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hunterd"Slave" is just keepin it real when assessing "The Donald"-written on 7/18/15

Editor's note - This is an early example of my stance from the beginning on Trump. While mildly preferring Trump to Hilary, I never preferred him enough to endorse him or mislead my readers that he was literally going to buck the sytem. I never implied he likely secretly hated Jews!
Many like Jim Stone, Andrew Anglin and John deNugent did with Nugy concocting a fantasy of Trump having been George Patton in a previous life

This article was written in July, 2015, right after I noticed Andrew Anglin turn into a republican overnight (probably with encouragement from Jew-Weev)

Will "The Donald" Save Us?

 I thought  it was time to weigh in on the Donald Trump hysteria going on. I am not supporting Donald Trump because it's just one more WWE ring, fake spectacle put on by Vince McMahon to push his agenda. The expectation is that we, the consumer, "people" get all caught up in the "food fighting" a Trump candidacy brings to the table that challenges the "old guard", Washington Insider elite.

 Vince is the enemy, the agents he sends in to misdirect, his stooges Vince McMahon represents the covert Jew World Order that considers all of us part of a chess game to move around the board. Whoever wins that chessgame doesn't matter because "the board" is controlled by Vince McMahon. Both participants represent Vince McMahon. Both tag teams in the arena represent Vince McMahon though they are putting on a show for you. They want you to care who wins and not think about Vince McMahon. Again:

Don't care who wins! It's not about them, it's about us.

  "The Show" gets you lost in whatever the participants are trying to convey and has little to do with the objectives Vince McMahon has for the attention seeking event he has put on.

Do you believe in LALA AMERICA still?

They are trying to make you believe again. How many times are you going to fall for it? I've used up my three quota.  "Morning in America" never happened as proclaimed with Reagan; Ron Paul gave a masonic hand sign I couldn't ignore and Barrack Obama's "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!" turned out to be that Bruce Jenner becoming Kaitlyn Jenner! He clearly wasn't speaking for me!

No more "Lala land", make believe for me!

The Donald Trump candidacy reminds me a bit of the Ron Paul one though electrifying different areas  of the population. I believe Paul excited 911, Libertarian wise truthers with a cross over into the grass roots traditionalist white community while Trump seems to really have the good ole boys excited. I've yet to determine beyond that with Trump but it is very conservative masonic sites and Racialist Right resistance sites that seem to be the first onboard.

Let me qualify what I am saying with telling you that  my information comes not from watching any of this first hand but from excited posts on web-sites I am following.  I swore off the MSM press three years ago and am about to swear off much of the alternative press while looking for honest, as possible, reporting wherever I can find it. If it's compromised info, I will pick and choose, there's so little pure stuff to be had!

Happily, I have now realized that for it's actually always been the case

  Since traditionalist America  has been majorly against  the immigration this was the last candidacy "Stormer" got behind before Trumpoccurring in this country and the political, masonic right has only been against it, lip service wise,  when a Donald Trump comes steaming out, with no equivocation on the issue and against it, it perks up their ears. The "Racialist Right" has been aware for sometime that the rich Jews controlling at the top have had an agenda to create mayhem in "white America" by diluting the culture and race with any low rent manifestations of other races they can coax into the US.

Globalists have always shipped in cheap labor from far away rather than pay a living wage to those already here. It's no secret these globalists while chanting human rights here in America,  suppress human rights in these far away lands, so the amigos shipped in think minimum wage is a huge upgrade to their previous lifestyle.

I'm not saying the races themselves are "low rent" but I'm saying that not necessarily their best and brightest, if not outright criminals are being "winked and nodded" into our land.

 But Donald is going to build an unscalable wall to stop the subversion of America, he claims. Many people in the Racialist right are full scale promoting Donald. "The Daily Stormer" has done twenty-five articles in the last month on Donald Trump. They normally support candidates who have "With Jews you Lose!" signs. "End Zog", a website we have been watching, is big time behind Trump. Both sites are behaving as if Donald will really turn America, if not the world, around.

 How realistic is that? Do I think Trump is likely to make a difference if elected? I think it will be interesting but Trump is navigating a tricky road. He is operating in a land that expects "lie myths" to be validated as truth whenever referred to. Ron Paul, too, navigated this issue and was forced to lie about several things to keep his viability optimal and continue getting coverage while not being overtly demonized as a pariah (pretending 911 was done by  the Flintstones for starters)

The fact is that Trump can challenge THE POWERS THAT BE only so far before catering to their lies and made up facts. Also, the reality that he continues to support Israel and demonizes Iran makes me say,

"Be careful what you wish for!"

He will have to pretend Obama killed Bin Laden, pretend the war on terror makes sense,  pretend Iran is a threat to Israel and America, resurrect Hitler whenever he wants to demonize someone, refer to the holocaust as the greatest tragedy in human history; need I keep going cause I can do this all day.

It reminds me of the campaign of 1980 when I got all excited about Ronald Reagen because he adopted Libertarian rhetoric for political expediency (I was a libertarian at the time).  The economy was THE issue and it was pretty easy to ignore his foreign policy positions. Of course a few years later we had America ruining countries in Central America, all for keeping the fake war with communists going to continue the "Hegelian Dialectic" and have the necessary enemies needed to justify incursions onto other people's soil. Both sides have been controlled by the Jewish financial elites and its  WWE fake shit where people fucking die to see who wins a chess match!

Maybe he is not like Reagan but more like Kennedy.

If so, how long do you think he will last, this tip toeing among Jewish, lie created, myths to, then, actually try and take over which is what a president should do but is it really possible in America today within the system we have honed for two hundred years to suit the Jewish interpretation of reality?

There is but one president that has bucked the bankers and lived to die of natural causes. Andrew Jackson. I don't think Trump is Kennedy-Jackson quality but like all things:

The above picture is where all Jews not gassed to death were taken as there was a shortage of soap and material for making lampshades

"Show me the lampshades and prove me wrong!

(He has never asked the Jews to "SHOW HIM THE LAMPSHADES!" I doubt he will start now)

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


blindlight.org/index.php/blindlight | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Hitlerian Awareness Pyramid that could connect the Jew-wise resistance

Hitler was a Uniter, not a divider. When he was winning the people to his philosophy it was more about challenging class warfare than it was about dealing with race warspart I...partII
The Jew, though, was the exception, viewed as a parasite, infiltrator and a people, as a whole, up to no good whose lying talent had worked so well against the majority of the populace. 


This was a "race" that wasn't really a race but a brain-washed in mindset, successfully accomplished by rigorous dedication to a cause and belief that they (the Jews) were better than anyone else and the only true humans on the planet (animals can't own anything and from thus springs their justified logic of noble cause and "right to own").

Everything or body, else, was to be used and disposed of without a second thought.  People being people and born with the human trait of empathy makes that a constant challenge for satan's messengers (instilling in young Jews a hatred to take empathy's place in line) but so far it looks like the efforts have brought them up to the shores of total victory needing only lose ends being tightened and straightened to thus roll out the red carpet for the Jewish messiah and a new age for all, Jews openly in control, the prophecies fullfilled!


Being a thinking man, I have to assume that "The Diaspora"  had little to do with being kicked out of Jerusalem and much more to do with a Jewish strategy of world rule as prophesied in the Talmud and the Torah and reiterated in "The Protocols of Zion". This, then, meant that Jews approached non-Jews as folks that were holding what was rightfully THEIR property, since animals can't own property (Till this be rectified, the Jew will continue to cry persecution as he strikes the goy down!).

As Jews say, "Bad Goy!" 

Hitler got all that. Hitler got that the Jew was the "great master of lies".
Hitler got that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back by leading work strikes in the fatherland at a vulnerable time during WWI.
Hitler got that Jews were your friend until it was to their advantage not to be your friend.
He got that Jews have no qualms about lying to non-Jews.

If Hitler was advocating a race war, it was against the Jewish race and yes, he saw clearly that the Jews, themselves, saw fellow Jews through the race prism. They were at war, a war they kept most gentiles from realizing was being fought and Hitler had to find a way to handle Germany's Jews to end the madness.

Ultimately, after great success with that, the fact that he handled his German Jews  left him vulnerable to the Jewish con-men, in every other goyim land to sway the trusting masses with repeated lies that the enemy and curse to the human race was the 3rd Reich and Adolph Hitler. Jews began to mutter about an "evil German seed" needing eradicating

Control of the media outside of Germany kept the few good men, elsewhere, from getting the true message across, that Hitler's leadership was great for his race and his nation. This was, easily, demonstrated by seeing the results in their accomplishments done by delinking Jewish power from influence over Germany's internal affairs.

BL - Easily done but like with Charlottesville in Aug. 2017, facts on the ground and what Jews report about facts on the ground often have little in common so the goyim world-wide only heard the negative and but for a few men like a Joseph Kennedy, all were under a world menace arising in Germany.

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