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 JdN - The Man Who Should be King



John de Nugent - giving us more reasons why the dumb goy won't let "the man who should be kingrise to the top!

FOURTH UPDATE On my birthday a special joy; a comrade asks about me and AH; why they hate me

…..Facebook reacts

Richard Nichols Sir, you are legendary in the movement. Those that speak ill words of you — they are not worthy enough to scrape dog-doo off the bottom of your shoe. Your record speaks for itself. They will never accomplish a fraction of what you have done. God bless you, sir. I am honored to call you friend.


Layne Lawless , Why do so many ppl hate you? It makes no sense!

John de Nugent Three reasons, Layne:

1) COINTELPRO agents masquerading as WNs, and “turned” WNs whom the FBI “has something on” who attack me to stay out of prison, such as Henrik Holappa and Carlos Porter;
2) narcissistic and psychopathic individuals seething with competitive envy
(A long-time and major supporter since 2012 said to me a year ago, with a patient sigh  
“John, you’re presidential material — and these guys are just jealous dweebs. Of course they will hate you!”
Well…. And then I remembered how many people just hated John Kennedy because he unwittingly made them feel “inferior” — looks, charisma, ducation, eloquence, family… “the whole package” — without him intending to do so in the slightest…. He was not arrogant at all, but he remained “a giant among men”…. and they were not.
And being totally Khazar-wise to boot, he thus became the greatest threat to the Mogen David since that Austrian whom he praised in his secret 1945 diary …..
3) Most of all now, it is the “Hitler-reincarnation issue” that sets off dweebdom. This issue, explained and demonstrated on my site and a video, but agitating the projecting egoic minds of micro-führers, implies to them that people somehow should “bow down” to me, and their supporters should abandon them for me. (And that is their main objection.;-) ) 
Well, what I highlight constantly is AH was not a god. In fact, only the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression “made” him. (The bestseller by the Waffen-SS general, Léon Degrelle “Hitler: Born at Versailles,” proves this. Radicals and “kooks” have no chance during peace and prosperity.)
Most dismayingly, the Braunauer lost a winnable war because of his stubborn Russia policy of conquest.
John giving a speech in his "Hitler alter"
Nor am I today any more than what you see, a talented mortal who means really well.
Basically, however, in view of these vicious and now increasing attacks, I must now seem to be a huge potential (but certainly not current) threat to the overall Khazarian plan… and who I am clearly “triggers” the swollen egos of the many little “micro-führers” all over the map. 
And maybe the immature amongst us feel “entitled to be saved” by a fictitious Divine Adolf, a being who never existed, then or now, and whom the gods never sent down to earth because the human race, as a whole, demonstrably does-not-deserve-to-be-saved.  
The masses hate truths that require sacrifice, and most WNs are part and parcel of that mass. Being wise to the JQ and race does not transform the CHARACTER!
But, keeping it real, it was the same exact thing in the 1920s. A staggering 96.4% of German voters rejected the NSDAP in the 1928 Reichstag election. Hitler was dismissed as a nut, although he was a very famous nut. … “No man is honored in his own family or country,” said Jesus.  And look how He ended up! “Hosanna in the highest, and hail the king of Israel” on Palm Sunday, and crucified five days later (“Good Friday”), abandoned by literally all. Even his fanatic supporter Peter “denied [knowing Him] thrice before the cock crowed.”
Image result for pulling a rabbit out of the hat gif
Believe me, Hitler Redux will be massively rejected this time too, and we see it already.
This is why a new religion is vital — so that whatever happens to me, the faith in our race and calling will “raise us up where we belong — where the eagles fly, on a mountain high” and for centuries and millennia of glory to come.
So, John, in a rented 300 a month home in upper Michigan, is about to rise to the top by pulling a rabbit out of the hat. This will be good
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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying know to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

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The Hitlerian Awareness Pyramid that could connect the Jew-wise resistance

Hitler was a Uniter, not a divider. When he was winning the people to his philosophy it was more about challenging class warfare than it was about dealing with race warspart I...partII
The Jew, though, was the exception, viewed as a parasite, infiltrator and a people, as a whole, up to no good whose lying talent had worked so well against the majority of the populace. 


This was a "race" that wasn't really a race but a brain-washed in mindset, successfully accomplished by rigorous dedication to a cause and belief that they (the Jews) were better than anyone else and the only true humans on the planet (animals can't own anything and from thus springs their justified logic of noble cause and "right to own").

Everything or body, else, was to be used and disposed of without a second thought.  People being people and born with the human trait of empathy makes that a constant challenge for satan's messengers (instilling in young Jews a hatred to take empathy's place in line) but so far it looks like the efforts have brought them up to the shores of total victory needing only lose ends being tightened and straightened to thus roll out the red carpet for the Jewish messiah and a new age for all, Jews openly in control, the prophecies fullfilled!


Being a thinking man, I have to assume that "The Diaspora"  had little to do with being kicked out of Jerusalem and much more to do with a Jewish strategy of world rule as prophesied in the Talmud and the Torah and reiterated in "The Protocols of Zion". This, then, meant that Jews approached non-Jews as folks that were holding what was rightfully THEIR property, since animals can't own property (Till this be rectified, the Jew will continue to cry persecution as he strikes the goy down!).

As Jews say, "Bad Goy!" 

Hitler got all that. Hitler got that the Jew was the "great master of lies".
Hitler got that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back by leading work strikes in the fatherland at a vulnerable time during WWI.
Hitler got that Jews were your friend until it was to their advantage not to be your friend.
He got that Jews have no qualms about lying to non-Jews.

If Hitler was advocating a race war, it was against the Jewish race and yes, he saw clearly that the Jews, themselves, saw fellow Jews through the race prism. They were at war, a war they kept most gentiles from realizing was being fought and Hitler had to find a way to handle Germany's Jews to end the madness.

Ultimately, after great success with that, the fact that he handled his German Jews  left him vulnerable to the Jewish con-men, in every other goyim land to sway the trusting masses with repeated lies that the enemy and curse to the human race was the 3rd Reich and Adolph Hitler. Jews began to mutter about an "evil German seed" needing eradicating

Control of the media outside of Germany kept the few good men, elsewhere, from getting the true message across, that Hitler's leadership was great for his race and his nation. This was, easily, demonstrated by seeing the results in their accomplishments done by delinking Jewish power from influence over Germany's internal affairs.

BL - Easily done but like with Charlottesville in Aug. 2017, facts on the ground and what Jews report about facts on the ground often have little in common so the goyim world-wide only heard the negative and but for a few men like a Joseph Kennedy, all were under a world menace arising in Germany.

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