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Items filtered by date: October 2016
Sunday, 30 October 2016 23:24

A Different Slant on Race

London sold to the public as poor white was actually a product of "The Rich Race" and pushed communismImage result for jack LondonA Different Slant on Race

In the beginning , there were four different races created through  isolation one from the other over thousands of years. If representatives of one or the other race made their way into the location of another, it was not a big event even if this newcomer assimilated into the native population. It was a rare occurrence and within a short span of time his mixture of DNA was swallowed up by the nativist whole often times with the admixture having a mildly stimulating affect.

The folks that would later become the "Rich race" initially were the leaders of the various tribes within each race sector. To survive and thrive they had to take into account the needs of their less prosperous brothers. They had many mutual supporting interests to assure that one or the other was content. The rich within the community found it in their interest to meet all the basic needs of the poorer elements in exchange for the utilization of the lesser's skills in service to the aristocrat.

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 Image result for mr rogers meets the JewAnglin occasionally has a guy named Lee Rogers posting on his website. Today Lee came out totally pushing the protocols. I typical distracted red pill racialist would be all impressed. Remember folks, I said you have to look at the totality of their behavior and then decide whose side they are on. I also said, no positive change for white folks can happen till the Jew is taken out and any race war or world war will be fought for Jews unless we are targetting the Jews.

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Saturday, 29 October 2016 09:03

Do not Forgive

The MSM turned on Hillary. The FBI turned on Hillary. WANT TO KNOW WHY? Because in Florida, where they flipped a HUGE number of votes, Trump still had 68 percent of the vote. Nationwide they did not have the vote scam machines everywhere, and when that got averaged in, Trump took 82 percent of the votes nationwide EVEN WITH THE STOLEN VOTES SUBTRACTED FROM THE AVERAGE. THE FBI, FOX, CNN, EVERYONE ELSE KNEW THE GIG WAS UP AND IS NOW ONLY MOVING TO SAY "SORRY" SO THEY DON'T GO TO JAIL.

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Hi guys, just read "The Jewish Strategy". It's a very short book or long essay discussing the Jewish question amid put downs of his race, other goy races and conceding that the Jews are the master race. He is very much the racialist, admiring the Jews for their ability to non-assimilate while denigrating whites for being the world's doormat.

This attitude is very typical of white racialists, basically admiring the characteristics of the master race that they can't personally own but believe it's possible to own one day. Of course this non-assimilation ability also causes all the problems we hate so much such as a view that other races are there for their personal benefit to be discarded as  irrelevant as son as personal benefit is no longer received Revilo's obvious disgust for the races he considers inferior are all too on display. He finishes his book a lovely rant against the goy beasts who were forced over here in chains, a circumstance he conveniently forgets to mention since it doesn't advance his white victimhood narrative.

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Friday, 21 October 2016 05:50

VT goes tabloid against Trump for Hillary

Porn star Jessica Drake kissed by Donald Trump without permission! Exciting details below!

Gordon Image result for Jessica Drake - pornDuff's VT magazine, an op that hasn't had much respect since it fired their best writers, is a card carrying democrat. Anyone can verify that for himself if they just look through the last 30 posts that they guys has made. VT has posted many many anti-Trump articles thereby implying and actually overtly stating that Trump will kill America like GW Bush killed America.

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Bootstrap of America


It is 1654 and the Sainte Catherine, regaled in full sail, slowly and majestically emerges from the fog bank, into the light of a crisp New England Atlantic, approaching the coast of New England.

On board are poor, wretched Israelites, fleeing in the night from anti-Semitic persecution and seeing, for the first time, the coast of freedom drenched with abundant sunlight from God.

This is how the Pharisee produced media-Scribe DVD propaganda called "A History of Jews in America" and another called "Jews in America" paint the immigration of the first Jews to arrive in America.

And along with this propaganda proving the DVD media-Scribes deceitful, is the propaganda that Governer Peter Stuyvesant was somehow WRONG about these Jews being deceitful.\

***BL-NT Jews = New Testament Jews
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Every Monday, I leave my little piece of paradise in Auburn Ga. and make the forty mile journey into Atlanta. To avoid traffic, I rise at four AM and leave at five AM. Three years ago, I decided to quit watching TV and at the same time , that included listening to the radio which was part of the  same matrix mind control apparatus I wished to do away with. This then gives me much time for introspection on these one hour journeys before the birds have even risen to begin their chirping anew. Yesterday, while scoping Brandon Martinez's you-tube, I noticed his latest 40 minute anti-Muslim video.

This time it wasn't just a quick upload of someone else's work as had lately been the rule but Martinez's own narrative made for  the core of the presentation with film footage to mind control the audience along the way. I listened and didn't react immediately until the drive in this morning. It occurred to me what the slight of hand was that Brandon had employed, a slight of hand many racialists, indeed others, were employing as well.

It was a method of divide and conquer, a separation of the Jewish problem and the

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What we  know:
  •  Ferdinand was Jewish on his mothers side.  Isabella had Jewish blood. Both were Jew friendly and surrounded by Jews. 
  • Within 100 years, Jews had fomented chaos aimed against the Catholic church all throughout Europe, instigated in large measure by crypto Jews kicked out of Spain and financed from Jewish new power center, Amsterdam
  • Al Humbra was created in 1492 by crypto Jews (the original Illuminati)
  • The Inquisition happened in 1492
  • Columbus, a hidden Jew, set sail for  the New World and enslaved 500 American Indians in 1492
  • A mini-protocols was sent in a letter  to a diaspora Jew in 1492. It read:
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Hey Zazz,

I quickly glossed over your correspondence with Nom in chat and noticed  your critiquing of my video concerning why I removed you. First of all, I will say that what I said about our 3 weeks of interaction with you was my best recollection. What is clear is that I didn’t fully gloss the negativity you possessed towards me and what my site was doing while you assumed a friendly front. Yes, I did assume that your willingness to join my site was a statement that you were open to the possibility  of joining the cause.

No, I did not fully grasp that all you wanted to do was write some negative articles about TRS. Be aware, I am going on memory recollection here.  I probably assumed you knew my stance on things and my tabloid style before you joined us. If I was Jesus and perfect, maybe I wouldn’t have assumed that.

Yes, I recall that you said you needed to read my site. I also recall you didn’t question what I was doing as you reported that you were reading my site. That implied to me  a tolerance of position with  my MO and the fact you stuck around implied to me you were onboard with, in theory,  the message of my site.....

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Image result for The Maesters GOT

My main source  for historical information about Christianity and  indeed, Islam and Judaism, for the past few months has been the excellent Jew-aware site, Christian Solutions.  I do not endorse their alignment with the Catholic Church, for that turns scrutiny at some point, into a matter of faith and blind believing, nor do I hold the notion that Jew mind controlled Islam is anymore of a danger to humanity than Zionist Christian entities also suffering from the same affliction (applied specifically for them). The notion of the 4 Jewish Diasporas in my writings have all been borrowed from these folks for they lay out such a good case. Below is an excerpt from this article. The title of this article is mine. Once again they lay out in slightly different ways the ongoing Jewish subversion of our culture.

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