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Revolutionaries Vs. Reactionaries: An Introduction to the Revolutionary "Right"

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Avialae Horton20 year old nationalist Conservative, political activist for Constitutional liberties and Civil Rights, author and editor at The Revolutionary Conservative.
Aug 20
BL - very anti-Muslim and doesn't touch the Jewish question. Typical new racialist type but more real and probably means well. Cries about Multi-culturalism but doesn't name the source. How you gonna solve it if you won't deal with the enablers
“Like all instinctive passions, patriotism drives men to temporary efforts rather than to sustained endeavors. Having saved the state in a time of crisis, it often allows it to languish in peace time. There exists yet another patriotism more rational than that: it is less generous, less passionate perhaps but more creative and lasting; it springs from education, develops with the help of laws, increases with the exercise of rights and in the end blends in a sense with personal interest.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville

The modern political climate is one of radicalized philosophies and volatile interactions. We see this development within both the left and the right. The left has become adapted to standing in opposition to any and all political discourse. It instead favors tactics of physical intimidation, violence, and domestic terrorism, ironically under the guises of “tolerance and diversity”, and fighting fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism. Organizations like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others instigate violence and are a direct threat to our Constitutional rights of speech, expression, and assembly.

However, the far Right, in response, has provided a similarly radicalized perspective in retaliation. Many facetiously don particularly controversial symbols in mockery of the Left’s hysterical accusations of Nazism and fascism, but this has only been successful in destroying any coherent perception of the right wing. The perception of Conservatives as mere patriotic Americans expressing their constitutional rights to defend their heritage and history is now marred with radicalized rhetoric and philosophies that alienate potential allies. The right has become entirely reactionary, emphasizing what it is NOT over what it IS, and as a result, has become devoid of any coherent identity. Civilizations are not built according to their opposition, but according to what they represent; that is what distinguishes them from other societies. Likewise, what we consistently emphasize is what we become- and the emphasis of what one is not, is only the first primitive step towards reaching a definite comprehension of what one actually is. The far right has long been engaged within a political warfare that has caused us to become complacent by reacting rather than simply acting. No coherent philosophy may stand if it is contingent upon an ever transient opposition. A civilization must adhere to its identity, irrespective of the various facades and forms that the enemy adopts. This is what must be remembered in a time of ever escalating political conflict. Superfluous violence and hostility has erupted in the confrontation between the left and right wings, and it inevitably presents to us the threat of an approaching civil war.

Avialae Horton (Based Southern Belle) interview

But what must be recalled during this time of unprecedented dissension, is that wisdom and intuition are the pillars of our convictions. For what is gained, if political splendor be within our grasp, but our convictions fail? If our virtues are revealed to be nothing other than superficial facades, forms devoid of any and all validity, we arrive at absolute failure. One does not achieve victory by becoming the enemy, but remaining solidified in one’s convictions, irrespective of the confrontation that they might face. We require Revolutionaries, rather than reactionaries. Both the alt-left and far right are contingent upon reactionaries- or, individuals who stand in opposition to one another for the sake of opposition. They fight according to an instinctive response to animosity, rather than behaving as a revolutionary, and fighting due to a necessity to preserve one’s own culture, heritage, history, honor and ideals, rather than for luxury or leisure. It is through this obsession of opposition that one loses sight of their own consistent identity.

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, reigned victorious over Mars, the God of War, due to her intuition, wisdom, and strategy. Likewise, one must adopt a circumspect, cautious and diligent demeanor in order to attain victory. Note that this does not advocate an inherent pacifism, but an admonishment to maintain self-discipline, even in the midst of vehement animosity.

With these points in consideration, we observe a seemingly insurmountable conflict. Hostilities are converging upon us from all sides- both domestic and abroad. It is amidst the ashes of these volatile confrontations that a new movement is beginning to emerge: The New Right.

But what are the philosophies of the “Revolutionary Right”, so called? It is a new cultural and philosophical movement characterized by the establishment of a consistent, coherent identity of intellectual Conservatism. It is best delineated through the following ten principles.

I. Honor

II. Integrity

III. Loyalty

IV. Community

V. Hierarchy

VI. Meritocracy

VII. Intellect

VIII. Individual Responsibility

IX. Consistency

X. Spirituality

These ten principles establish the foundation for the “Revolutionary Right”, and help create an identity which differentiates us from other factions. In addition to these, there are five main tenets that we abide by, to maintain the quality of our philosophy.

I. Do not publicly denounce an individual, organization or group over a disagreement.

The basis of Western thought, discussion and discourse resides within the ability to maintain respectable conversation, even in the midst of disagreement. In addition to this, and in the event of increasingly aggressive circumstances, we find ourselves in need of alliances. It is in the event of such a circumstance than we must consider the value of potential allies, and avoid alienating them through rash disagreement and conflict. Washington expressed this same sentiment, albeit on a larger scale, rather than a domestic one:

“Taking care always to keep ourselves, by suitable establishments, on a respectably defensive posture, we may safely trust to temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies.”

II. We emphasize what we are over what we are not.

As stated previously, civilizations are not built according to their opposition, but according to their convictions. It is not our opposition that defines our identity, but our convictions that remain, irrespective of the animosity that attempts to subvert them.

“They [the most intellectual men] rule, not because they will, but because they are; they are not at liberty to take a second place.” — Nietzsche

III. Act, rather than react.

The inherent detriment within the far right is its contingency upon reaction rather than action. From a metaphorical perspective, it is akin to a body within a state of particular distress, which instigates an adrenaline rush. This bodily state provides a temporary enhancement in physical capacity, but is reserved for only the most hazardous situations. Should the body remain in this state for an extended period of time, it would inevitably perish. Such is the condition of the right- it is seized within a state of cardiac arrest, due to its purely reactionary philosophy and lack of identity.

“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.” — George Bernard Shaw

IV. Avoid quarrels with brothers and sisters.

The best tactic to resolving internal conflict is to address it in a discreet manner. It is our desire to revive the legitimacy of fraternity, sorority, and community. To that end, we must retain a respectable demeanor towards one another and practice discipline.

V. Conquering one’s self is a prerequisite to the efficient exercise of the passions and pursuits.

Even Nietzsche, a self-entitled “Immoralist,” saw the inherent necessity in taming the passions, and although he discussed them in a limited context, the philosophy is equally applicable here.

“The same means, castration and extirpation, are instinctively chosen for waging war against a passion, by those who are too weak of will, too degenerate, to impose some sort of moderation upon it… only degenerates find radical methods indispensable: weakness of will, or more strictly speaking, the inability not to react to a stimulus, is in itself another form of degeneracy.”

We fight not out of leisure, luxury, or commodity, but out of necessity. We fight not for the sake of opposition, but in an endeavor to defend our heritage, history, and honor. We fight for the preservation of our monuments commemorating our ancestors, and for the maintenance of our southern history.
 During a time of unprecedented confusion and dissension, we must recall that our philosophy cannot be established upon a common opposition alone- for we become what we despise, by emphasizing what we are not, over what we are.

It is not by an unfortunately necessary brutality alone that we achieve victory, but in the preservation of our culture, wisdom, heritage, history, and honor. It is in the understanding that we must adhere to our convictions, irrespective of the various forms and facades that our enemies adopt, and fight with honor, integrity, and dignity.

We do not condone superfluous violence, but fight only of this necessity, to defend ourselves, and our convictions- whether that fight be present upon a metaphorical battlefield, or a physical one.
 It is time for a coherent identity to be established among the right wing, and I call upon all of you to join me in this cause: In the “Revolutionary Right”.

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