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Items filtered by date: September 2016

 It's time we leave the ole masonic talking points rinse repeat divide and conquer this campaign has been all about running up to the 2016  election. In desperation and lots of guidance from Jewish covert friends, we have targeted race relations as the only issue worth thinking about when deciding who to elect. Our Jew-wise brethren have accepted the fact that to play ball, in Jewville, the Jew can not be mentioned, Jewish "big lies" can not be acknowledged or outed as they continue occurring and let's just get all warm and fuzzy about a guy who is going to ban claimed anti-Semites" (anyone Jews don't like) from visiting this country.

This is basically an introduction for a great piece that caught my eye back in 2012 or there abouts, written in the 1920's by Henry Ford's mouthpiece called "The International Jew —The World's Foremost Problem". Within this article contains a great rant explaining the essence of the Jewish problem.

Published in A New Way!
Monday, 26 September 2016 20:56

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The jadan
Sunday, 25 September 2016 23:06

Blindlight's public access update page

THis is a supplementary update often with info I wish to leave up without cycling new2eer news over it like I do on the main page
Published in Update Alley
Sunday, 25 September 2016 04:38

WRR-ist pushes Aryan World Order- I react

The word Aryan is confusing since it has been stolen to mean the white race when it actually means a man with a noble soul. It seems Reinhard unknowingly is pushing a creed similar to the "Creativity Cult" where a white utopia would come into being if we joined together in universal white brotherhood in similar fashion to the Jew. 

There are no countries just  race in place of countries! Of course, the problem with Reinhard's pie in the sky imaginings is that the White race has never considered themselves one people until recently and that belief found in only a small portion of resistant whites to the idea of intermingling with other races

Published in Know thy Enemy

Image result for Rachel Weisz-Deborah Lipstadt

It's clear the Jews have been "chosen" by the Jewish power-structure dominating most of the planet to be a small congregation of folks deserving of special treatment disguised as retributions entitled for  mindless hate and demonizing aimed their way. It's clear that the Jews are allowed to start wars to depopulate goyim herds and then be praised as the only folks who suffered worth remembering.

It's clear that the Jews can be allowed to ignore what they did to Nagasaki, to Dresden and to post war Germany while they daily remind their goyim readers of the unspeakable suffering Jews went through due to the mass hysteria in WW II Germany caused by Adolph Hitler. Let's don't go too deep into the subject however wich would then expose unimportant facts such as Hitler's willingness to help Jews move to Palestine or Hitler's never ever being quoted talking about Nazi death camps or a plan to kill Jews. Let's not talk about the immediate post war lies perpetuated by meetings revealing made up facts about Jews being turned into soap. Lies disproved a million fold and admitted now as such by Jews while other areas of their media continue repeating  them for their fawning, faithful, duped sheep.

Published in Know thy Enemy

Image result for aryan

I, Blindlight, have issues with both the left and right sides of the potential Hitlerian  resistance. Aryan Sanctuary, a close friend of JAM's, runs He represents the left side of the Hitlerian perspective. Someone like Sinead or Kyle Hunt represents the right.Sadly, there is a hate relationship occurring between the two, from the left's perspective, due to racialist scapegoating other goy and from the right's perspective due to a non=appreciation of  the importance of the White Race Religion issue. I have written in my "Hitlerian Pyramid category why I believe that both sides need to reevaluate their priorities, understand that the Jews stand in the way as far as reaching any of our goals and form a temporary alliance so we can neutralize this main leak.

Jews studied Islam intensely n decided to fight it by any possible means :media ,fake web productions about Islam to create isalmophobia , etc

Islam warns us of the plans n prophets told us in their prophecies about what they will do in future

The best way to discredit some one or something is to tell lies about them so the best way to do that is with media, hoax n faking attack in west to fear Muslims n depict us as a terrorists to them. They are aware of western mentality so they are preparing individuals to attack any Muslim men n women feel that it's just.

They made Americans think that we hate them cos we hate their freedom, hahahahaha (George W. Bush)

Published in New Beginnings
Monday, 19 September 2016 23:17

Germany, the Jew's Favorite Whipping Boy!

On my site the other day, I asked  a guy from Norway, a man of Norwegian blood, why Germany was constantly attacked by world Jewry. His answer came immediately and with no hesitation.  They are the noblest race, he said and thus, the biggest threat to the Jews.

Makes sense to me but let us realize, Jewry's obsession with making German's miserable goes back long before 1914 and the first world war that Germany was scapegoated for causing. Possibly an event far more devastating to the German people occurred between 1618-1648. Between those thirty years, the Jews took out, with their Protestant Reformation religious psyops and their generous funding,for a high percentage profit fee of course for enabling the devastation a good 30% of the German population.

Wikipedia claimed 8 million Germans died, where as this source, covered percentages:

During the war, Germany's population was reduced by 30 percent on average; in the territory of Brandenburg, the losses had amounted to half, while in some areas an estimated two thirds of the population died.
Published in Know thy Enemy
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