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JWO Crap

JWO Crap

The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin's  extreme, White Nationalist  psyop, websitethat is trying to help start a race war with other goyim, has resurfaced recently, running their website out of Iceland, every truther's favorite country.  …
Information about Webster Tarpley from IAm Not mentioned here is his commitment to blaming a group called the Venetians from the middle ages for much of our problems today. He is Jewish He's also behind…
Having adopted self-serving lessons in the past for helping the rich and Jew races dominate other non-Abrahamic cultures they are now having the wrath of the Jew imposed on all their lands, be it in…
Amazingly, John deNugent is jumping off the Trump bandwagon claiming there was no way to foresee Trump's being turned by the Jews, which, he claims, just happened. For protection, he evokes compromised Jew asset, Andrew…
The Crimefighter's Oath Ok, crimefighters. I have a tale to tell you may not wish to hear for it strips the lies off of everything you have been led to believe regarding a resistance of…
The Alt-Right is close to this point. He is right that  the Jew question is linked to Neo-Nazis but there is no reason it need be. THe link was established with a lot of work…
Too bad Spencer doesn't allow himself to tell the blunt truths about Jewish behavior in public. We do that here at Blindlight
My name is Sherry Spencer, and I am Richard Spencer’s mom. I’m a resident of Whitefish, Montana, and am the proud owner of a beautiful mixed-use facility in town. It was years ago now that…


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