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Snap2ccbBlindlight's website may cease to exist within the next year.

This link takes you to the saved "Wayback Machine" site savings between 2014 and 2019. Most of my desired commentary occurred in saved locations there between 2014 and 2017. If you desire to be able to continue seeing my website, save this link by clicking the picture below

Note - there are good articles still there  that for various reasons no longer exist hereAnother WAYBACK SAVED DATE

Did the Daily Stormer Contribute To Getting  Anthony Hall Fired From His Job?

Ist published 10/4/16

A while back, teacher, writer, radio pundit, Veterans Today collaborator, Anthony Hall, got fired from his teaching job at a Canadian Jewniversity. Typical for the VT crew,  Anthony had been trying to walk a tight rope between the mainstream academic life and once in  awhile, NWO pundit, alarmist. I did not read much of his work but as I recall, he rarely called out the Jew stopping at the Zionist, Israel border when defaming anything Jewish.

He'd been doing regular broadcasting with Kevin Barrett, a converted, white Muslim who likes to talk about false flags but won't out the holocaust. It's safe to say that Anthony has never outed the holocaust either.

Here's a recent quote from a Barrett post on the matter:

BREAKING: Terrorist troll Joshua Goldberg behind professor’s suspension!

Those concerned about the B’nai Brith’s assault on Professor Anthony Hall can contact Lethbridge University President Mike Mahon. Email: mike.mahon@uleth.ca and cc contactmeliorist@gmail.com  program@ckxu.com  antoniusjameshall@gmail.com
Write, fax, or phone: Mike Mahon President & Vice-Chancellor A762 University Hall, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada  T1K 3M4. Phone: (403) 329 -2201. Fax: (403) 329-2097. 
By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
A Florida man named Joshua Goldberg – who has already been arrested for conspiring to commit false-flag “Islamic terror” – may soon be charged with yet another crime: The creation of a horrific “kill all Jews” image that is currently under investigation by Canadian police.
The image was planted on Professor Anthony Hall’s Facebook page in late August. The Canadian B’nai Brith falsely blamed Hall, who had no knowledge of the image, and used the scandal to push for Hall’s dismissal from the University of Lethbridge. Today, caving in to the B’nai Brith’s libelous attack, University President Mike Mahon suspended Anthony Hall without pay. For Professor Hall’s reaction, see the -embedded youtube video.
The photoshopped image, manufactured by Goldberg, purports to depict political cartoonist Ben Garrison choking an Orthodox Jewish man.  Accompanying the image, in small print, is an unhinged “kill all Jews now” rant. In an article published here on September 16th, I speculated that rabid Zionists, rather than rabid Jew-haters, had manufactured the image. It turns out I was right.

Why I, Blindlight, brought the Daily Stormer into all of this was that Joshua Goldberg worked under the alias of one Michael Slay for three months at "The Daily Stormer" in 2015 and he put out roughly an article a day. Next to Anglin, Slay was the most prolific writer by far at Stormer and was organizing trolling events for his fellow "white racists". I have gone into, with some detail, Anglin's history of obsessing about his followers using their real IDs so when Goldberg got arrested in September, 2015, it simply didn't wash that "he met the guy on Reddit and he looked like he wrote well, so he took him into Daily Stormer and never checked him out". That was Anglin's post arrest story, after, mind you, he cleansed the site of anything written by Joshua Goldberg.

Of course, many people got caught with their pants down as Goldberg was trolling everyone and Anglin is the only one I know who hid the evidence. Goldberg as "Australi Witness" is recorded tweeting Rita Katz about the Arlington fake shooting in May of that year and was interacting with the media in disguises ranging from Jihadi Muslim to White and Jewish Supremacist.

I have offered a best guess that this guy was an operative and got arrested by honest cops. The court case apparently isn't going to happen due to Goldberg's "Get out of jail and avoid prosecution cause I'm a Jew" card.It seems they have determined he's  mentally ill (a typical way ops disappear to then get reassigned to do more damage). To add fuel to the Stormer fire, Andrew, "Weev" Aurenheimer, the part Jew, part Indian who pretends he's white, who latched onto Stormer in 2014 and hasn't let go is quoted referring to his buddy, though indirectly, in a bragging post he made telling people how to post tweets to folks who have banned you

So Weev is assigned to Stormer in 2014, inevitably gets to know Goldberg masquerading as Slay over the next winter and just happens to brag, inadvertently, about how some anonymous, white supremacist group "borrowed" his technique?

Ok, luckily I am not part of the fawning WN followers who will hosanna their leaders as long as they get their daily supply of black on white violence articles  with a few Muslim beheadings thrown in on the side. Now, I can't prove they were in on it, Weev and Anglin or that they knew that Slay was Goldberg but it looks very fishy especially when you consider all their other baggage  of which generally avoids scrutiny by posting articles on how well off niggers were when they were slaves.

But there's more. There's forty something articles written about or by Garrison on Anglin's site. They are great buddies which means Weev and Slay were likely great buddies too! Ben not only writes anti-Jew material but he draws and often times he draws Andrew Anglin.

The offending picture, though Garrison denies any connection, very well might have been a joint project with Slay. The writing in the picture is clearly Slay's, for example, he loves to use the letter cockroach and his blunt calling for Jewish genocide all goes along with his calling for genocides at other times, done in very similar lingo to other races.

"It’s been all over the news lately, and it’s something that every European is talking about: thousands and thousands of inferior mud-blooded subhumans have been flooding into Europe by the boat loads. Eager for welfare money to spend on drugs, White women to rape, tourists to mug, and buildings to bomb in the name of their goat-fucking prophet, these primal, feral nigger savages have become like a cockroach infestation on the once-great European continent. Except they are much, much worse than cockroaches. Cockroaches can be easily dealt with, and the damage they cause is relatively minimal. The nigger virus, however, is much more destructive. Cockroaches only destroy houses, but niggers destroy entire nations — and, if we let them, these primitive apes will destroy the entire world."

 Unfortunately, there is still more. This link from my website was posted straight off "The Right Stuff", Andrew Anglin's brother in arms trying super hard to get the goy to focus on race and not the Jew.So, in August of 2015, or there abouts, TRS posted a Slay-Goldberg article that included this lovely quote (How bout a little "Divide and conquer" for dinner?)

"In Israel, niggers are treated like the vile cockroaches that they are. Niggers in Israel are locked up in concentration camps, forcibly sterilized, and then shipped off to White nations like Sweden and Australia. That’s because Israel knows very well how destructive niggers are, and they know how niggers destroy cities and eventually nations. If you ask me, Israel isn’t nearly harsh enough on niggers. Niggers shouldn’t just be sterilized and deported. Niggers should be exterminated altogether. Every single worthless nigger needs to be rounded up into cattle cars, shipped off to gas chambers, and slaughtered like cattle. The only possible use for niggers would be to conduct medical experiments on them."

Are all these guys "Jew" innocent? I really can't say for sure but, if my life depended on it as to whether or not I got that question right, I would say yea. So when I say, they may have helped Slay-Goldberg with this caper against a non-racialist, Mark Glenn, type named Anthony Hall for "lulz" as Weev would say, if they didn't do so knowingly, their collaboration gave Goldberg the inside access to experts in the field and clearly made the crime a much easier "go"..

Barrett seems to be a little bit of a simpleton dealing with Garrison here when he quotes Garrison and apparently believes him:

“Unfortunately that Photoshopped image of me assaulting that Orthodox Jew man continues to circulate and be posted everywhere. Ironically, it was created by a 20 year-old Jewish kid named Joshua Goldberg. He was arrested by the FBI about a year ago for sending bomb making instructions to what he thought was a Muslim terrorist–instead it was an FBI undercover agent. Goldberg is now pleading mental illness, but for years he was allowed to stir up trouble from his parent’s basement in Florida. For some reason he enjoyed targeting me and he’s the one who created that image as well as many other hate screeds.”
Too funny Kevin. Ben knew Goldberg and he's straight out lying here. He knew him as Michael Slay and the fact he didn't mention that  makes us ask, "Ben, you hidin somethin, buddy?"
Ben Garrison addressed the issues raised here with this comment:
Image result for ben garrison"I already stated that Michael Slay wrote for the Stormer(BL-Not included in the article) but I never read any of his screeds. Anglin himself is a troll who wants to make money from what he enjoys most in life--trolling. His dad set up Andrew's site to give his troubled son something to do and keep him off drugs. I'm not hiding anything. I knew those hate screed boxes originated from 'European88' who I later found out to be Joshua Goldberg. He posted them on a Reddit board designed to insult and troll me--and for years that's what he did . (BL-how unusual for an aware Jew to harrass aware goyim. Also, Anglin met Slay on Reddit. Same profile? If so, hmmmm) I didn't find out his real identity until he was arrested by the FBI just over a year ago. I realize that many on the left and right want to insist that I'm some sort of Nazi kook - (BL_Not me, I simply want to know whose side you are on. I like Nazis)---and it's your prerogative to bend this however you like. But the fact of the matter is Goldberg simply enjoyed stirring up shit for his own sick enjoyment. ( BL-Facts? Where's the beef? Pretty confident statement given there with absolutely no verifiable proof to back it up and with a Jewish MO of doing this stuff all the time, "given" knowledgeTo make more out of this is ridiculous. (BL-Why?) It's trolling. (BL - Trolling, subverting, it's a fine line) Unfortunately, many want such hateful images to be true so they can use it to destroy reputations and cause people to lose their jobs--such as what happened to Professor Hall (BL-Yes, many Jews want to do that and Goldberg is a Jew but this is why I pursue the Stormer connection.). Oh--the lead photo you posted with my wife Tina. That's not her. But that's OK--have fun. (BL-The fact is, you and Stormer are close. Look at the category on Stormer devoted to just you. I retrieved this photo off the Daily Stormer) My reputation and commercial art business are already ruined. Can't do much more to me."  (BL - Did the JWO not tell you about their harrassing gig? If not, I got some information there that could change your life.)--Ben Garrison

My response

Going from the quote Barrett made, I saw no reference to Slay so I am not sure when or where or what Mr. Garrison refers to here as far as him mentioning it. I do believe that Barrett, who seemingly wants to know why this happened, would find it relevant that Slay-Goldberg worked and was working with the Anglin-Right Stuff network when this post was made but it seems Garrison did not find this worthy to note? I ask why?
 Also, I would like to understand why Mr.Garrison is so sure Goldberg was just a troll since he claims to have been made aware of all of this after the fact and wasn't paying close attention. Unless Ben is privy to information I was not and I spent a lot of time on this issue  a year ago, there is every reason to believe Goldberg or Australi Witness  was in fact ISIS in the US.

Ben: " But the fact of the matter is Goldberg simply enjoyed stirring up shit for his own sick enjoyment. "

Me: " Present the facts Impress me. You just pronounced an opinion as fact. I've seen these same "facts" and would never presume he's innocent. Why give the Jews a break here when we know they rule through doing this shit...with no real facts. To be honest, Mr. Garrison, you're trusting Jews here, right (?) or the  "official story"?Have the Jews earned your trust, Mr. Garrison?

 In other words it was a con being worked by the Geller, Katz crowd and I have no reason to believe this was not in concert with Goldberg especially with the kid glove treatment he has been getting after the ARREST. Further more, with all the false flags occurring which the WNs don't seem to notice, it's my claim we can assume weird things like this are intelligence subversion ops, not innocent trolling escapades till proven otherwise. There has certainly been nothing to disprove my concerns since arrest.
As far as lives being ruined, did the JWO ever say it was gonna be easy?


Read 15998 times Last modified on Saturday, 15 October 2016 04:19


Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.




The Hitlerian Awareness Pyramid that could connect the Jew-wise resistance

Hitler was a Uniter, not a divider. When he was winning the people to his philosophy it was more about challenging class warfare than it was about dealing with race warspart I...partII
The Jew, though, was the exception, viewed as a parasite, infiltrator and a people, as a whole, up to no good whose lying talent had worked so well against the majority of the populace. 


This was a "race" that wasn't really a race but a brain-washed in mindset, successfully accomplished by rigorous dedication to a cause and belief that they (the Jews) were better than anyone else and the only true humans on the planet (animals can't own anything and from thus springs their justified logic of noble cause and "right to own").

Everything or body, else, was to be used and disposed of without a second thought.  People being people and born with the human trait of empathy makes that a constant challenge for satan's messengers (instilling in young Jews a hatred to take empathy's place in line) but so far it looks like the efforts have brought them up to the shores of total victory needing only lose ends being tightened and straightened to thus roll out the red carpet for the Jewish messiah and a new age for all, Jews openly in control, the prophecies fullfilled!


Being a thinking man, I have to assume that "The Diaspora"  had little to do with being kicked out of Jerusalem and much more to do with a Jewish strategy of world rule as prophesied in the Talmud and the Torah and reiterated in "The Protocols of Zion". This, then, meant that Jews approached non-Jews as folks that were holding what was rightfully THEIR property, since animals can't own property (Till this be rectified, the Jew will continue to cry persecution as he strikes the goy down!).

As Jews say, "Bad Goy!" 

Hitler got all that. Hitler got that the Jew was the "great master of lies".
Hitler got that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back by leading work strikes in the fatherland at a vulnerable time during WWI.
Hitler got that Jews were your friend until it was to their advantage not to be your friend.
He got that Jews have no qualms about lying to non-Jews.

If Hitler was advocating a race war, it was against the Jewish race and yes, he saw clearly that the Jews, themselves, saw fellow Jews through the race prism. They were at war, a war they kept most gentiles from realizing was being fought and Hitler had to find a way to handle Germany's Jews to end the madness.

Ultimately, after great success with that, the fact that he handled his German Jews  left him vulnerable to the Jewish con-men, in every other goyim land to sway the trusting masses with repeated lies that the enemy and curse to the human race was the 3rd Reich and Adolph Hitler. Jews began to mutter about an "evil German seed" needing eradicating

Control of the media outside of Germany kept the few good men, elsewhere, from getting the true message across, that Hitler's leadership was great for his race and his nation. This was, easily, demonstrated by seeing the results in their accomplishments done by delinking Jewish power from influence over Germany's internal affairs.

BL - Easily done but like with Charlottesville in Aug. 2017, facts on the ground and what Jews report about facts on the ground often have little in common so the goyim world-wide only heard the negative and but for a few men like a Joseph Kennedy, all were under a world menace arising in Germany.

Read more




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