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As a writer that I am striving to become in the twilight of my life and after a time spent in frivolous pursuits I stumbled into a conspiracy so large, so monstrous, so Luciferian while so secretive, I have, at the tender age of 65, found my life's calling which is nothing less than  retaking back for ourselves as a nation, indeed the world, the right not be a slave. A slave that many aren't even aware that they are (for isn't that the best kind of slave?).After "friending" Ron Paul people in 2011, I quickly slipped down the rabbit  hole leaving most of those libertarian "unrealists" behind but what they did do was give me the key to the hole and that for me, was 911awareness...

testing "caption" with "Iframe" I want to eat cake  Just when you thought it was time to make nice, pepe comes along
  Patton On Communism And The Khazar Jews General Patton's Warning Edited by Raquel Baranow2-18-9  At the end of World War II, one of America's top military leaders accurately assessed the shift…
One other issue to address is the topic of National Socialism. “Nazism” as it is more commonly known has unfortunately been labeled alongside the pro-white movement for a long time.…
As you can see above, my you-tube video channel has 75 subscribers.I lost renewed my drivers license in 2006. It was a ten year renewal. Several things happened in January…
But first, of course, it’s not a pretty picture, I admit it. At first, we had all sorts of difficulties, and you can really get some white hair before you’ve…
This unrehearsed talk was taken down by stenographers at the time it was given by Adolf Hitler to his top officers. A single typed copy exists in the archives of…
A Jew, like everyone else, is a human being. We are all human beings but the Jew is unique for his religion or culture's Talmud endoctrination teaches members that it's…
     What is the core, the source, the maestro? The Jew. Like an elephant in a living room that needs cleaning, "Noise" is focusing on the Jew, elephant poop  to clean as the…
     About when Tommie Sigur was born, 1944 or there abouts,  my mom met a navy man at a military ball in Philadelphia, PA. My mom's side was German-English and…
   Well, another week has gone by in Lake Woebegone, my hometown, where all the women are strong, the men are tall and the children, all above average. We need…
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Dr. Tony Martin - Jewish Slave Trade

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