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"Based Southern Belle" - More of the same, calling for an inclusiveness that avoids discussion of the "True Enemy"


Yellow highlighted is Based Southern Belle and surrounding is literally, her personal security team.

After initial interest in the MSM conservative "Based Southern Belle", Blindlight realizes her reaching out to all areas of the conservative movement has basic MSM acceptability guidelines.

A Child of extreme privilege, openly gay, her boyish side shows, sending out a "devil's horns" signal letting her handler know all is fine?


I suppose her mission is to help the Richard Spencerites gain full approval?

Blindlight has gone into the inherent problems with Spencer's movement and while I can say her inclusion of Spencer makes sense, that's about as far as she will go. Her interest in confronting the deep state or the real power behind the curtain seems non-existent, whether that is because she's unaware of it, which her rhetoric implies, or she's pretending it's not an issue because she's part of it, is yet to be determined.

Either way, her priorities are clearly that of a person who prefers to hold on to the myths that glues the matrix in place.

Blindlight would prefer to discombobulate that matrix

When Blindlight interacted with her on twitter, her best comment was she didn't bring her tin foil hat. When Blindlight mildly alluded to the reasons for the division being intentional in comments under her latest you-tube release, "Base Southern Belle" deleted the comment so as "Not to go there". (wrong, and updated below)

When asked in comments who her favorite channels were,  she thankfully red flagged us all by recommending Stefan Molyneux and Brittany Pettibone

What's clear is that she is maneuvering into the ALT-LITE - ALT-RIGHT, part of the MSM arena. While the alt-right makes a show of considering the Jewish question, it's support of Trump and goyim wars for Jews makes it clear it's a very back burner concern.


So sorry Avialae, ignoring the leak on the Titanic is not an option for Blindlight and I can tell you, the deck chairs you are moving will, at best, take you to a BRIDGE TO NOWHEREAvialae S. Horton

Update, apparently Blindlight was wrong, his comment wasn't deleted however it does appear that "Belle" is stuck in the Matrix for now

The conversation regarding jews is irrelevant to the discussion.
Oliver Síochána
Based Southern Belle why?
Joseph Sigur
it's never irrelevant, they are the leak, otherwise only deck chairs may be moved to right the ship and that never ends well... why is it not irrelevant, they encourage the division in their media, it is they that misreported all events of Charlottesville and telling everyone we are terrorists. How can that be irrelevant?
Joseph Sigur indeed

I still have to say that we hope  she will evolve. Much potential if she does

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