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Items filtered by date: August 2016
Sunday, 28 August 2016 08:55

The Jewish Kehilla


Published in Know thy Enemy

Image result for the conniving JewThe first involves angering the Jews.

The Babylonians and Romans did so by destroying their first and second Temple and then enslaving their people.

The Europeans did so in 1492 AD, by upsetting their 800-year-old Golden Era where they were comfortably situated with the Moorish Judeo-Muslims of Spain.

Published in How We All Got Here!
Thursday, 25 August 2016 23:09

The financial system for dummies!

I have noticed over the years that even among the most intelligent and educated of us, the ignorance, with regards to how our financial system actually works, is almost total. That’s even true when it comes to people who actually have an economic education, or who actually works within the financial marked. Now, of course, some of them do understand, but choose to stay silent to this most unfair system, due to the fact that they themselves benefit from it. Still, believe it or not, many simply do not have a clue. So, actually, you’re no dummy if you don’t understand the financial system. It is, I’m sad to say, the way it for just about all of us.

Thursday, 25 August 2016 21:53

Mehmed The Jewish Conqueror

Let me translate this for you.

Image result for Mehmed The Jewish Conqueror"Greek girls and women as plunder" is really Christian girls and women as sexual slaves to be raped at will.

And "Jewish families repopulating empty homes" translates to unharmed and free Jewish fathers, mothers and children allowed the bloody booty of Christian homes in Constantinople.

Mehmed awarding Jewish families the spoils of war by giving away stolen homes, with Mehmed's Christian sexual slaves taken away from their homes, squarely places Mehmed as Judeo-Muslim, and not at all Christian in heritage or morality.

Naturally Jews would say that Mehmed was not Jew and they were "ordered" to fill the empty homes as a people only "slightly" more despised than Christians.

But that argument only raises more questions, for if Mehmed was fully Muslim, why would he give Jews extra special treatment after decades of barbarism toward Christians?

The answer to that question is that the Jews were collaborating to help the Muslims slaughter and enslave the Christians and so, the free homes in Constantinople were payment for a job well done.

Published in Know thy Enemy
Thursday, 25 August 2016 01:34

Ben Klassen's Jewish- Mennonite Origins

Image result for Ben Klassen's Jewish- Mennonite OriginsKlassen started a religion in 1973 called "Church if the Creator" which has been renamed by Matt Hale to the "Creativity Movement"

Recently I began looking into Ben Klassen, precursor to Matt Hale. It has been claimed that Klassen is Jewish and it has also been refuted by folks committed to the racist values of his teachings. I am beginning to look into this but what  is clear, many things he advocates in this religion has a JWO ring to it. One that really jumps out is his  belief in loyalty to race above country and by that I mean that permeates borders. This is quite similar in tone to the idea of the Jews as an international people.

Published in Know thy Enemy
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 02:53

The White Race Religion Manifesto

Matt Hale and his "Little League parent" mom , Evelyn

The White Race Religion does seem to seek a nationhood of whites that knows no borders, international in scope and all you need to have is 100% pure white blood (unless you are a sneaky Jew or 25% Indian who looks white and can get in that way, etc). Here is a long manifesto by the persecuted white goy (?) of the year Matt Hale (don't worry, his mom's a 24/7 money promoting machine)

Has Barbara Spectre ok-ed this plan yet? Are Jews gonna work with whites on this?

Interesting to note, Mourning of the Ancients, a site that worked with VK Clark and her self-promotion as a goofy white man hating  Jew WW II revisionist, did a similar interview with Matt Hale.

Limited hangouts sure do promote limited hangouts and I am sure VK and Matt are great friends though since I hear they are both gay, they probably don't make out on the lounge couch behind the curtain near Vince McMahon's coordination room

Published in Blindlight

I begin uncovering the garbage that invented the "White Race Religion"

I am just now beginning to learn the history of the movement that supposedly is offering resistance to the Jew and known as the White Racialist Movement or a term I came up with because it is religious like in the ferocity with which it proclaims it's claims for facts, The White Race Religion. It includes Heathens, Christian Identity, and White Nationalists.  They have certain rules about what you have to profess about the White race and their current predicament to be allowed a voice in the movement, otherwise you are rejected as a person of no consequence and demonized as a race traitor if you happen to be white.

Published in Know thy Enemy
As the Clock moves towards Zero, All my Watched MSM II sites start  taking Sides in the Fake Fight

I, Blindlight, having spent the previous three days arguing over the value of having the WRR (White Race Religion) front and center in determining whose voice does or does not count when formulating a resistance strategy, my article written and interested parties having offered their reactions, I moved onto looking over my "Watched Sites" landscape to see the latest. There has been a huge effort in the MSM II or Alternative Media to treat Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as secret Jew haters, for lack of a better word.

The claim is that no one in his right mind can challenge the Jews openly, so they all must go about it with slight of hand maneuvers (did Hitler challenge the Jews openly? I think he did!) The  same folks who sing Putin's praises are mostly singing Trumps praises because the same "messiah" mentality is ever present for both objects of praise.

Published in Know thy Enemy
Saturday, 13 August 2016 08:19

Aangirfan -Exposed!


Published in Psyops
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