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Excerpts from Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley's site

source of the excerpts

Okay, boys and girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, we come down to it. Believe it or not, I don't like being right about this distribution of Neanderthal DNA.

And now that this distribution has finally been proved, I like the implications even less because I know the meaning of them perhaps better than anyone on this planet (see Esau's Empire 1, and 2-4).

Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.

For example, the South Korean frigate the Cheonan was definitely sunk by a North Korean torpedo, but was that torpedo actually fired by a North Korean submarine? Or was that torpedo towed by night close aboard the Cheonan and detonated there? No one heard the torpedo strike the frigate's hull and there were forty ships, some of them U.S. vessels, engaged in the naval exercises that night. Was this incident manipulated by "some other elements" in order to focus U.S. attention on the Far East instead of the Middle East? So far in this Cheonan Affair, Hillary Clinton has been the most adamant American spokesperson that there must be some military retaliation against the North Koreans. However, we must all remember Hillary Rodham Clinton's predominantly Jewish New York City constituency here. Anyone old enough to remember the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Me, I smell another potential one in the making if Obama is stupid enough to allow it. I don't think he is.

I estimate that about thirty percent of the present conflicts can be fairly attributed to "ordinary" human confrontations, and we could perhaps deal with those through existing human institutions, such as the United Nations and the various national peace-keeping and aid agencies. But we cannot deal with that major seventy percent of continual crises without a fundamental re-think of our "humanistic" values and perspectives.

The Semitic peoples, originally of the Middle East but now residents of many countries by migration, have made positive cultural contributions to humanity in terms of some Jewish creativity in music, literature, medicine and mathematics. Less well known are the Arab innovations in mathematics, medicine and astro-navigation. There have also been many Jewish and Arab contributions to our understanding of Eurasian history and even true "humanism" -- but we must always be wary of hidden agendas in some of this work. A very partial roll-call of apparently genuine "humans" among the Neanderthal-Semitics is in the last pages of Esau's Empire I on this website.

Semites have not caused all the past and present problems of the world, but they have been intimately involved in provoking most of the world's problems and ideological conflicts during the past five centuries, and particularly since petroleum usage became common.

As just one example, and I will use only one here, most people think that "the Spanish" and "the Portuguese" began the transatlantic trade in Black Africans as slaves. And they have been encouraged to believe that polite fiction because of Jewish propaganda. But the fact of the matter is that Sephardic Jews living in Portugal and Spain were the major players in the Iberian slave trade because only they had sufficient money to fit out ships and finance long distance voyages. And only Sephardic Jews in Spain and Portugal had contacts among, and could speak the language of, the Arab-Muslim conquerors in Africa who actually raided and captured Black Africans as slaves. These Arab-Muslim conquerers and slavers in sub-Saharan Africa were, in 1445 when the first slaves were landed on the wharves of Lisbon, the so-called "Almorovids" of Morocco. The Encyclopaedia Judaeca (1960) concedes this and was the prime source for The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews published by The Nation of Islam, but Stan Steiner's Dark and Dashing Horsemen (Harper and Rowe) is a popular exposition of some of the same material by a modern Jewish author. Ashkenazi Jews in the Netherlands, Britain and the United States were the major players in Dutch, British and American slaving. The biggest American slave trader was Aaron Lopez who operated out of the Newport, Rhode Island synagogue (the first synagogue in North America).

I could have used the development of both modern Capitalism and Communism by Jews and the highly profitable struggle between them. I could have sketched out the Jewish provocation of Fascism and the highly profitable conflict between all three of these ideologies before and during World War II. I could have cited the Jewish role in developing the atomic bomb during World War II and the Jewish role in nuking Japan at the end of it to test these weapons on a human population. I could have at least alluded to the World War II birth of the largely Jewish-controlled military-industrial complex that is presently alive, thriving and has supplied our weapons since World War II until the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hand-in-hand with all this has gone Hollywood propaganda and control of North American media, not to mention Hollywood's and the media's production of films and TV shows that propagandize the innate superiority of Jewish culture over the rest of us ("The Ten Commandments", "King of Kings", "Ben Hur", "Exodus", "Crossing Delancey", "Independence Day" and more recent "The Mummy", "Return of the Mummy" and "The Scorpion King" were among the most obnoxious, but upcoming "Machete" may be worse). And naturally Jews and Hollywood, with their "nominally Christian" sword and sandal epics, also helped to manipulate the west into creating Israel, manipulated Americans into stealing fissionable materials for Israel (see Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears) and manipulated the French into making the Dimona nuclear breeder reactors for Israel's atomic arsenal.

Considering that these people and their ancestors have more than twice as much aggression as does ordinary humanity, according to Trinkaus and Stewart in December 1978, this sort of behaviour is natural for them and almost impossible for us to credit. These days you don't have to express aggression by hitting someone over the head with a club. You can do it much more effectively by controlling money, industry, law, religion and news and entertainment by controlling the mass media. You can fragment so-called "public opinion" and gradually erode the values of a society until there can be no opposition to your control of that society, and especially within any nominally democratic society.

Jews have refined this sort of infiltration and manipulation of "host societies" into a fine art because of their relatively small population and the fact that they were landless until the creation of modern Israel. Muslim Arabs are no less fanatically disdainful of Western democracies, but they have a larger population and vast tracts of land from which to oppose our unwanted influence. However, due to recent Western European and North American democratic immigration policies that mistakenly viewed these people as just "ordinary humans", Muslim Arabs, like Jews long before, have begun to immigrate to Western democracies in fair numbers.

It is time for the non-Semitic peoples of the world to come together in a multi-racial alliance under one banner in order to severely limit Semitic activities before they put an end to us and everything else on the planet. I offer the following banner, emblem and symbol. However, I will warn everyone that it may well be too late.

Most civilized countries of the world -- Western Europe and Canada -- already have some form of "National Socialism", like universal health care, where the state and the people look after each other, except, (I will admit) that all these countries made a common mistake in their immigration policies.

These immigration policies regarded Semitic Jews and Semitic Arabs of the "Toxic Lozenge" as simply being "ordinary humans" who merely had a different religion -- and not as representatives of a subspecies whose authoritarianism and religions were basically disdainful of, and antithetical to, democracy itself. In retrospect and ironically, the democratic freedoms of race (coming very belatedly to Blacks), religion, ethnic affiliation and behaviour only made it easier for Neanderthal-Semitic immigrants to infiltrate and distort Western European and American practical democracy.

Neanderthal-Semitic immigrants into Western Europe and North America represent only between 2 and 1/2 to 4 percent of the population. How could they have gained so much financial and social influence? Easy. They "network" together, hiring each other (except for the most menial tasks), co-ordinating their efforts in distinctly anti-democratic ways and having primary loyalty to their Middle Eastern origins instead of to their "host societies".

Arthur Hertzberg's The Jews in America (Columbia University Press, 1986) gives a description of this process by which Jews (in this case) then represented 50% of America's millionaires and owned or controlled almost 60% of American industry. Neal Gabler's An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Created Hollywood (Doubleday, 1988) describes how the Jews gained control of American mass madia.

Any "extra-acquisitive" non-Neanderthal-Semite has to compete with this Neanderthal-Semitic networking and cohesion and must transgress traditional Western European and North American social values in order to be able to compete successfully. This explains how only 2 and 1/2 to 4 percent of the population can shift and distort "host societies" and always have. And that adequately explains the escalating "moral" or "ethical" degeneration of political, industrial and social values that we have witnessed over the past two decades. It also explains why the Jews (in this case) have eventually been expelled from Spain (August 3, 1492), the Netherlands, Britain and 1930s Germany. The question is when will their activities be severely limited or when will they be expelled from modern North America and Western Europe?

MussoliniThe movement I envision is "Fascist" because a balance of individual freedom and individual self-discipline is necessary for the successful functioning of any society. This movement would like to see many fewer people kept in unproductive jail at taxpayer expense and many more criminals working on meaningful community service projects under extremely harsh conditions, like highway and bridge repair chain gangs in remote locations -- jobs that unionized workers would shirk. The infrasructure of the U.S. is so dilapidated that there are plenty of these job "opportunities".

So-called "white collar" crimes would be elevated to the status of very nearly the worst crimes that can be committed, in the same league as rape and murder, because they are a breach of public trust. They are essentially "rape" and "murder" of the entire society. Embezzling politicians, lawyers, accountants and purposefully malpractising doctors would receive the harshest sentences, not the lightest. Stock market practices must be more strictly regulated, particularly futures markets, with new restrictions on trading and share-buying margins to prevent non-productive profits based on speculation alone.

Fascism would definitely revive capital punishment for multiple offenders. And it would just as definitely re-institutionalize the citizen's right to bear arms equal to weapons carried by the police and military in order to discourage these "authorities" from abusing their authority (this is a peculiarly Canadian problem).

Most societies, before the advent of Semitic (Jewish, in this case) "civil rights" activists and lawyers, accepted homosexuality as a fact of human life and tolerated its existence so long as it was "kept in the closet" and not flaunted or imposed upon public society. Certainly, homosexual relationships could not be given the dignity of the word "marriage" because homosexual relationships are, by definition, non-reproductive. What's my position on this? I honestly don't know and await guidance from the "leader" I seek and core members who may decide to support this movement (see below).

As a zoologist and anthropologist and given the world population figures of 6.8-billion-plus released on June 5, 2010, humans obviously do not need reproductive relationships as much as they traditionally did before the advent of basic sanitation, supposedly better medicine (sometimes one wonders), antibiotics, contraceptives and so on. And human "love" is much too precious to squish no matter what package it happens to come in.

What does God and His morality have to do with it? God, in this case, is a Middle Eastern concept introduced into the West by the infiltration of Judeo-Christian religion. Long before that, there was the Great Goddess and her magical male child, the real "Mary and Jesus". If you are afraid of the validity of your own opinions, then "In God We Trust" is for you and prayer will make you feel good. If you trust in your own carefully considered conclusions, then "In Humanism We Trust" must be your motto, and prayer may still make you feel good.

However, I also think that the modern term "gay marriage" is a purposeful red flag flaunted to incite the righteous indignation of traditional beliefs and to bolster the identity of homosexuals. So, it is therefore a purposefully fragmentary social term. Western society does not need further fragmentation of its already damaged cohesion.

Fascism would prohibit the term "gay marriage" at the very least, and would substitute a term something like "Same Sex Civil Unions" that would guarantee and incorporate most of the legal rights, obligations and legal protections of heterosexual marriage -- except the right to acquire children by artificial insemination or adoption and to "parent" them -- including conditions of divorce and dissolution of the same-sex union. There would be no more "Gay Pride" celebrations imposed upon the general public and society.

So...what does this terrible word "Fascism" really mean?

The first fortified towns of this Old European Civilization date from about 4500 BC in Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria -- the leading edge of Neanderthal-Semitic westward migration from the Caucasus Mountains and Ukrainian steppes. The percentage of identifiable man-killing weapons suddenly jumps to almost 20% of all Old European artifacts discovered from this period (see The Civilization of the Goddess).

We must directly address a most important "by the way" here. I have just mentioned a date of roughly 4500 BC to pinpoint the time of massive and significant Cro-Magnon-Neanderthal interbreeding in places close to the Caucasus Mountains. Anyone who reads newspapers or who pays attention to electronic media will know that the time of Neanderthal interbreeding with Early Modern Humans supposedly took place about 35,000 years ago. I feel that this ancient date is merely a propaganda ploy to shove the date of interbreeding as far into the past as possible, the rationale being "how could anything that took place so long ago possibly have any relevance to the world today?"

I have already said that there were occasional and rather rare Early Modern Human and Neanderthal hybrids dating from at least 23,000 years ago as shown by the so-called "Lapedo child" in the Portuguese highlands. And there are other early apparent Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal hybrids in the highlands of the modern Czech Republic, Germany and modern Israel.


Since there are still highly Neanderthal populations in the Caucasus Middle East according to the statement of Svante Paabo's research colleague, Johannes Krause on May 10-18, 2010, who can tell when truly massive genetic material was exchanged between Neanderthal and Early Modern Human populations? As the last so-called "Ice Age" gradually loosened its grip on Eurasia, Early Modern Humans were migrating, probably by waterways, into the general Caucasus Mountains region and onto the steppes surrounding the Caucasus foothills. Neanderthal populations were living there. Such evidence of very significant interbreeding would not be contained in old fossils but in the DNA of living peoples. And Neanderthal DNA in very large and regional samples among living Caucasus and steppe populations has not (yet) been tested. But believe me, it will be. However, we must all be wary of statistical juggling of the conclusions when these results finally come out.

I would rather stick to the known anthropological, archaeological and even historical facts. Walter Pitman and William Ryan of Columbia University proved that the present Black Sea, formerly a rather modest steppe lake in the modern Ukraine, was inundated by Mediterranean salt water in roughly 5600 BC (see The Search for Noah's Flood, 1996). Everyone living around the well-watered steppes of this lake was flooded out and these people were forced to migrate or drown. Some few of these people were Cro-Magnons who had followed the Danube River to eventually find the southwestern edge of this rich steppe environment, but the vast majority of the population were Neanderthals who, under population pressure, had spread out onto the modern Ukrainian and south Russian steppes from the Caucasus Mountains and highlands.

Being displaced from their homes within two centuries, these Caucasus people were forced to migrate away in all directions. The date of 4500 BC gives reasonable time for them to have reached modern Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia in great numbers. This is just the time when Marija Gimbutas found the first Old European fortified towns and when the percentage of Old European artifacts jumps from 2% to 20% of weapons. This makes sense, given the circumstances. Later, the composite Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon population expanded down the Danube Corridor into Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

The era of 5600 BC to 4500 BC happens to be on the very cusp of recorded human history when past events were remembered in tribal lore to be later written down into history. I have suggested in Chosen People from the Caucasus that some early stories in Genesis of the Bible actually hark back to this time of the Flood and massive Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon intermixture.Notice MSM cartoonist has removed Jews from being "inplay" and replaced them with Muslims

I have relied upon the translation of the so-called "Jerusalem Text" by Rabbi Yonah ibn Aaron to show his conclusion that the "Nephelim" of Genesis were most probably highland Neanderthals who raided lowland "men" in a search for more modern women and to show his conclusion that the story of Cain and Abel reflects the gradual transition from a basically herdsman to a predominantly agricultural economy on the much reduced Black Sea steppes and in the surrounding foothills of the Caucasus, Carpathian and Crimean highlands. Rabbi Yonah ibn Aaron is an accredited UN translator of over twenty Middle Eastern and Central Asian languages, and worked at translating Genesis for Israel's "The Shrine of The Book". Strangely enough for a Rabbi and linguist, ibn Aaron also had some tutoring in anthropology from Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson of Cambridge University. His full text translations of relevant passages of Genesis are reproduced verbatim in Chosen People from the Caucasus (Third World Press, Chicago, 1992). I have suggested ways in which this lore material supplied some of the content of the Old Testament and the Koran.

But to return to the major theme here, the term "Fascism" seems to have been first used in modern times (1870) by Italian and Sardinian guilds and democratic rebels to describe their own policies and organization. They were apparently trying to create a social order that was closer to the vaguely remembered Old European scheme of things. A friend and correspondent of mine suggested that the term may have been used by Mussolini in the 1930s, but I cannot verify this. I would like to know who coined and first used "Fascism" to label "our" World War II enemies.

For the conflict of World War II was essentially one between the gradually infiltrated dominance of Judaic Monotheistic religion and anti-feminism (Judeo-Christianity and Judaism in Europe and North America), laws, customs and alphabet against the resurgence of more ancient and nearly opposite Old European values of The Civilization of the Goddess. And naturally anything of cultural importance that did not originate from the Middle East and ultimately from Judaism must be the most despicable orientation imaginable. Hence "Fascism" and "Fascists" as particularly hateful terms in the sixty years of post-World War II propaganda to which at least two generations of all of us have been subjected.

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying know to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail


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