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Joseph Sigur (comment under the video)

Can't argue with anything you said although speaking generally is much easier than dealing in specifics where the divisions begin occurring. In my opinion, somehow we have been encouraged to behaving in dysfunctionality. I also see that the deep state needs chaos for an excuse to pass globalist restructurings.


Neighborhood loyalties get in the way of globalism so that's why they nod and wink the Hispanics in over here and that's why Europe is changing against the will of it's unwashed masses of white natives. The globalists, only loyal to themselves, care not to answer our concerns but manufacture killing events and interactions between adversaries where bringing your brain is considered baggage.


I have been telling everyone I see, you are the only thing good on the right in years. A girl willing to not quake to the deep state's demands that you repudiate folks for some label of evil that requires no thought but the mention of that label, no thinking beyond that allowed, please.
At Charleston, I have been told that KKK members and BLM came to the events on the same buses. This implies they were hired actors. This accentuates the need to recognize that we are truly hated and can't have a casual trust us attitude about folks of supposed good will who all of a sudden saw the light or appear at events out of nowhere!
They really don't like us and the internal division you so accurately point out, I call compartmentalization of dissent. It's been intentionally created and I'll leave how, why and by whom out for now.
I have listened to about all you got here. A girl in the mainstream willing to talk to the malstream of her persuasion. Who knew? Are there any others and where are they?
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