2017 09:10

Tell-tale habits of crypto-Jews


The following behaviors are common among “jews,” but unusual and strange in people of genuine European heritage, so when “a gentile” consistently behaves in one or more of these ways he might be giving away an extremely interesting secret.

Train yourself to spot these clues and signs, and you too will realize the crypto-jewish presence in America is staggering. There must be ten times more cryptos here than the professed variety, in the strangest places. They are everywhere. In fact Babylonians have always connived to control the American countryside, mainly to dispossess us from it, so they’ve been stealing the land from the original European settlers by various means (e.g. arranging a crisis and then ‘carpet-bagging’) going back at least to the Civil War.

Published in Know thy Enemy

Image result for Richard Spencer looks like a Mole

by Miles Mathis........First published May 16, 2017

As usual this is just my opinion......Richard Bertrand Spencer is making headlines this month, so I thought I would show you how to use our new tools on him. It is fantastically easy, as you will see.

If you don't know, Spencer is supposed to be a white supremacist and Trump supporter. However, in my opinion it is all another act. He is creating one side of a manufactured story, to divert you away from more important things. Also to keep racial tensions high. Why do I say that? Note his last name:

Published in Know thy Enemy

Image result for Weev, Continues to Lecture on White Purity

Jews are great at pretending to be us so as to bring out our lowest of the low moral compass and fixations. This fits "Daily Stormer's Weev, to a tee. He has had a fixed agenda of spreading discord with all non-whites to be felt by whites and implies his right to do so as if he were white himself.

Published in Know thy Enemy

I have problems with Dugin. His acceptance of the theory that races are just sociological constructs is problematic and could be harmful and divisive for the Alt Right.

race is a construct you are taught to believe in and ppl spend a life-time trying to prove their construct is valid. In the end, our real problem is Jew instigated intentional culture clash that leaves their first cause pursuits out of bounds for part of the discussion

Published in Another View
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