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"Watching" Jorjani

"Watching" Jorjani

Blindlight sees signs, in Jason Reza Jorjani, a new sort of advocacy in promoting the anti-Muslim issue.

Jorjani claims a war with Islam is inevitable and the European White race must join in common linkage with the Iranian Renaissance Resistance, of which  he is a spokesman for. Jorjani, interestingly is a dual citizen of the US and Iran but was born in the US shortly after the Shah of Iran was deposed by the Iranian Revolution. His tactic is to use his wealth of information about the history of Iran and link it to white civilization in a myriad of ways while telling you much or Iran's greatness has been undermined by Islam. Islam conquered the country in 600 AD. Prior to that time they were a Zoroastrian culture, heavily influenced by the teachings of the great religious leader who lived long ago whose belief systems and world view is covered extensively by Jorjani. That leaders name was Zarathustra

It is clear Jorjani weaves this web to ensnare you into a political operation he is totally committed to which is restoring Iran to the old ways before the Islamic invasion. Though born in America, I believe Jorjani considers Iran his real home.

Having miserably failed in his attempts to elicit  White interest in a possible Caucasian - Iranian partnership,  this January suck up piece to Jews   is now trying a similar strategy with Jews. Gone are his…
Jason travels the world on his inheritance dime with family ties directly to the previous Iranian dynasty which lost out to Islam in 1979. Jason was born an  American, two years later, but he is clearly an Iranian first with an…
I stumbled into another somewhat rare Jason Jorjani interview this morning with Robert Stark and a guy called Pilleater. Though Jorjani, an elitist not likely to interact with the unwashed masses, a guy who has…
Jason Jorjani an Iranian American, whose family was close to the shah and power before the Iranian Revolution of 1979 has serious explaining to do on why his desire for all of us to treat…
You all know how I feel about supporting bloggers and their begging for money  Please someone tell me what makes Brendon O'Connell essential to the non-movement that exists? The goy have a history of wasting…
Jorjani's Family was close to the ShahBlindlight has stumbled into the evidence that validates his speculation that Jorjani, new enabled rising star in the alt-right,  had family ties back in Iran to the highest levers…
an expanding list of videos worthy of watching to get a feel for this enabled player, recently ushered into the Alt-Right universe

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