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Items filtered by date: April 2017
Sunday, 30 April 2017 00:41

Trump's Jews (It's Really Bad, People!)

Image result for trump's JewsJust four months months ago, Jason Greenblatt was the Trump Organization’s general counsel and one of the company’s top in-house legal officers. Today, Greenblatt, who has worked for Trump since the mid-1990s, is one of the candidate’s top advisers on Israel and Jewish affairs and the campaign’s primary liaison to the Jewish community. When The Forward declared a 24-hour moratorium on Trump-related coverage on June 20, to protest Trump supporters’ online bullying of journalists, Greenblatt wrote the campaign’s response

Published in Know thy Enemy
Thursday, 27 April 2017 12:18

Daily Stormer Wants Your Money

Image result for Weev and Anglin

The Daily Stormer is being sued by Jewish terrorists. In order to survive, we need shekels. Donate to our legal fund, or send BTC or cash, check or money order to our PO box.

Support Andrew Anglin's right to be a goofy loudmouth, after all, Weev, the fake white guy-real part Jew-Indian says it's your responsibility to....Support your own demise by supporting Andrew Anglin


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 18033304 1478374928870261 4762028246908287411 nLooking at her Porn audition, we see a confident female, totally comfortable with her surroundings as she describes what she likes as she introduces herself and plays with herself. I can't help believe that this sort of confidence, with no need to enter this area of lifestyle at all, makes it highly likely she's doing her bit for the Jewish subversion plan with her family's blessings, as Miriam Weeks did going XXX porn as Duke U. freshman and telling everyone how wonderful porn is as she toured just about every MSM site giving interviews

Published in Know thy Enemy

Renegade #HappyGoy

With this picture below probably gotten off google, Kyle Hunt complains about the Jewish problem while assuring his white readership also knows there is  a "mud" problem (non-whites who, it is claimed, hate whites for all sorts of jealous reasons).

"Mud" is a term used over and over for anyone not born white or Jew by Ben Klaussen, the founder of the "Creativity Movement", a movement that defines "good" as whatever  is solely favorable to white interests regardless of the consequences elsewhere.

Anyone schooled  on the nature of Jewish thinking will quickly understand that this is a poor Jew copy formulated by a person who looks to be of krypto Jewish origins, Ben Klaussen.

Published in Know thy Enemy
Kyle Hunt wrote a detailed overview of the Nathan Damigo sucker punch heard round the world made against a 95 lb porn star SJW @ Berkley. All you know that Kyle, Sinead and I are not good buds but this is the best article I personally have read by Kyle. Recently, in this video, primarily about Weev, I preambled a view that Damigo was being enabled further to be a low IQ white racialist champion with a "staged event" occurrence in Berkley, the scene of much back and forth between fascists, as the media calls these dim witted whites and anti-fas

I am sure almost e veryone reading this site has heard about the Berkeley riot on Saturday, April 15th, 2017. Before we get to the matter at hand, let’s review a little history.

On February 1st Berkeley had been set on fire by anti-fascists who did not want Milo to speak at their campus as he’s a “Nazi White Supremacist” who supports Trump. We know that Milo is a jewish homosexual who has promoted pederasty and proudly engages in inter-racial sodomy. So, in an effort to defend Milo’s right to free speech, a right-wing protest was organized on March 10, where the two sides squared off. This would set the stage for Episode 3: Revenge of the Trumptards

Published in Another View

Dennis Fetcho weighed in when he saw that Weev did an interview @Renegade:

Do I think that Weev is a Jew? Absolutely. Everything about his behavior, known history, family name, looks – tells us the guy is a poser – a crypto-Jew.

It should be very clear to those not versed in Jewish culture.

In Jewish culture, it is very common for teenagers, filled as they are with already a decade of anti-German propaganda, rebel against this propaganda by speaking in the most brash and offensive in like mind as to what they view to be “anti-Semites”.

It is difficult to explain, but Jewish kids essentially act as if they themselves are these “vile anti-Semites” and often joke about it within their peer group............

Published in Know thy Enemy

Amazingly, John deNugent is jumping off the Trump bandwagon claiming there was no way to foresee Trump's being turned by the Jews, which, he claims, just happened.

For protection, he evokes compromised Jew asset, Andrew Anglin, as coming out with the same claim. But tell me goy. Plenty of people saw what a Trump win was going to bring.

I stated over and over that he was a Jewish trojan horse. Renegade has been anti-Trump for 18 months. Brandon Martinez saw through the con.

Published in JWO Crap
Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has provoked a backlash from senior Democrats after refusing to take Syrian President Bashar Assad’s complicity in the Idlib chemical attack at face value and demanding proof.
Published in Know thy Enemy

Image result for Campaign for Freedom of speech: Don’t ban the Nordic Resistance MovementCampaign for Freedom of speech: Don’t ban the Nordic Resistance Movement

at the request of "Nom dePLume

Don't Ban The Nordic Resistance Movement!

The Finnish Police Board has entered a lawsuit too the district court in Pirkanmaa/Birkaland where they urge the court to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement. The Police Board do not wish to criminalize this political organization on grounds of some criminal activities it's members have perpetrated, but solely because of the fact that the Nordic Resistance Movement's political viewpoints is considered to not be in accord with ”good custom”, which is specified to mean that the organization is in conflict with ”the views of the current time on morality and justice.”

Whom or who decides what today is considered moral and just? According to the lawsuit it is proposed that it is against ”good custom” to have the political goal to leave the European Union, to want to return immigrants to their country of origin and to propose a ban for the media that are hostile to the Nordic people.

Even those who do not sympathize with the Nordic Resistance Movement’s opinions ought to be worried over the actions of the police here. If the politicized Finnish Police Board gets their will through, then they will be able to ban all political opposition on the same phony grounds of being ”against good custom”, even if the court would not deem them criminal in any other way. If the ban is passed in Finland there is also the risk that we will see similar abuse on freedom of speech in other Nordic countries.

Freedom of speech is something that affects us all. If the freedom of speech is removed, what other means is then left for the opposition?



My comment left that won't get published

 (above). Notice the other published comment of a goy who has no clue Piper was a shill. In fact, Kyle just encouraged her to worship his memory, a person who shilled for the US government's and obviously Jew's OCT of the Sandy Hook psyop. This is representative of the whole movement this lack of a loyalty test for those that would influence it's direction.

Blindlight policy is to scrutinize such people with a bad case of "dual loyalty" itis anytime you publish them making sure the reader is aware of the subversion they have been behind elsewhere.  In most cases, like the way I cover Lasha Darkmoon, for example, or John deNugetnt or an Andrew Anglin, this rarely allows for me to say anything positive of them and if I do, it is with a reminder of the exposed issues we have found with their behavior elsewhere. To remind,  there are warning signs anytime a new op enters the movement as one of us.

Published in Know thy Enemy
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