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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 16:40

I Have No Home, I Have No Pack. I Am No one

It feels particularly appropriate for yours truly, Blindlight,  who rejected racialist friendly overtures to join them upon becoming Jew-wise because I couldn't  accept their logic that it could only be movement for White People, this removing the Jew from power.  Of course racialists have always had a lot in common with cults. Charismatic leaders, often co opted by the enemy, leading them through unproductive streams and trails, distracting away from when they should be looking straight at the Jewish subversion going on in our midst.

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Image result for When two enemies are fighting each other and they both have the same partner, maybe the true enemy is the guy on both sides

You all know how I feel about supporting bloggers and their begging for money 

Please someone tell me what makes Brendon O'Connell essential to the non-movement that exists? The goy have a history of wasting money on all kinds of fake good stuff so be my guest!

I feel it in the air! Brandon Martinez recently started going negative on Iran. Jason Jorjani is the "New injection" into the Alt-Right" to tell us "The enemy of my enemy is just another enemy". Translation, Iran is an enemy to Jews but so what. It's run by Islam that hates us.

Published in "Watching" Jorjani
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 14:42

This and That, Sinead

First of all I didn't get on the evalion train for shekels. I genuinely thought people had lied about her and I had a lot of people fucking with me. It's often hard to know the truth but I can admit when I'm wrong" - Sinead McCarthy...................

Sinead is the one who told me that Evalion was luring men onto google talk for sheckles or cam-whoring before she got supposedly taken in. When I exposed Evalion, her immediate reaction was to call me a pedophile and threaten to harass my uninvolved, racially mixed daughter whom she called a "Mongrel". - BL

Mike Delaney, former car thief, former Eric Huffschmidt associate, co-producer of "Missing Links" hirer and firer of John Alan Martinson and Brandon Martinez, Christian Identity supporter and believer in traditional white values has stepped to the plate to offer his take and his airing of the fact that Mike Enoch not only has a "Jew wife" but is a Jew himself. He also goes into the doxxing issue and why people need to stand behind their real name

Image result for blindlight

Let it be clear, this is being aired for the embedded Jew issue that I have been claiming as fact for so long. Many should be aware though I have never spent significant time on Delaney,  I clearly, at minimum, think he carries a lot of White Race Religion baggage and because he began his truth associations with non-racialists, do wonder how authentic those beliefs are or if they are an assignment.. Here is Mike's take on the Doxxing of (((Enoch)))

TO reiterate, Blindlight believes it's about awareness not race and the white race will be genocided overtime if the Jews stay in power. Thus, Delaney's idea of having 6 kids and marrying white while Jews rule is baggage to obsessover as well as many personal lifestyle issues being advocated by his ilk. Remove the Jew, the white race will survive and begin to thrive but not before 
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Right off the bat, I have been aware of Les Visibles or Smoking Mirrors for about three years and have possibly read two or three full articles of his. His subject material borders on the David Icke type stuff that I had already graduated from when I became Jew wise. He does refer to the Jews but rarely bluntly.  I suppose my initial concerns that he might be an op or 3rd tier dissent began when I noticed his regular promotion on ", whose owner has questionable origins and who is a site for regular "in the club" commentators to post that are also likely co-opted.

It's always interesting and usually relevant to use the "Wayback Machine" on these folks to see what they were prattling on about when they first revealed themselves to us. In the owner of Truthseeker's case, Rixon Stewart, it was very much conspiratorial in nature and he.....

Published in Know thy Enemy
Thursday, 19 January 2017 07:09


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BL - Eyes Open!

Throughout American history, there have been Jews who have held important positions in the White House as advisers to various presidents. And there have been family members of sitting presidents — wives and brothers, in particular — who have wielded enormous political power from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But never has there been the combination reflected in the appointment — should it come to pass — of Jared Kushner as senior adviser to his father-in-law, Donald Trump. The combination of pure political authority and airtight family bonds residing at the most powerful address in the world means that Kushner, who turned 36 years old yesterday, could represent a level of Jewish influence that is historically unprecedented.

Published in Know thy Enemy

Mel Gibson made The Passion of the Christ, a truthful movie about Jesus-denying Jews demanding Christ crucified as an apostate, and the major movie review covered by the Judeo-MSM was that the Jesus-denying Jewish ADL wanted the movie crucified along with Mel.  They wanted Gibson's movie censored and Mel actually accommodated them somewhat by changing parts of his movie, but it still never got their blessing. 

The story of Christ is the story of one half of Jews believing they were finally in the mist of the long awaited , long prophesied Messiah, while the other half of Jews, the Jesus-denying Jews, believed they were in the mist of a false prophet and wanted his blood.

We have covered Jesus-denying Jews killing to get their way as a collective group, in many other ways over the years , that has also been suppressed by Jesus-denying Jews who control the nation's narrative through their MSM.

Published in How We All Got Here!
The alt-right eats its own: Neo-Nazi podcaster "Mike Enoch" quits after doxxers reveal his wife is Jewish

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet, but the racist alt-right movement that has latched onto him is already showing signs that it’s falling apart.

The loosely knit group was shocked to the core Saturday night when one of its most influential leaders — a man known to his online followers as “Mike Enoch,” a virulent racist and anti-Semite — was revealed to be a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich, who has said that his wife is Jewish. Although the motivations behind Peinovich’s apparent deception are not clear, his operation presumably generated some modest cashflow from true believers in the alt-right crusade.

Published in Know thy Enemy
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