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New Beginnings

... from here.....While there is plenty of room for all, the Jew wants to make you all huddled together with "taught" enemies being told to get along while he also makes sure news stories are run daily to give you the exact opposite point of view. At the same time corporatism is forcing the huddle by driving the independent folks of the land off where they grew up and into part of that "huddle" Using the trick of debt based life-styles and manufactured depressions, he forces people off their land or to sell out their family businesses to make it that much easier  to manufacture people misery while providing any and everything your wandering eye could ever want  to temporarily divert you from what is being taken away and the Jew never wants you to contemplate returning to.

 The one goy who totally got that game, Adolph Hitler, is now the most demonized figure in the history of the world because he came close to taking the JWO out of it's 400 year climb in a very short period. The white man clamoring for their lands, today, being stolen by foreigners should have seen his chance to rise with Adolph's but, sadly, believed the Jew once again...and the Jew breathed a huge sigh of relief and created the holocaust in Adolph's memory as a token to the inherent evilness of the white man's mind.

Most  whites don't know it but the real loser of WWII was the white race and the Jew took home all the marbles as he had also done in WWI and when Napoleon tried to unite Europe. So where I differ with Sinead is that focusing on anything not specifically brought home to the Jew is focusing for the the Jew and doing his bidding.  This, to me, is so glaring, it makes me target those advocating it as either ops or useful idiots, mind controlled by ops and the Jew World Order.....

I’m Taking Off For A Couple Weeks, Merry CHRISTMAS & Happy Hanukkah Dec 6 Time for me to take a couple weeks off.  I know I don’t blog more than 2-3x a week anymore but I…
Friday, 24 November 2017 23:24

Do We Really Need to Provide Answer when the information is "2+2"? Featured

Written by
The Good Thing about Owning your own site is that you can break the mold, go against the grain, do things just because you want to, by gosh! There is no real reason why I'm…
Thursday, 12 October 2017 09:00

American Revolution Just Another False Flag? Featured

Written by
 Hamilton and Washington executed a stratagem  devised by the British (crypto-Jewish) power elite  on both sides of the Atlantic. The goal was to federalize the colonies under an umbrella controlled by the elite and eventually enslave…
  It's time to call a spade a spade. It's time to tell it like it is. It's time we state openly and outwardly, we are all Hitler's son!. I have grown up in the…
Jews studied Islam intensely n decided to fight it by any possible means :media ,fake web productions about Islam to create isalmophobia , etc Islam warns us of the plans n prophets told us in…
The JWO-GOT Dilemma-Win the Throne or beat The "Whitewalkers"-Jews  In Temporary Alliance I started on this concept last week but had to mothball it. Suffice it to say, after watching and studying GOT or "Game…
Friday, 14 October 2016 07:07

"Game of Thrones" from a Jew-wise Perspective Featured

Written by
"Game of Thrones" from a Jew-wise Perspective Any regular visitor to my site who has been coming for more than a few months is bound to notice my new incorporation of GOT (Game of Thrones)…
Many have noticed my promotion of the Jew op "Game of Thrones" It is easy enough to download all episodes via torrent (here being one example). Just remember, all the middle ages was subverted by Jewish…
Friday, 01 July 2016 00:56

What a Jew Can Get Away With Saying That a Gentile Can't Featured

Written by
What a Jew Can Get Away With Saying That a Gentile Can't Marcus Eli Ravage is a Jew remembered in Jewish Wikipedia for observations from an article "Only after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans…
Thursday, 23 June 2016 10:26

"THIS AWARENESS" Wants You To Know (Plus my Two Cents) Featured

Written by
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