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The Muslim-Jewish Symbiosis

The symbiotic relationship between Muslim and Jews is no coincidence. It existed from day one.

All Muslims will tell you they are descended from Abraham through Ismael. Well, there is far more truth to this than any Muslim would ever admit. For if Muhammad was to have descended from Ismael, then his mother had to have been Jewish.

Muhammad’s tribe was both Jewish and Arab. He based his Quran on the Jewish Torah and Talmud, making Islam a sect of Talmudic Judaism. Muhammad was part spiritual Rabbi leader and part military leader.

He was the Jewish Messiah, one out of many.

Even before Muhammad began his religion, the fact that he was Jewish through his mother and had a Jewish first wife explains why Jewish tribes trusted Muhammad to lead them.

Arabia at that time of Muhammad was already filled to the brim with Jews, due to three waves of Jewish immigrants. They all came from the increasingly Christianized Roman Empire. At that time, the Christian faith was also gaining popularity in the neighbouring non-Roman parts of Arabia, the destination of choice for Jewish refugees from the Roman Empire. It was only a question of time until it would have become Christian too and thus less attractive to Jews.

We here on the Night's Watch  stand at the wall of Jewish misdirection and do our best to warn our people down in the city who still wine and dine with the enemy that evil is coming and it's coming in the name of everything but.  I am now willing to state that John deNugent, the "High-born" aristocrat from New England  and who rarely posts an article without a redisplay of the fact, is either an MK ultra-paid agent, or compromised through his own vanity and desires to make a name for himself within the JWO structure, anyhow, anyway...

A year ago I held out meager hopes that John was compatible to the only worthy cause there is and posted about ten of his articles and PMed back and forth with him on Facebook. However, his inconsistent behavior and clearly, huge ego seemed to then and clearly seems to now dominate his personal makeup. John deNugent is a person that assesses a movement's success by his own personal success ( a chronic problem of ego driven, goy activists)...

Published in Psyops
Monday, 18 July 2016 21:43



Created: 14 July 2016 

Devouring peaceful nations for almost four centuries


This is precisely what is happening in the United States today, the same as what happened to all those other countries before the swindling of the Jews had turned all these distinctive nation states into near cadaver gray wraiths of corporate duplicity eager to sacrifice the Earth itself for their year-end bonuses.

This is the book that most succinctly tells the tale of the continuing disappearance of our individual rights, courtesy of a single group that has controlled our lives since long before we were born.

Published in How We All Got Here!

  John deNugent Sells his JWO Connections as he Pretends to Fight It.

Recently on my home page, I pointed out how every article John deNugent posts includes multiple family pictures  re-explaining his Illuminati family connections in case there is someone in his 200 person fan base that didn't know that yet. Or maybe he thinks his audience mentality borders on senility. You will have to ask him

John also tries to portray the full gamut of positions so as to attract the biggest following possible. Whether it is John displaying various MK Ultra alters on different days and it seeping into his writing or he has absolutely no moral compass is yet to be fully determined. He has gone from running a weekly broadcast with a black person to show how inclusive he is to obsessive postings about black on white crime, evil Islam, and the copycat Chinese, I assume, to please his Joe Six Pack audience.

Here, I wrote a year ago how John tried to guilt trip folks about feeding his kitty. In his latest article, he does that as well as the mandatory auto-biographical pictures of his family and elite society background. The guy continues to amaze. What can I say.

Published in Blindlight

Through Deception They Wage War....On Us!

The Jew World Order is sold to us as real in the public arena. Those that make the rules and order the actors on what to do and not to do are behind the curtain. Ever since Paul figured out a way to get the goyim to undermine it's king and status quo within the Roman Empire via the "Christianity psyop", the Jews have done most of their work behind the curtain,  in the backstage area where the puppet strings emanate from.

Of course, the most loyal, best actors are also Jews but when you are dealing with goyim niches that are inherently distrustful of Jewish power, that must be covered up. Therefore, they change their name, get a nose job, adopt an anonymous cover ID online to sell the Jewish agenda through the acting out on the public stage

Working Within the JWO or seeking Removal, How to Tell the Difference

This article idea was born off the writing of these other two articles. Resisting the NWO Does Not Include Fighting For First Dibs on Jew Crumbs and My Theory on the Abrahamic Religions-Are They a JWO Controlling Mechanism?. The topics dealt with are when the JWO really began in its present form and the temptation promoted in the other of accepting the JWO as a fact and maneuvering for higher status within the op.

The problem with that though is many of these folks simply maneuvering for higher status within a corrupt operation are pretending or implying that they are fighting it. Their reasoning is usually scanty as they prefer to focus your attention on the JWO talking points being promoted throughout the world that apply to their advocacy. Those folks, maneuvering within the deceitful JWO mechanism are referred to in the protocols as third tier dissent:

Do you really want to work within that system heading for a bridge to nowhere for the 99% or do you want to bring it down with blood and fire! Choose wisely, now, while a choice is still there.

My Theory on the Abrahamic Religions-Are They a JWO Controlling Mechanism?

Well yes! Christianity is bullshit! The Jewish religion is bullshit! Islam is bullshit. It is this umbrella that the JWO is encased in. Complaining that the Jews control the media is about like seeing somebody kill someone and screaming about the fact he doesn't make his bed in the morning. The fact a person doesn't make his bed in the morning is a problem but it doesn't compare with the fact he just killed your sister!

So, my claim is God is real and psychopaths or political manipulators realized very quickly that the idea of God is a great control mechanism. They also realized that the idea of a different God than what your opponent professes to believe in can undermine the culture and the order your opponent lives in. Since the idea of God sending us a "special" man to cure all our evils so we don't have to do anything makes no sense and something I saw through at the tender age of 11, we can discount any possibility that Christianity is valid as the direct word of God.

Published in How We All Got Here!
{Ex-husband seems to work for "The Many Faced God" , a man with apparently no face}

On a whim, I googled Pam Geller and stumbled into an old story by accident. She married a guy named Michael Oshry in 1990 and divorced him in 2007. They owned several car dealerships in New York. The problem was they specialized in selling used cars to folks with illegitimate IDs. This came to the surface when an employee of theirs was shot dead, speculation being he was killed because he found out about the scam

Published in Infiltration

Many have noticed my promotion of the Jew op "Game of Thrones" It is easy enough to download all episodes via torrent (here being one example). Just remember, all the middle ages was subverted by Jewish mind control. As far as shows like "Game of Thrones" I find it interesting how the Jews will dangle the answer to our subversion all the time. "The factions have all united" some character will say so success is now possible. Even though they tell us the answer, they have made it all seem murky like when they want all goyim to unite by forcing folks who don't trust each other to live in close quarters. This allows them to advocate the true solution while they undermine it in how they are making it happen

Published in New Beginnings
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