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I don’t like that this is happening because I am a patriotic person and never gave in to the “I’m a minority, poor me, whaahhh” garbage even though I am also Native American Iroquois. I am a volunteer entertainer for Veterans, have won several awards and mentions.  Countless write ups in Newspapers.  Not to mention the prestigious FORSCOM award given by the US Army.  I have been in the fight against Leftism for 28 years and I am very tired. 

Published in Another View

I learned with VK Clark, consistent pictures of the same human body does not automatically mean the person i one and the same with the one offering them up.  Every operative has to present some sort of believable back story to who they are

I have been "watching" Miles Mathis for close to three years now. I became aware of him through the Henry Makow site, itself, clearly, with it's negative Hitler obsession and holohoax denial, a site clearly belonging to the "limited hangout category". The one that drew my attention was his claim that Bob Dylan was a creation of the Deep State and was probably not the true writer of most of his material.

Published in Blindlight
Saturday, 25 November 2017 21:16

Two plus two equals four, or five?

I guess Anglin has come to realize that the goyim really don't notice when it comes to contradictory signals being given as long as there is a bit of space and time in between the two. Eric Striker, who writes frequently for Anglin and very well might be Jewish since he has no real history apart from Stormer,  used the dead witnesses issue (one of many) to show off his worry about government candor. But don't worry, handler agent behind the curtain, he preluded it with this,

The FBI, journalists and MGM Mandalay Bay are thankful for your amnesia.

Published in Know thy Enemy

Snap1BL - I give you "Mad Jewess",  a woman still growing in her world understanding. She and I did not hit it off but I think the domestic 911 (Charlottesville - which I call a staged event from beginning to end) got her seeing through the ruse at a new level (my guess). For whatever reason, we have been interacting positively and though she may have a ways to grow on the Jewish question,  she is against globalism and anyone against globalism is capable of understanding who the true enemy is and should be treated as a respected comrade as we hope to grow together

Published in Another View

The Good Thing about Owning your own site is that you can break the mold, go against the grain, do things just because you want to, by gosh! There is no real reason why I'm posting this beyond finding it interesting and is a break from my usual. You won't learn too much about how to manipulate the JWO but more about how you are manipulated indirectly because  when an artist uses a formula to succeed, he is trying to manipulate you into his or her camp to bring himself fame or make him and his folks sheckles

Published in New Beginnings

Image result for saxons knife

ED-NOTE – This article fails to mention the most important thing of all: what does the word Ashkenaz actually mean? Because it does mean something and it is NOT Khazars.

We find the word ‘Ashkenaz’ all throughout Jewish Medieval literature and it means one thing and one thing only: Germany. The Ashenazi are Jews living in Germany and most specifically, the Jews living in what was known as Old Saxony. And Old Saxony is that part of Germany where the Saxons, who invaded Britain and ‘utterly destroyed’ the druidic Celtic culture, came from. 

Published in Know thy Enemy
Friday, 17 November 2017 02:59

Come Get on the Martinez Bullshit Express

Image result for Brandon Martinez

Martinez begins to openly declare Iran an evil empire

Just as Blindlight has been warning, closeted neo-con subversive, Brandon Martinez has begun openly throwing Iran's name out with his prior declared enemies, Russia, North Korea, Syria, etc. If you have read Martinez over the years, he used to work for Press TV and openly defended the Iranian regime in the past as an MO.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 11:04

Is Free Masonry Out to Get You?


Published in Know thy Enemy
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