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Uncle Volodya says, "What will the preachers say to teach men not to persecute men? For, while a few sanctimonious humbugs are burning a few fanatics, the earth opens and swallows up all alike.”

Uncle Volodya says, “What will the preachers say to teach men not to persecute men? For, while a few sanctimonious humbugs are burning a few fanatics, the earth opens and swallows up all alike.”

Before we get started, a moment of silence, please, for Mitt Romney, who collapsed and died on Tuesday following his fourth consecutive multiple orgasm of vindication, at A.R. Valentin’s restaurant in La Jolla, California. His dinner companions did not notice at first that Mr. Romney had fallen off his chair, all having raised their eyes to the ceiling and chorused “America’s foremost geopolitical enemy!!!” to complete Mr. Romney’s statement, “I told them Russia was…” because they had all heard it at least a hundred times that day.

 Lev Tikhomirov

For the modern Jew, it is the uncertainty of all doctrine, from the Cabala to the  tablets of Moses the Law Giver. It leaves the Jew with only action. How is it then the mission of the Jews to give a better picture of a God they do not know? Their view of the law is in contradiction to the Old Testament prophetic tradition. Not merely the external observance was required, but also internal transformation. Jeremiah wrote:The new Judaism seems to have no real belief system. The idea of the Cabala is pantheistic while the authors of the Talmud are pagans. The problem is that a belief system for Jews is not considered important: only actions are. Following the law is the fulness of the law.

Published in Know thy Enemy

How I Got Here (Part III) - Should Whites Have a Homeland?

Although much of this article is devoted to the development of my worldview since I became 911 aware, it is also laying down the foundation as to where rational, Jew-aware, white people can have a reasonable expectation to have a homeland based on their ethnic heritage. The narrative will follow my own awakening process to the fact that there is a New World Order covertly being implemented and that New World Order is the product of Jewish brains and for the ultimate benefit of those people who call themselves Jews...

It follows the basic methods that have been implemented to getting them in, pretty near, full control of the world albeit, in a covert manner with the objective being to become so powerful, they can openly crown a Jewish messiah, anti-christ, for us all to bow down to and worship and obey. One reason why this covert entity is so hard to address is the illusiveness with which it operates. Misdirection is it's MO and it is so effective that even folks who think they have been "red pilled" don't realize that they have to swallow the whole thing in order to see the subversion in all it's naked reality...

Another reason that this all is so effective is that  many things they will have to see is their own mind control and seeing other people's mind control is much easier than seeing your own. They will have to see, in a blunt cold fashion, the parts of the JWO they, themselves, have adopted and believe is their own.

Published in A New Way!

Kyle Hunt and Renegade's Anti-Trump Agenda

Ever since Andrew Anglin got on the Trump bandwagon, Kyle Hunt has made it his responsibility to be anti-Trump. It striked me as curious at the time and still strikes me curious today as I look over his latest piece linking the Trump name to a high end escort service...

In the late 70's, a Neo-Nazi group went to court over the right to march through a Jewish neighborhood. A famous Jewish lawyer successfully defended the Nazi's right to do so and they marched. The publicity from the case was background for ingraining holocaust propaganda into the public psyche.  Do you think Alan Dertsowitz would have defended the covert Jewish leader if it wasn't in the Jew's interest to do so?....

Andrew Anglin just got notified that he needed to remove his Taylor Swift  bullshit material. Anglin claims to be seeking the ACLU's help to defend himself and if he gets it, he will put it back up. Folks, the ACLU is a Jew op. If they defend Anglin it's because it will be determined to be good for Jews to do so...Please remember, I have called Anglin an op for the last 18 months. Why doesn't Anglin get white supremacist lawyers to defend him? He's asking Jews for help? Hey Andrew, aren't you supposed to do that behind the curtain, not in the WWE arena? I actually posted on my home page the offending article Anglin just removed.

Published in New Beginnings
Thursday, 26 May 2016 12:26

Is Shield Maiden really Jewlie Mitchell?

 Profile imageThere is a girl that just kind of showed up one day at Renegade called Shield Maiden. Back in my Sinead McCarthy huntin days,  I focussed in on Shield Maiden and determined Sinead was indeed her. Sinead swears up and down now that  she is not her and after seeing this fairly recent post by the woman who claims to be Shield Maiden, It probably isn't. It seems more like Jewlie Mitchell
This article below was a "Negroes are bad even if you know a good one". Jewlie Mitchell specializes in those. Jewlie Mitchell is an agent provocateur and the anonymous Shield Maiden may be as well, if this article is a regular part of her routine. Hopefully she was PMSing real bad because otherwise she looks like an agent appealing to the worst of our natures. Read bits of the two with links to the whole and decide for yourself
Wednesday, 25 May 2016 15:57

Any White Ethno-state Must be in Europe


Many Identarian Whites would find this thought repulsive. The "great white race" is great at  finding convenient noble explanations for everything associated with it. I understand that attitude when it comes to self or immediate family but race? The great white race that for so many years could never get along and went to war against different factions of itself, over and over now say if they aren't white, don't care about them?

Published in A New Way!

 We do know by observing their website the great esteem these folks, especially AS, holds for John Alan Martinson or JAM. I know, through observing and researching, JAM has a bitterness leftover from the time he actually tried to affect the white identarians and was called "stupid nigger" as his reward. For whatever reason ,JAM came back from hiding last fall telling white people they were his enemy and what this sounds like to me is very similar to what's position is or AS's (because he writes almost all the ideology). In fact, they seem identical, JAM's and AS's. AS is constantly calling Martinson the rightful leader of a resistance movement because he is an expert in psychological warfare. I have to note that it seems his psychological warfare of getting his points across to should be comrades has fallen flat for whatever that is worth. However, there is great respect there,between those two.Interestingly, the backbone of their thesis is very similar to mine except I emphasize the Jewish problem to the higher extent whereas AS seems to make it a 50-50 split between White culpability and the Jew. Interestingly, AS does call the left out as being part of the problem as well, intellectually. I would compare it to what we have commonly seen folks like Noam Chomsky, a seeming critique of Israel but in actuality a protector , or gatekeeper, controlling the parameters of acceptable discourse when it comes to confronting the Jewish problem. Chomsky, though going into the rabbit hole a good bit when acknowledging the approved media pundits never confronting western power, his engine shuts down at the gates of Zion so the true problems of the financial system and much else can not be totally confronted under his watch....Likewise, the left plays a protector's role of white heritage but to a casual ear, their discourse would sound like disapproval

In similar ways, AS blames the left for using distorted reasoning for upholding the inherent good in western civilization while it attacks the right for their take on their superiority. In the end, both would protect this organism called Western Civilization and have simply different ways of doing the protecting. It is my argument that, yes, over the last 500 years, Western Civilization has been the problem but it's not because of those born into the culture but because of the subverters of the culture that became embedded there and their success in forcing their point of view on the populace to such an extent that today, the populace is not even aware of the subversion.

Indeed, one could acknowledge a certain "colonizing" of Western Civilization if one wanted to truly give the Jew his due and likewise note that The Renaissance, the Reformation, the mentality to colonialize other lands are all the results of his handiwork. Did whites help him and perhaps lead the way at times here and there? Of course, but all these changes were willed into existence by Jews and their quest for Zion.

I have named the source many times and so has the Protocols of Zion. It is the Jew that does these things. The white man, left or right from this culture has been duped to do their bidding voluntarily,  other cultures have bowed down to their own exploitation and manipulation through force....The subversion has worked wonderfully as we now see Western Civilization being targeted with a down grade as the rest of the world is targeted with an upgrade. While taking the form of unleashed immigration through pawn foreigners, the inhabitants of the lands most closely associated with the world's exploitation only seem to notice how they are being inconvenienced and abused with total obliviousness to the harm they have caused elsewhere while doing their duty to their secret overlord Jews. AS describes it well:

Published in How We All Got Here!

Martinez publishes (finally) a comment of mine and responds

Brandon wrote a piece, again, yesterday, that looked like a roundabout response to some articles I put out on him. I took it as an opportunity to try to comment and see if he would publish it, being careful not to mention his real name (ZCF) for that is an automatic comment discard. To my surprise, for the second time in eighteen months with many many tries in between, he did publish the comment. What will be interesting to see is if he cuts off my ability to continue the dialogue by not publishing the ones that as I write this, are waiting to be moderated....

If he  responds to my latest comments, this article will be expanded. Brandon naturally threw out some unflattering remarks to insinuate my idiocy, acted as if because I didn't do deep research my thoughts were therefore lacking, implied that guilt by association was somehow wrong to consider when making a claim, statement or point of view, and just plain engaged in a continuation of his habit to  find everybody the enemy but imply that he could discern when an enemy was speaking truth worth regurgitating....

Published in A New Way!
Tuesday, 17 May 2016 10:48

Western Civilization Must Die

Due to the global pandemic of Western civilization from the colonial era onwards, modern-postmodern rightist and leftist positions have closely corresponded to positive and negative evaluations of Western civilization respectively. Rightists believe that non-Western societies should feel fortunate and grateful for the ideas that Western civilization introduced to them; the only real debate within rightist circles is whether – the neocon* view – Western civilization did the right thing by sharing its content with non-Western societies, or whether – the paleocon view – Western civilization should have kept its content exclusively to itself in the interest of maximizing Western competitive advantage over non-Western societies. Leftists, on the other hand, believe that non-Western societies justifiably feel wronged and resentful for the ideas that Western civilization forced them to adopt (“The white races have imposed their will by force … One solitary success must be conceded to the colonizers: everywhere they have succeeded in arousing hatred.” – Adolf Hitler) and that material gain as a side-effect of Westernization is no compensation for this (“I claim that the English have governed India very well, but their error is to expect enthusiasm from the people they administer.” – Adolf Hitler); the only real debate within leftist circles is whether – the paganist view – traditional non-Western societies were virtually flawless prior to Western interruption, or whether – the National Socialist view - non-Western societies were already fallen long before Western interruption (“We know of no historic civilization based upon a joyous earthly wisdom, implying active love towards all living creatures … neither man-centered nor pessimistic, nor lacking truly universal kindness in the Buddhistic sense of the word. We only know of a very few individuals who have put forward such a philosophy, professed such a religion — consciously or unconsciously — from time to time.” – Savitri Devi) and therefore Western interruption merely pushed them from bad to worse (“It is only in recent years that pernicious influences from the West and from the North … have begun to distort the mind and vitiate the feelings of a number of Hindus, especially of the so-called “educated” ones. It is only now that partiality in favor of man is creeping into India, in defiance of India’s professed Pantheism, and that the noisiest representatives of the Hindu people (and therefore the most well-known abroad) often seem to forget the outlook on life implied in the age-old philosophy of which they are outwardly so proud.” – Savitri Devi).

Published in A New Way!
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