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  • Any White Ethno-state Must be in Europe

    Any White Ethno-state Must be in Europe

    Europe Many Identarian Whites would find this thought repulsive. The "great white race" is great at  finding convenient noble explanations for everything associated with it. I Read More
  • How I Got Here Part III - Should Whites Have a Homeland?

    How I Got Here Part III - Should Whites Have a Homeland?

    How I Got Here (Part III) - Should Whites Have a Homeland? Although much of this article is devoted to the development of my worldview since I Read More
  • (The Jewish) Demise of Kingdoms Begins

    (The Jewish) Demise of Kingdoms Begins

    (The Jewish) Demise of Kingdoms Begins {Christianity was created to undermine Rome. Mohammed was enabled to counter-weight Christians, After the Muslim defeat in Spain in Read More
  • Jewish Colonialism- the 21st Century Version

    Jewish Colonialism- the 21st Century Version

    Yes, Goy, Jewish colonialism is alive and well in the 21st century. Unlike the 16th through the 19th century when the white goy kitchen slaves Read More
  • A Different Slant on Race

    A Different Slant on Race

    London sold to the public as poor white was actually a product of "The Rich Race" and pushed communismA Different Slant on Race In the beginning , there were four different races Read More
  • The White Race

    The White Race "Better Than Thou" Myth, Residue Left Over From Jewish Colonialism

    Folks, it wasn't "White People" that wanted to colonize the world, it was the Jew and RICH PEOPLE. This above phrase was one of many techniques Read More
  • 1492 - It Was a Very Good Year! The Door Swings Open!

    1492 - It Was a Very Good Year! The Door Swings Open!

    Many things joined together in a pivotal way to make 1492 and events 50 years before and after a Jew World Order Timeline placemarker. The Read More
  • What We Have Here Is

    What We Have Here Is "A Failure to Communicate" It's "Reverse Colonialism"

    What's going on in Europe especially but we can include the United States, Australia and Canada is, in many ways, the same thing that happened Read More
  • Along With Russia, Along With Syria, We the Aware People of the World, Are the Enemy!

    Along With Russia, Along With Syria, We the Aware People of the World, Are the Enemy!

      It's time to call a spade a spade. It's time to tell it like it is. It's time we state openly and outwardly, we Read More
  • The Inquisition and the Holocaust, Sisters under the Skin

    The Inquisition and the Holocaust, Sisters under the Skin

    Spain are precursors to what would be hurled at evil NAZIs after their defeat in WW II about the holocaust To explain better, till 1580, Read More
  • A Quick Refresher on why the Rich and Jew Races are

    A Quick Refresher on why the Rich and Jew Races are "the true enemies"

    We have been tearing up middle east countries not because the white race has a problem with those countries, but because the Rich and Jew Read More
  • My Reluctant Step into the Computer Age

    My Reluctant Step into the Computer Age

    From the 70's to the 90's was a period of turmoil for me, ended by the responsibility of single parenthood that began in 1993. 1970 Read More
  • Big Brother is your friend, Big Brother is your Saviour!

    Big Brother is your friend, Big Brother is your Saviour!

    Fortunately, we can count on "Big Brother" to make us safe 24/7. You didn't ask for the help? Yes, you did, it was done in one of the Read More
  • Are David Duke and Richard Spencer helping to implement the Kalergi Plan?

    Are David Duke and Richard Spencer helping to implement the Kalergi Plan?

    So the question is, "Who do your leaders work for?  Upon reading this statement: Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination Read More
  • Blindlight Adjusts His Anti-New World Order Position Slightly

    Blindlight Adjusts His Anti-New World Order Position Slightly

    What hasn't changed The protocols is  still the NWO takeover handbook this idea was born and developed under Jewish eyes probably with the selling of Read More
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Image result for Sibel KekilliBefore the US  got it's "Belle Knox", AKA Miriam Weeks, Germany had it's Sibel Kikelli

Interesting Knox on her casting couch porn debut pushes mandatory vaccinations. Staged?  Miriam's cutting and liking to be kept in a cage screams MK Ultra

MiriamMiriam1About eighteen months ago, I explored the, what I call, "Bell Knox Psyop" with my readers. To remind, Belle or Miriam Weeks was a Washington State gal who enrolled in Duke and before the first semester was up, was doing triple x porn. This was picked up by the MSM and she landed on "The View" as well as "Piers Morgan" and many other news shows, basically treated as a barrier breaker by the Jew media in heroic fashion.

She declared herself a Libertarian who was for mandatory vaccination and a pro-sex feminist (she wants to feel totally free to swallow cum on camera). Here are the two main articles I have saved from that time period about her. Be forewarned, some of it has pornographic content.

three videos

I was thinking about that last night when I remembered there was a star in "Game of Thrones" whom it was claimed,  did porn in early 2000.shae

Recall, GOT is the blockbuster, excellent Jew produced HBO series now in its 7th year of production. I have made my site theme based on Game of Thrones. This star who did porn is named Sibel Kekelli. 

Personal life - Wikipedia
Kekilli was born and raised in Heilbronn, to a family of Turkish origin. Her parents came to Germany from Turkey in 1977, and were described by Kekilli as "fairly liberal" (Jewish). After completing school with excellent grades at age 16, she entered a 30-month-long combined training program to become a certified public administration specialist at the local city administration. After successful completion, she continued to work as administrative assistant for another two years at Heilbronn city hall, then moved to Essen, where she worked various jobs as a bouncer, cleaner, waitress, nightclub manager, saleswoman, and pornographic film actress.( Sounds like MK ultra training going on)
Kekilli lives in Hamburg. 

Notice the clearly successful career path she was going, similar to Miriam Weeks and all of a sudden, she takes a seedy detour, again, similar to Weeks. Also similar to Weeks, in about one year, 2002,  she makes about nine porn films and then is immediately discovered by someone who noticed her walk by and became a normal actress sensation right away! 

defaultTurkish-born actors Sibel Kekilli, left, and Birol Uenel pose during a photo call before the awarding ceremony at the Berlin International Filmfestival Berlinale in Berlin Saturday, Feb. 14, 2004. Fatih Akin's film Gegen die Wand ( Head On) was awarded with the Golden Bear for the best film. (AP Photo/ Jan Bauer)
The charming angelic-faced actress, who made a splash in the media during the Berlinale together with film director Fatih Akin and co-star Birol Ünel (photo, right), is being candid about her past. "Yes, I did make these (porno) films. But that's the past. What counts is the Golden Bear," she told Bild.

Intensive porn work for one year, just like Miriam Weeks. Dilara is a name Sibel usesshaes

Here is her profile at "X-Videos" Shaesd of what she did for a year, again, it mirrors what Belle Knox was later to do in the US.

Wikipedia continues with her unlikely discovery in the normal acting world, or is porn considered normal acting now and the transition always fluid these days?

In 2002, while at a shopping mall in Cologne, Kekilli was noticed by a casting director, who invited her to audition for a role in a film.[5] She won the leading part in Head-On (German: Gegen die Wand) against a field of 350 other hopefuls. The film was released in 2004 and was a major success, receiving several prizes at film festivals. Filming proved strenuous for Kekilli personally, and she underwent an appendectomy during filming in Turkey.[6] ( on top of doing porn at the same time or compared to porn it was strenuous?)

Note, this "discovery" happened right when she was going full blast with porn, 2002. Then in 2006 she "plays" a Jewess (not sure she needs to play a Jewess because I believe she is one and why her last name is Kekilli - fake -   and why we are not told her parents names)

Kekilli starred in the Turkish coup d'état film Eve Dönüş (2006), playing the wife of a man who was unjustly imprisoned and tortured. The performance won her the Best Actress award at the 2006 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Also that year, she played a Jewish woman on the way to the Auschwitz concentration camp in the 2006 film Der letzte Zug (The Last Train). In 2009, she played Umay, a young Turkish woman who leaves Istanbul to return to her family in Berlin, in When We Leave (Die Fremde). She was awarded the Lola for Best Actress in 2010 for her role.[10] In 2010, Kekilli was cast as Shae in HBO's Game of Thrones, an adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels.[11]

In 2011, one year after first appearing in a supporting role in the long-running crime series Tatort, she became a permanent cast member as new investigator Sarah Brandt, working alongside chief investigator Klaus Borowski.[12] She said that she was glad not to be playing a character of foreign descent, as she feels she has been typecast in the past.[13]

Then guess what! Her political, Jewish fire comes out and she dresses down the Muslim culture (isn't there always a political agenda with these "crisis actors"?)

Political activism

Kekilli supports the organization Terre des Femmes in its work against violence against women.

In December 2006, at an anti-domestic violence event run by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet in Berlin, she stated, "I have experienced for myself that both physical and psychological abuse are regarded as normal in a Muslim family. Sadly, violence belongs to the culture of Islam".[14] In response, the Turkish consul general left the room.[14]

In March 2015, Kekilli gave a speech on violence in the name of honor against women at a International Women's Day event at the President of Germany's residence at Schloss Bellevue. The speech drew wide attention and praise in Germany for its empathic message.[15][16][17][18] In May 2015, Friedrich Naumann Foundation named Kekilli "Author of Freedom" for the speech.[19]

Interesting to note, she implies her mom and dad were violent with her and that she is Muslim but Wikipedia does not name her parents. Is this a "staged" narrative and thus why the parents are being protected? Is this part of the anti-Muslim psyop that we need to be informed about from a porno-star? Is she Jewish here to undermine the goy and hiding that fact so as to give personal negative testimony about Muslims for who she pretends to represent?

Image result for khaleesi lesbian scene Khaleesi lesbian scene GOTOf course, it isn't much of a stretch for the producers of GOT to accept a porn star into their midst. Their shows are filled with unnecessary sex, men kissing, men sucking dick (implied), lesbian love. The only shows I have watched on HBO have all that as an automatic.

 It's part of being free and liberated as we have the curtain pulled tightly around the Jew elephant in the room with new laws being made to address the unfair Jewish labeling issue they have to suffer.

All that said, let me reiterate, it is worth putting up with the Jewish programming, especially if you have Jewish programming under control in your mind, to watch this series. There are many metaphors that our movement can use within the various scenarios being presented. Maybe the best show I've ever seen. It's that good!

Before Sinead's nose jobSinNow, I would be remiss having touched on these slutty ops, being presented for our edification by the Jews, not to mention some issues, I have brought up in the  past,a bit closer to home. Of course, I am speaking of Sinead and her Jewess harem of cuties telling you all about evil nigs and Muslims and those awful Jews while all holding out their hands for money in return.

Recall my mission to expose Sinead as an op last spring. Note my outing Evalion as a Jewess plant (Sinead has yet to prove she is not a Jewess by the way). Notice the Jew publicity for Evalion while at the same time a joining of hands between Evalion and Sinead with others, women in nature in the mix, here to Judaize you and why the Jew advertises their presence.

It's to Judaize the movement that Sinead does her VK Clark imitation of making a video solely about the bad behavior of WN men or her calling out degenerate WN faggots with clear photos of her rejoicing in the arms of nigger faggots a  few years prior.

How does a person who used to pass out nude photos to famous people (Celtic Rebel) she wanted to hustle, get off lecturing anyone about morality?  How does a person trading sex for drugs and thus being incarcerated in a psych ward at fourteen become the "conscience" of the movement? Well, I will tell you how. You have Jewish blood and Jewish handlers and Jewish op back up to support your con, as Evalion, Renegade and a whole slew of others have as well

Sinead's here to turn you into a Jew while pretending to fight "white genocide" Never forget or your people will be forgotten in the not too far distant future

Click this gif for video finish!

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Hitlerian Awareness Pyramid that could connect the Jew-wise resistance

Hitler was a Uniter, not a divider. When he was winning the people to his philosophy it was more about challenging class warfare than it was about dealing with race warspart I...partII
The Jew, though, was the exception, viewed as a parasite, infiltrator and a people, as a whole, up to no good whose lying talent had worked so well against the majority of the populace. 


This was a "race" that wasn't really a race but a brain-washed in mindset, successfully accomplished by rigorous dedication to a cause and belief that they (the Jews) were better than anyone else and the only true humans on the planet (animals can't own anything and from thus springs their justified logic of noble cause and "right to own").

Everything or body, else, was to be used and disposed of without a second thought.  People being people and born with the human trait of empathy makes that a constant challenge for satan's messengers (instilling in young Jews a hatred to take empathy's place in line) but so far it looks like the efforts have brought them up to the shores of total victory needing only lose ends being tightened and straightened to thus roll out the red carpet for the Jewish messiah and a new age for all, Jews openly in control, the prophecies fullfilled!


Being a thinking man, I have to assume that "The Diaspora"  had little to do with being kicked out of Jerusalem and much more to do with a Jewish strategy of world rule as prophesied in the Talmud and the Torah and reiterated in "The Protocols of Zion". This, then, meant that Jews approached non-Jews as folks that were holding what was rightfully THEIR property, since animals can't own property (Till this be rectified, the Jew will continue to cry persecution as he strikes the goy down!).

As Jews say, "Bad Goy!" 

Hitler got all that. Hitler got that the Jew was the "great master of lies".
Hitler got that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back by leading work strikes in the fatherland at a vulnerable time during WWI.
Hitler got that Jews were your friend until it was to their advantage not to be your friend.
He got that Jews have no qualms about lying to non-Jews.

If Hitler was advocating a race war, it was against the Jewish race and yes, he saw clearly that the Jews, themselves, saw fellow Jews through the race prism. They were at war, a war they kept most gentiles from realizing was being fought and Hitler had to find a way to handle Germany's Jews to end the madness.

Ultimately, after great success with that, the fact that he handled his German Jews  left him vulnerable to the Jewish con-men, in every other goyim land to sway the trusting masses with repeated lies that the enemy and curse to the human race was the 3rd Reich and Adolph Hitler. Jews began to mutter about an "evil German seed" needing eradicating

Control of the media outside of Germany kept the few good men, elsewhere, from getting the true message across, that Hitler's leadership was great for his race and his nation. This was, easily, demonstrated by seeing the results in their accomplishments done by delinking Jewish power from influence over Germany's internal affairs.

BL - Easily done but like with Charlottesville in Aug. 2017, facts on the ground and what Jews report about facts on the ground often have little in common so the goyim world-wide only heard the negative and but for a few men like a Joseph Kennedy, all were under a world menace arising in Germany.

Read more

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